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Jan 5, 2017
Charlotte, NC & Alexandria, VA

Its time to refresh a weeping and PS pump that is starting to whine. I dont have a press, nor the time to devote to rebuilding it myself...

RA has rebuilt units for less than 100$ that look pretty decent. There are 2 brands: Cardone and BBB Industries. I know nothing about either.

Anyone had experience (good or bad) with either of these companies? Any reason I shouldnt buy one of these? Or, is there a better rebuilder I am not considering?

What would you do if you were me? Any advice?
You don't need a press, as several folks above have said, but you do need an impact wrench to remove the gear nut, and something soft to hold the gear while you're doing it (I have a couple of scrap 3/16" x 1 1/4" aluminum angles on my vise jaws). Other than that, rebuilding is a simple matter of removing old parts and dropping in new ones. It's not rocket surgery.

I've measured the vane clearances on all the pumps I've rebuilt and have yet to see any that were measurably worn.

As to the rear plug failures, I've rebuilt several of these and never seen that happen (it's beginning to sound a lot like head gasket failures, to me). Just my 2¢
Feb 15, 2017
Worland, WY
Losing that plug from a re-maned pump is a real thing. Happened to me last year. When I rebuild my spare I’ll put a freeze plug in with sealant and then drill a hole for a roll pin behind it.
Dec 10, 2007
IMHO it seems like if one of us individually rebuilds a PS pump there's not much of a problem with the plug falling out as we don't mess with it. However when a large commercial entity (Cardone for example) rebuilds these pumps en masse they likely clean (hot tank?) the pump housings which may be the critical factor in loosening the plug??

So maybe we all should start sending messages to Cardone to let them know of the issue? Seems like it wouldn't add that much time to a "factory" rebuild if Cardone pulled that plug and replaced/resealed it as part of their process (assuming they don't already).

Here is the contact page for Cardone (I chose Technical support):

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