1. screenflicker

    Another aftermarket stereo thread (Seicane)

    Took my first long distance drive in my 2013 LC last week and it performed wonderfully after I figured out a few of the quirks. One of which is the stereo system. I've seen a couple threads here about people thinking about or looking at some of the "Tesla" style stereos. I don't recall any of...
  2. chelfy

    For Sale  2002 Lexus LX 470 Center Dash Navigation / Radio Trim Bezel Woodgrain 100 series

    This navigation / radio trim was taken out of my 2002 Lexus LX 470 with Mark Levinson Navigation. It may be compatible with previous year models, buyer responsible for compatibility check. I believe the part # is 84010-60220 I took this out of my vehicle when doing a retro-fit of an...
  3. chelfy

    For Sale  2002 100 Series LX 470 Mark Levinson Navigation Screen OEM

    I removed this from my LX 470 to do a retro-fit, it works as it should and is in great condition for the age. I believe this is part #88650-60570. $345 shipped.
  4. n2o4vho

    SOLD  2003 GX470 196k 2.5"lift, Fishers, IN 46038, $6250

    Navigation, leather, 8 passenger, V8, 4WD, diff lock, towing package, 3rd row, DVD, keyless, cruise, auto wipers, lift kit, offroad tires, running boards, roof rack, 196k miles. Garage kept. We've have owned her since 2010. Synthetic oil always. Clear title in hand.
  5. wklywilderness

    Map & Compass Class, August 21 @7pm

    Hey cruiser folks, I will be holding a map and compass class on Tuesday, August 21st at 7pm sharp. Key details: - Bring your own compass if you have one. I will have a very limited quantity of extras. If you don't have one, consider picking one up at REI - basic models with everything...
  6. GoISU

    Nav Interface Glitching

    I had the 200 detailed after the Colorado trip this afternoon. After starting the vehicle this is what happened (video). Anyone seen this? I assume there is moisture in the buttons? Steering wheel controls still appear to work and the fact that the climate control is involved leads me to believe...
  7. Raj Singh

    For Sale  Texas, USA 2004 LX470 Nav ECU

    I recently did the 2004 Nav Delete and I am looking to sell some components. I have the NAV ECU for sale. It works just fine. Please message for pictures or questions. These are going for $650 on ebay. I will price mine at $450. Thanks.
  8. Raj Singh

    For Sale  2004 LX 470 NAV ECU

    I recently did the 2004 Nav Delete and I am looking to sell some components. I have the NAV ECU for sale. It works just fine. Please message for pictures or questions. These are going for $650 on ebay. I will price mine at $450. Thanks.
  9. Connorham

    Navigation Help!

    Would appreciate some help here. I have 2002 LC100 with Gen 2/3 Nav Unit. I just recently purchased a 13.1 nav disc of Ebay. Most certainly is burned. I cannot get it to work properly. I keep getting a "program disc is inserted" label on my screen(pic attached). I have unplugged the battery...
  10. SerialHobbyist

    How I Added BlueTooth and Wireless Charging to My Truck

    Hello everyone! I just finished this project, and I figured it'd make a good first post. Basically, I replaced the tray in the center console with one that has a wireless charger for my phone and a BlueTooth module for playing music. Details are in the article here: How I Added BlueTooth and...
  11. leucadiacruiser

    Somewear - turn your smartphone into a GPS beacon/two way messaging

    Am I the last one to see this? Looks interesting: Somewear Kickstarter
  12. d3lta foxtrot

    Good sale on GPS tablet!

    So I have been looking for a tablet for viewing maps on trails, and found out that the Samsung SM-T350 has GPS, and is in stock at the Bozeman Costco. The price recently came down from $170 to $100, so I bought one today. I installed GPS Test Plus, and it got a lock when location was switched to...
  13. yonah

    RAM Universal No-Drill RAM POD HD Vehicle Mount

    200 owners, I use an IPad for navigation off pavement and mounted it via a BirdDawg HD TechDeck in my Tacoma. I'm considering RAM's Universal No-Drill HD mount for my 200 as it seems like the most stout solution - and I do not want to drill any holes in my dash. Here's a link to the unit: RAM...
  14. K

    03 LX470 nav/radio/climate problems

    I have a 2003 LX470 with ML audio. I was putting an aftermarket amp and sub after the stock blew. Everything was almost finished and the nav screen went black, with the radio not turning on. The climate remained on the same settings until I reset the battery terminals. Every fuse has been...
  15. Tripledave

    Audio/NAV unit cuts out occasionally

    Anyone have any experience with their audio/NAV unit cutting out? Recently on my morning commute, the audio/nav unit will seemingly power off and reset when I depress the brake more than gently. I have not noticed this in the afternoons when it warms up but I would believe the issue to be more...
  16. imdek

    J10 Navigation problems

    Hi together, I'm new to this board, so first of all I'd like to intorduce myself: my name is Dmitry (or Dimitry), born in Ukraine (former ex-Soviet Union), living in Germany. I'm driving the toyotas since 15 years - HJ60 (sold), K/LJ73 (broken apart), KDJ95 (current) and now since couple of...
  17. S

    Factory Navigation Upgrades

    If you are my age or have kids my age you know good and well that my generation likes to hook our pretty iPhones up to Bluetooth and play our godly rap music. My senior year of high school ole dad left me no choice but to sell my 2000 Land Cruiser when I hit 300,000 miles, but I didn't let my...
  18. J

    2002 under seat nav is outdated aftermarket.

    Hey so after I got rid of the dreaded ahc and welded the cat heatshield to stop rattling I've come to the navigation unit. The car is a 2002 land cruiser Cygnus imported from Japan. And when it was imported somehow someone has replaced the oem nav with a clarion nax9500e. my issue is this...
  19. LX470Beast

    Successfully Moved Navigation Screen To Make Room Pioneer AVIC-8200

    I successfully able to move my navigation screen to the center console in preparation to install a double din Pioneer AVIC-8200 stereo on my 2004 LX470. I will finally be able to ditch the Livingston System. I have been running Focals 3 ways on my stock speaker locations with aftermarket old...
  20. Doc Bones


    I have read through the threads in the FAQ section, but still have a question. Is there a way to use the factory nav system for offroad GPS? A disc we can buy, or an update we can obtain? Anyone? Seems it would be easier than adding more screens to the cab of the truck.
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