power steering pump

  1. greasyhands2000

    80 Series Power Steering Pump Removal

    Got a 92 FJ80 that I'm trying to replace the power steering pump on, but ran into a little hiccup due to the pulley blocking the main bolt to remove the pump. Of course, the pulley is seized and I can't get a puller in there, trying tapping it with a hammer and prying it with a flat head but it...
  2. AaKnight

    About rebuilt PS pumps

    Howdy- Its time to refresh a weeping PS pump that is starting to whine. I dont have a press, nor the time to devote to rebuilding it myself... RA has rebuilt units for less than 100$ that look pretty decent. There are 2 brands: Cardone and BBB Industries. I know nothing about either...
  3. eracruisers

    WDYD 80 series: Replaced Gearbox and Power Steering Pump but still having issues

    Hey Peeps, Hoping to get some feedback from some of you gurus on IH8mud. I have a 1994 FZJ80 and have been having issues with steering play at certain speeds as well as steering stiffness when idle or driving at slow speeds. In a way to tackle this, considering that my 80 has over 240k...
  4. T

    Rebuild 1HDFTE power steering pump

    Hi there, Im trying to put a new seal kit through a power steering pump from my 2001 1hdfte 100 series. My workshop manual details removing the pump gear nut however the hdfte does not have this nut. Does anyone know how to remove the vane pump drive gear in order to pull the pump apart. I...
  5. Spino

    Power steering pump options

    I’ve got a leaky, messy power steering pump on my FJ60. I watched a few videos and convinced myself it’s doable to DIY the replacement. Curious what you think of these options: Cheap: Remanufactured pump from Napa or similar. Reuse the existing reservoir. Medium: Pump and reservoir replacement...
  6. Felde

    BJ73 1985 Power steering pump rebuild

    The Power steering pump / vane pump on my BJ73 was 'sweating' ever since I got the truck. But yesterday I lost almost all of the reservoir in just a two hours ride. Apparently its dripping from the flow control valve spring seat. The O ring there is finished, I guess. Time for a rebuild. There...
  7. djzimms

    2 Issues I'm Looking for Help Diagnosing...A/T Oil Temp Light & New Power Steering Pump

    First Issue: A/T Temp Oil Light... Background...I drove in 2H on the beach & the A/T Temp sensor came on, followed by a fire where there was a slight amount of transmission fluid coming out which caught fire. I had a shop in the Seattle area drop the transmission pan, replace the filter & do a...
  8. Karl Andersson

    "New" 1FZ OEM Power Steering Pump - Question

    Hello experts, I just purchased what was supposed to be a new OEM Toyota power steering pump online from a somewhat reputable seller (depends on who you ask - reviews are mixed). I received the pump this morning and I am not convinced that it is new. First warning sign is that it is missing...
  9. Vintagevibes

    For Sale OEM P/S Pump 2F FJ60

    Leaky OEM Power Steering pump with pulley. Removed from an 85 FJ60. The “Toyoda” cap seems to be a hot item, so here it is. $80 + shipping for pump w/ cap, $50 + shipping for cap only.
  10. yamoto78

    Power Steering Issue

    Quick question for you all. I own a '99 LX470 that recently had the rack and pinion replaced. I brought it home and about 2 days later the power steering pump went out. Before replacing the pump I had the shop clean the filter (which was filthy and full of debris) and flush the system, but there...
  11. PanchoLedezma

    Big Tires = PSF Leak?

    Have some of you found a problem with the power steering pump, after set your tires. Or this pump work fine even some 38.1 Thanks in advance!
  12. M

    '87 FJ60 Power Steering Pump Replacement Questions

    Hey guys It's been a while since I posted. I'm looking to replace my PS pump with a new OEM. I've been searching the threads to see if there's a discussion on everything that I'll need for this replacement, but I really haven't seen it. I'm not inclined to go the Saginaw route. Here's what...
  13. bucketman

    Power steering- do I have a problem?

    Okay guys, I couldn't find where this question has been asked before. Probably not a lot of guys that have ever tried this. So I had my engine out to do a rebuild job and wanted to pull it out of the garage to wash the engine bay. I fabbed up a tow bar to pull it safely from the garage because...
  14. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale 2F Saginaw power steering pump mount

    Did not end up needing in my build. $50 shipped CONUS
  15. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale OEM Toyota Factory Power Steering Pump Bearing

    hi - This is a NEW OEM Toyota Power Steering pump bearing that fits many different models and varations of Land Cruiser pumps - N. America - 11/1984-06/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ70 45-02: VANE PUMP & RESERVOIR (POWER STEERING) N. America - 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER...
  16. A

    Wanted WTB: 2F OEM Power Steering Pump and Bracket

    Keep missing these as they pop up for sale. If anyone has one lying around please let me know. Thanks!
  17. dpcustoms

    FJ60 power steering pump rebuild question

    Greetings, I just rebuilt my 1984 FJ60 power steering pump with the kit from Cruiser Corps, it includes the shaft seal and o-rings. I'm now leaking fluid (ATF) past the o-ring on the flow control spring seat, held in by a new snap ring. The bore is extremely clean and feels true and...
  18. F

    FJ60 Power Steering pump with bad leak

    My power steering pump in my '83 FJ60 has a significantly bad power steering leak. It is so bad that when it completely runs out of fluid and I try to refill it, it runs straight through it in about 3 or 4 days. I'm wondering whether or not it is best to have the pump rebuilt or just purchase...
  19. jvincig01

    For Sale Power Steering Pump and Bracket - Calif.

    I literally know nothing about power steering pumps so please dont roast me on the price. It's literally a WAG. When I bought my F engine a few years back, the PO gave me a box of parts. He had this power steering pump mounted to his '69 F engine. I took it off the engine as my rig is mostly...
  20. gummycarbs

    What is this stuff? (steering pump rebuild, mystery substance inside engine)

    I just pulled my power steering pump to rebuild it. I took a peek inside the engine opening and was horrified to see some kind of substance peeling up from the inner wall of the engine. When I touched the peeled up bit, it broke off and stuck against the gear that drives the PS pump. I pulled...
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