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Jul 13, 2010
Charleston, SC
Hey fellas, I always cruise the local craigslist and see newer toyota OEM wheels and tire packages up for sale.
They are mostly from people with newer trucks/SUVs that upgrade to bigger tires or aftermarket wheels.

Sometimes a stumble across a really nice set for a decent price, but wonder what they would look like on my older truck and if they were a direct fit or not.

I thought it would be a good FAQ thread to start up a gallery of older toyotas with newer updated OEM wheels.

Post up what you have on your rig, or have seen around town.
please include as much info as you can including year and model toyota the newer wheels came from and if you had to do anything special to bolt them up (ie. wheel spacers, or buy a different type of lug nuts, etc..)

I'll start with a couple favorites that i have found while cruising the net.
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1) 05 tundra wheels on first gen 4runner.
2) 2000 4runner wheels on first gen 4runner.

Dont know if either bolt up or not. only found pics.
87 runner 05 tundra wheels.jpg
87 runner 2000 4runner wheels.jpg
3rd gen 4runner wheels on first gen 4runner. straight bolt up i believe.
I would really like to see a set of the new 2008 ish tacoma alloy wheels on a first gen 4runner.
(its like a squared off fat 5 spoke wheel)
anybody got those??:hmm:
I have a set of these wheels sitting in my basement now, 16", waiting for tires.


Somewhere on here there is a photo of a 2nd gen 4Runner (maroon) with a set of FJC wheels on it. Used to belong to user HJ-45CrewCab, but I know he sold it.
Here is my 90 pickup with 16" 4Runner wheels painted gunmetal grey.


Not sure what year exactly. They bolt right on and with the 265/75s they sit about a 1/2" outside of flush with the fenders. I will try to get a better pic tomorrow.
IFS to IFS? Late model wheels on a solid axle truck will not work. Back spacing is way wrong, especially if the truck has not been converted to cross-over steering.
yeah whatever works..basically just looking to see what you can do to update the look of your truck a little while still maintaining the OEM toyota look.

need more pics ppl. start crusin the web more!!
Here's 3rd gen 15x8" +8 offset wheels with 33x10.5" All-terrains on my 1985. It has the wider rear axle from an 86+ IFS truck and a sky widening kit to make the solid front axle the same width as an IFS one.
(IFS wheels won't fit on a stock solid front axle Yota.)
Third gen 16" wheels on second gen 4runner. These wheels also came in 15", which also fit.
runner in orchard0001.jpg
bring'in this back up...
scoped and 89 4runner with the new 2nd gen late model tacoma alloy wheels on pirate4x4. dont know if they are bolt up or not. they look to be however.
89 4 runner with new tacoma wheels.jpg
I really like those wheels ^^ on the late model tacomas, however I don't think they work on the 1st gen 4 runners.
Idk, i think with a nice set of center caps and an aggressive tire it would look good...
2nd gen with late tacoma wheels

Bolted right up. Front center caps required modification via hole saw and die grinder. Painted dust caps to match.


1st gen tundra wheels on my 90. Just goofing off one day before they went on the 80.


I have a set of these wheels sitting in my basement now, 16", waiting for tires.

If you ever decide to bust up the set, I would take 2 off your hands :grinpimp:
has anyone done 80 series rims? i have one set now that i could put smaller tires on (they're currently holding up the marshmallow, but that will be going away). it would be nice to have all my rigs have the same rims at some point, since puffs rims will most likely become the "e test tires"

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