buttons do what?

Aug 6, 2005
looks like the pictures arnt working. bacically there are 3 buttons on the dash between the ashtray and the steering wheel, you have the choke, then below that looks like the winshield wipers? then there are two buttons with an H and one with a V. any ideas as to what they are? then above the v appears to be my flashing lights button?

in the second pictures is a lever down my the gas which im guessing is the 4 wheel drive? then there are two buttons next to that level, any ideas as to what those might be?
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
The lever by your gas pedal is the hi/neutral/low selector for the transfer case. Pushed all the way back to the firewall is the hi position. Next over is the Front Drive pull. Pulling it activates the vacuum switch to engage the front driveshaft. Next to that is the cowl vent control knob. Pushing it in toward the firewall opens the cowl vent in front of the windshield.

You are correct about the rest of the buttons, and Claudia filled you in about the H, H, and V!
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