Catalytic converter life expectancy?

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Sep 20, 2003
what's the typical lifetime of a cat converter on an 80 / 100 ?

(wuz just talking to a fella who said he had to replace his cat(s) before 100K on an 80 - this common? he was not happy: $2k per dealer, $800 at Midas - don't know if that's for 1 or 2)

Mine lasted to 138,450......$2300 at the dealer (incl O2s)..
Milage has nothing to do with it, The main problem is with moisture and an Engine that is used mainly for short trips will rarely get hot enough to get rid of that moisture. Anyhow, I would guess about 5-6 years with allowing the Engine to get to operating Temperature every time.
5 or 6 years ?
that would be 60K-90K ?
ain't that kinda low?
5 or 6 years ? Less if mainly used in the City, Like 3 or so Years.
that would be 60K-90K ? ???
ain't that kinda low? Why have any, Like on Dads FZJ80 there is a small Primary Silencer then a large Secondary Silencer and then a Resonator. :)
I thought we were talking about the life expectancy of a cat converter?
I have had several 10 year old or more vehicles and they have original cats and exhaust with no signs of imminent failure. 186k on the 93 FZJ, no exhaust/catalytic problems yet, knock on wood.
I'm bringing this old thread back from the dead. Now almost 10 years later what's the consensus on life expectancy of the cats?

My motor is pinging more. This is on a motor with 280k on the clock with a fresh rebuilt head and injectors. I'm thinking my cats may be clogged.
The life of a cat isn't something that can really be predicted. Imo, they last until they fail. It depends greatly on the operating conditions and environment. A poorly tuned vehicle can toast cats in no time. A well tuned and maintained vehicle... well... who knows but we know they can last a very long time in the proper conditions.
Have you temp tested the cats? I use a temp gun on them to get surface temps going in and going out.
ha ha... I googled "temp test catalytic converter fj80" and this awesome article came up number 1. :clap:

I know some people will do pressure / vacuum testing to test for blockage by drilling holes before and after the cats. I haven't done it but like everything else, I'm sure it's on the web.
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How do know when your cats are bad...?
i had other toyota cars and the life of toyota cats are very good, i had a cressida that had 230k miles and original cats passed CA smog no problem. my friend has 180k miles on a 91 LC and passed smog no problem. mine with 138k passed too.
We're beginning to see more and more cat replacements, as we have emissions testing up here.

About 20 years is reasonable life expectancy for cats in passenger vehicles. After that they tend to not work as well.
My 80 and Taco are both over 220k with the originals. The cats on the 80 are beat to piss from slamming them into rocks, but still work.:hillbilly:

I wish some tweaker would steal them. I could put in a custom exhaust for the cost of OEM cats.:idea:
190k on the originals on my 95. Started getting an occasional PO420 a few months ago, tho... Planning on replacing it with an EMS system soon.
Just replaced mine with the ems system went really smooth. One of my cats failed at 150k the other appears to be fine.

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