Bandeirantes to US?

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Jun 18, 2004
In the MUD...OUTSIDE the box
I have been thinking about seeing if some folks here on MUD would be interested in buying some of these gems from Brazil. Not to make money on, but to own. I want to buy one. I have a CPF, which is needed to buy real property in Brazil. I currently have a Bank of Brazil (Banco do Brasil) account, which I never closed when I left. By the way, I am born and bread American. I do speak intermediate Portuguese.

I have many many friends there and I lived there myself for a while. I know where to get them and my friends will take a small finders fee and help to setup shipping on that end(no more than $1000 per vehicle). Shipping is cake. Shipping from the Northeast is cheap to Houston.

The 25 year old ones have Mercedes diesels and FF axles. The newer ones have Toyota diesels.

I have seen fj45's for sale in Brazil for $2500-$6000USD. The Cabina Dubla (double cabs) are about $6000. I remember a 1980 Cabina Dubla for sale for about $6000USD. I already had a '01 Hilux turbo'd, but man I wanted to buy it and shipping it back.

I am just throwing it out there to see what ya'll think...
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A double cab would be pretty cool.
In Brazil are they RHD or LHD? Interesting proposition.
Those are called Cabina Longa. They are very prevelant and do come with the Mercedes diesel and FF.

tucker74 said:
I'd be interested in the mid-wheelbase FJ43 style Bandeirante - did those come with the Mercedes diesels and FF as well?

1987 will more than likely require a Registered Importer.

$8,000 seems a bit steep for something without a bed and not even in country yet. So $8,000 plus shipping, RI fees, and tariffs (25%).
I would want an older version for the round headlights, and if it's easier to import, all the better.

I actually like the flat beds:


The only one in the US I've ever seen was the TLC resto that they imported. They obviously have the cash and can afford the steep import fees, etc. I'm really curious to find out if it would be possible to bring these in at a reasonable rate.
I would be interested for the 6-8K range(Imported).
I would buy an fj45 flat bed right away

Iif you are going to import these trucks, make sure the years do not require inspection here for EPA, for that they have to be 25 years old.I would go as high as $10,000 for an should take a deposit from interested parties and try importing one or twoo to see the implications on the transaction.Don't worry about the buyers, they will drive you crazy. I am currently trying to find some Fj45s in Colombia.They are every where but we are looking for a nice , clean one and since they work the crap out of then, it is going to take time to spot the right truck. Impoting then will be no problem.
if it's not over 25 years old, good luck! Shipping alone from S.A. can run $4,000 to $4,500 easily and on top of that you would have to make them conform with epa standars... I think that is the major reason you don't see them in the US because plenty of people are aware they are out there and would love to import them.
I agree, its not worth it if the vehicle is less than 25 years old.

I think a major obstacle is the cultural barrier between US and Brazil. It would be harder to go down to Brazil, alone as an American, and try to accomplish the purchase and exportation.

The key to doing this will be having brazillians on that end that you KNOW and that have BUSINESS experience in that they know how to get things done.

From Fortaleza (a major shipping port in the Northeast) to Houston, a container is only about $2500. If more than one vehicle is shipped, the cost will be spread out.
I'm pretty sure the one TLC did was just the body and they put it on a taco frame and drivetrain.
Sorry for resing an old post but has anyone had any experience going this rout?

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