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Feb 20, 2003
Upstate NY
I'm looking at a rig that has a skyjacker 4" softride lift and 35" MTRs.  Does this setup flex very well?  Is it enough to clear the 35s without significant rubbing? I'd love to hear from people who are running it, or who have run it in the past.  It will need to be good enough to last me until I can save the cash for a SOA (probably 1-2 years).
The Skyjacker lift is a great lift. I've had it for a year now and still love it. It flexes very well and doesn't beat you to death on the road. I could probably fit 35's on my 4" lift but I'd have to cut the rear fenders, and I'm just too lazy to do it. I would honestly say until you do your SOA you'll be happy with the Skyjacker kit. :beer:
Ahhh, finally some good news in my search for a cruiser. I'm not certain, but from the pics it looks like the rear fenders were cut. Would you agree? &nbsp:Do you have any pics of your rig in action? I'd love to see what the skyjacker kit can do off-road.


I used to run Skyjackers....a quick search in the forum might net you a few other threads too.

Skyjackers flex well and ride nice, yes the rear fenders do need to be cut to keep tires out of the edges. See my mod on relocating rear shackles and angles - great tweak for getting rear flex out them, and front too.

3 years on my set, then SOA...
Sorry, don't have any digital pics of my Cruiser in action. Haven't scanned anything in quite a while.

Yes, I does look like your rear fenders are cut out. I do have a couple of sorry ass pics on my webpage of 4" Skyjackers with 33's and non-cut rears.
I still have not cut my rear (4" TPI w/ 35" km's) and they haven't hit yet :D
Spring Over Axle - it's a conversion that moves the leaf springs from below the axle to the top of the axle. Gives a significant lift with good flex without affecting ride. There's a lot involved in the conversion - check out the tech pages for the nitty gritty.
just didnt get the SOA part. i haven't ever really thought spring overs would be a great idea. what are the major benefits? sits higher, more trave. smoother ride?
SOA fan, so beware of bias...hehehe

SOA = ~5-6" lift using stock springs. Benefits include added suspension travel because of where the axle forces the articulation, added clearance under the axles since there are no springs in the way. Issues can include increased rear axle/pinion wrap (and breakage) so a anti-wrap bar is a near-mus. Also, issues with additional sway on and offroad....never was a sports car, definitely not with SOA. Also, SOA done properly will double the price of a normal 4" lift kit. No springs to buy, but you still need shocks, steering issues, brake lines, "should" cut/rotate the front axle, and the fab work to properly weld and create the mount changes and traction bar.

If you are yourself a good fabricator, price is in the $1k range....hire it out and it can quickly top $2k.

these are 33's but i have a set of 35's that fit just as well.
rear fenders have been cut.
the setup(soft rides 4" rear/2"fronts) is close to 6 yrs old now with countless mile(odometer does'nt work) and it rides great and flexs even better.has'nt saged any noticable amount.

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