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Aug 8, 2017
Jackson, MS
If you are my age or have kids my age you know good and well that my generation likes to hook our pretty iPhones up to Bluetooth and play our godly rap music.

My senior year of high school ole dad left me no choice but to sell my 2000 Land Cruiser when I hit 300,000 miles, but I didn't let my sweet Pioneer head unit go with it. It was easy to move it over to my 2000 4Runner since they both have the same factory radio.

But as of July 2017 the little bro has gotten his license and I was nice enough to hand him the keys to my 4Runner in exchange for the 2005 Land Cruiser. But this time I had to leave my Pioneer head unit behind since my new 2005 Land Cruiser has the factory navigation. Bummer.

I've been shopping around for aftermarket Bluetooth adapters that plug in to the CD changer port and I am happy with what I am seeing, but heres the catch:

In the name of doing a clean install, I'm trying to find a way to integrate the factory microphone into an aftermarket Bluetooth kit. I really don't want to install a separate mic if I don't have to. I'm ok with giving up the voice commands and the factory Bluetooth in order to have the mic work with an aftermarket Bluetooth adapter. I'm trying to upgrade the factory navigation to almost the same functionality I had with my Pioneer, I got that thing for Christmas in 2014 and I am going to miss it.

In summary,
-Phone would connect to aftermarket adapter via Bluetooth for phone and audio streaming
-Aftermarket bluetooth kit connects to factory navigation system via CD changer port
-Steering wheel controls would control volume, skip track, previous track, answer phone, hang up phone
-Factory microphone connect to microphone port of aftermarket adapter via some sort of adapter or my home-made wiring skills. That is where I need y'alls help

Anything I'm missing?

Also looking for a new navigation DVD. Found a 2016 disc on Ebay for $35 thinking about getting it. Also planning on replacing the door speakers and the factory sub if I can find a suitable replacement. Looking at that on Crutchfield. That is a topic for another thread apparently.

P.S. if you think college students don't like Land Cruisers, you obviously haven't seen the parking lot of the Phi Delt house at Ole Miss.
Jul 30, 2016
gulfport MS
the mic wires overhead are black for +, bare wire for - or shield ground, and yellow-green for ACC.
I'm thinking it's not a 12v wire though. So you'd need to figure that out in order to integrate. I'll look in the big book. Probably 5 or 6v (i'm guessing- this early in the AM)
On the screen side it's plug M6, pins 4,5, and 6. That's a 28 pin connector, the largest of the three plugs. I almost tried to keep the stock mic on mine, but gave up and used a pioneer mic

It's possible to get a new pioneer NEX in there, just a ton of work.
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