craigslist cruiser crap


Apr 19, 2009
Marshall, VA
That thing is in Georgetown South. If you go to look at it carry a gun and have a cover/overwatch person when you go.
Grew up 2 miles from GTS in the mid 90s-mid 00s, place definitely had a reputation.

About 10 years ago (wow alread?) my father and I were at the gas station next to it (pulled over to shut the rear door on the cruiser, handle had stuck in the up position) and 3 new body style, all black Tahoes drove by and pulled into the flea market shopping center. Guys piled out with ballistic shields and DEA taping on the back of their vests and started getting into a line...

Gotta love Manassas.
Apr 24, 2016
If you go back can you get me the third row window motors? I would pay you plus provide beer
Sorryj, I am not going to have a chance to go back until after the weekend, it will be a shell by then.

tbelt done little over a year ago with under 100k? Someone snag that motor..
One of the other guys there took the engine cover off after the pic, there was a lot more grime on the valve covers than I would expect for a 100k truck. Worse than my 240k LX with a leaky pvc hose.
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