Headlights go out

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Oct 24, 2006
Chattanooga, Tn
While driving at night or early morning while still dark, I’ll be driving with my low beams on and they’ll randomly decide to cut out. It’s just the headlights, all running lights stay on. If I run with my high beams the headlights don’t seem to go out. I’m using an educated guess here but I’m heavily leaning towards my switch. Not sure if it’s a fluke or not, but when they do go out, if I touch the stalk they usually come right back on. I’ve tried finding a “new” switch but am having zero luck in doing so. Anyone else ever have this same issue and can point me in the right direction? Thanks
You can modify an 83 toyota pick up switch to work. Before you do, check your fusible links, battery connections...make sure the battery lugs are clean and the terminals are corrosion free and tight. Also check battery grounds, ground junctions, and the switch itself for a loose contact.

Before you do anything complicated do the following:

1. wiggle all the fuses.
2. open the hood and pull both headlight connectors off. Look at the spades on the headlight/headlight bulb and look at the connector terminals themselves. You want to see clean shiny metal on both. If there is any white chalkiness or green then you have corrosion that is or will be causing problems. Clean these contacts if they are not good. May not be your problem but wont hurt to check.
3. reach under the dash on the drivers side and up on the left kick panel...there is a cluster of relays and wires there...try wiggling that and see if your headlights wink off. If so could be a loose connection or relay contacts need to be cleaned.
4. Switch would be the last place i would check.
also check the big plug at the bottom of the steering column where it connects at the dash
Thanks for pointing me in a few other testing directions y’all. I really didn’t want to replace a switch if not needed.

Also, this morning I noticed the volt gauge was acting a little funkier than normal. We all know how those gauges act under normal circumstances but today it seemed to not like any load I put on it. If I’d turn on my turn signal, the needle dropped way down further than normal. And it stayed lower than normal the entire time. I know I can’t trust it real well but I know how it normally acts and that wasn’t normal. And I’m leaning towards my fusible link because all electrical seemed to cut out about 3-4 times one morning and the engine almost died but it came back quick enough that it didn’t. That’s the only time that’s happened, so wondering and assuming they’re all related.
I would measure your running voltage across the battery
Hi, Check above things,also check alternator. Mike
Also forgot to mention because I just remembered, when my low beams do go out, the high beam indicator illuminates. I guess that’s why I first thought it was a switch.
Also forgot to mention because I just remembered, when my low beams do go out, the high beam indicator illuminates. I guess that’s why I first thought it was a switch.
Sounds like bad grounds. I did some of them last weekend. Clean up the bolts, applied antisieze to the threads and coated the with dielectric grease.
So a little update;

last night I just kinda messed with the fusible link and battery cables to make sure they were tight and had good connections. All seemed fine so I left it at that for last night. This morning on my way to work, my volt gauge acted normal and my lights never once flickered or went out, so I’m guessing that’s where my problem lies.

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