heater defrost hose ideas?

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Nov 5, 2003
Shippensburg PA
So I did a little searching, but didn't find any ideas for replacement defroster hose.

I've heard that 2 1/2" (I think) vaccum hose will fit in the oval defrost openings on my 74 heater box.
the round connections on the top of the dash look to be about 2 1/2"...
I don't have the rubber 90 deg fittings that were originally in the oval heater box openings.

anyone have any good ideas? I totally rebuilt my heater box and it cranks the heat, but I need defrost.... The 'defrost towel' just isn't cutting it ::)
I was missing one, had someone tell me the vacuum trick, but I'm not sure if that works without the elbows, since I was missing the elbow too I bit the bullet and bought one from SOR.
JC whitney has these. I used them and they worked like a charm, fits like a glove, in my opinion better than stock as it doesn't come off as easy. search at jcw under heater hose or defrost hose or ?, it is basically just generic round duct hose that you cut to fit, comes in black.


www.cruiserparts.net is basically a Landcruiser salvage yard. I found my tranny cover there for $40. They have the heater duct hose,last time I checked. I'm missing one myself. That's how I know. Hope it helps. :)
Just wanted to bring this back to the front and ask if anyone has gotten any new ideas about cheap alternatives to buying an actual new/used Toyota defroster hose and the rubber elbows at the heater box? Looks like 'cruiserparts' wants $25 a pop for them....

I'm hoping to get my defroster ducts working for a lot less than $50 + shipping...

I haven't been looking hard, but I can't seem to find the right size *shop vac* hose at the regular stores.

any ideas???

(it's going to start snowing soon, and I really want defrosting this winter...)
One of my Cruisers used a radiator hose with a preformed 90 degree bend. Just used tape to fill the gaps at the heater. A piece of tin painted black would be a little nicer alternative solution.

You might also check with Tedd Brown at www.cruisersolutions.com . He also sells used stuff and might be a little cheaper than cruiserparts...

Nick Jennings
Chris I picked up 2.5" flexible shop vac hose from my local sears hardware store. 7' of it cost me $17.00. However I still have my rubber 90's. If I didn't have the rubber 90's, I might try a plumbing supply store and see if a rubber flexible pipe coupling could be found in the appropriate size. BTW how much does SOR ding you for the rubber 90's ?
I got exact replacements from the Home Despot plumbing department for $10 including clamps. In fact, they are thicker rubber than the originals and no one will notice the lack of TEQ stamp on it behind the dash.
You'll spend the price of one OEM duct on the kludged parts for two.

Drop the buck and get the OEM pieces. I did and I'm happy. Defroster works great. Get 'em from CDan.

Anyone have a solution for a 76 besides OEM replacements? The 76 heater box has oval openings and there isn't a separate rubber 90. The OEM hoses are molded plastic.
OK, I found a vaccum repair shop and bought 6' of 2 1/5" shop vac hose from them for $12.50.

The fit is all but exact on both the top and bottom. slides snug enough over the dash tube to forgo hose clamps unless you really want to put them on.

The hose snaps into the oval openings on your heater box great and stay firmly in place.
there is only a slight gap left in the opening. I actually have more air loss through the def/floor heat flap than through the defroster hose gap.

All in all a perfect fit and the right price. You don't need the rubber 90's and you don't need to drop $100 to fix your defroster!

thanks to everyone for the ideas and help. Hopefully this will help someone else.
Havn't re-installed my tore defroster hose since my heater was removed. I've been using a napkin or my bare hand for the inside of the window. That's by far the cheapest way to go! Or if you're a real tough guy just lay the windshield down on the hood. Don't let Ponch catch you though!
figured a pic would help everyone visualize...

FYI, Still using mine w/o any problems over 3 years later
Did have to put Hose clamps on the tops in the dash though... they loosened up after getting warm:D

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