Fuel Issue for 350 TBI (1 Viewer)

Jun 19, 2006
Corpus Christi, TX
What set up are you guys using? I have the mechanical pump on firewall and a small E pump underneath running on a toggle. I can get about 50 miles of constant driving before it starves itself. I can let it sit, cool down, and go another 30 to 40 miles and so on. When it shuts down you no longer hear the Autozone e pump working and the e pump is no more than a year old.
Do I need a stronger e pump or insulate the hoses and pump due to heat? Can I get rid of the manual pump and just purchase a stronger pump with pressure regulator. What PSI will I need to push the 350?
Any advise will be appreciated so I dont have to get towed again.:bang:
Feb 4, 2007
So something to think about, when it dies have you opened the fuel tank cap? it really sould like you might be drawing a volumn out and no air replacing it. Thats wht might happen about that mileage. so next tim your out and it happens just open the cap,see if it draws in a bunch of air, reset the cap and try starting it up.

Ken makes it really simple, and is a very good idea too.

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