Parting Out 91 Landcruiser with good 3FE and bad trans in SoCal

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FJ80 Collector
Apr 25, 2011
Near Pasadena CA
United States
Shipping available for most parts, but not for fenders, hood, doors etc.

Grille and bumper apron (panel below grille sold).
All other body panels ( hood, fenders, doors, tailhatch,tailgate, flares, bumpers in VERY Good condition with clearcoat peel, but NO RUST

Seats are manual and cloth and front needs some upholstery. Dash top is cracked. Carpet is very good.

Engine runs great, has good oil pressure, and has had a recent valve job or head replacement. There is no radiator shroud.

I also have 100s of parts from other FJ80s 1991-1997.

YES, I still have the shifter and right hand battery box and left hand washer bottle!
You wouldn't happen to have any brown flares in your stash?
Do you have gray seatbelts? Also is that washer bottle still available?
I have a few items on my laundry list, how much for:
-Passenger side mirror (if not shaky, and if electric)
-Right-hand battery box and hold-down strap if you have it
-Windshield wiper selector/control stick (if working and in one piece)

I have a '93 FZJ80, white, if you have anything that would work with this year's electronics, that'd be great! Shipping to 37353
Actually I do, however I will not have it available until I sell the engine which is still in the car. Please check with me on the second or third week of February.
rust free, good shape steering box shipped to 81301?
Howdy, is the windshield washer bottle still available ? If so price.
Antennae up down switch if a curved one to 74105 please?
Do you still have the speedometer head? I don’t need the entire instrument cluster
I need the passenger side rear abs sensor if you have one available. Thank you!

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