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Mar 4, 2014
I just put in all new wheel cylinders, master cylinder and s refurbished brake booster on my 2-1971 FJ40
After bleeding the brakes the pedal needs one push and release to get the brakes working.
If I hold the pedal down 1/2 inch then they work all the time.
I didn't change the rubber brake hoses. Can they cause this problem.
If the hoses do not leak they should be OK, however, I would have changed them for piece of mind. Did you install the vacuum hose to the brake booster?
Also make sure the brakes are thoroughly bled.
Sounds like you may need to adjust the brakes a bit tighter.

Tighten them all one xtra click, then feel for drag as you turn the wheel (wheels off the ground). To get proper adjustment you should feel and hear a drag as you rotate the wheel by hand.

Ok. Thank you for your responses.
I will adjust the brakes and brake pedal tomorrow.
I'll let you know if that works

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