1. D

    3FE Power Steering Bolt

    Hello all, I am in need of a part number for a power steering bolt. I am refering to the one that travels along the channel, not the fulcrum of rotation. The one on the left in the picture. Anyone have the p/n? Also need any washers, nuts, etc. (I bought my fj80 without that bolt.) Thank you!
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Engine External Parts 3FE from 91-92 FJ80 - alt, PS pump, starter, EFI, Sensors Everything

    Los Angeles area - I just pulled and sold the head off the engine. Everything else is still here PS pump with pulley $60. Alternator (NOT HIGH OUTPUT) $500. Starter $50 EFI, Injectors Exhaust manifolds. Valve Cover - Clean and not multiple coats of chipped paint. Valve Train, Pushrods...
  3. red66toy

    For Sale WA: new old stock 3FE idle air control valves

    Hey all, Selling a small lot of new old stock idle air control valves (IACV) for the 3FE ( 22270-61010 ). They are a little marked up in some spots due to poor packing by the original seller but nothing to affect them functionally (see photos). These are new Toyota parts that were re-bagged by...
  4. D

    Shaking Alternator Hits Exhaust Manifold

    Hey guys, I've been slowly base lining my truck and have an interesting problem. At a certain RPM, about 650, the alternator shakes back and forth hitting the exhaust manifold. I actually suspecting the engine was knocking because of the similarity in sound and the fact that it happens when the...
  5. bubfuji

    For Sale FJ62 Fuel Injectors (Toyota PN 23250-61010)

    I have a set of 6 Fuel injectors for the FJ62 (3FE Engine) or FJ80 with the 3FE . $60.00 for the set plus shipping. The injectors were cleaned and balanced by RC Engineering in Torrance, CA back in 2003 and then never installed. They are still in the plastic from RC Engineering. Toyota PN...
  6. AH64

    SOLD Sonora CA: 3FE Motor and Transmission

    Just finished a 5.3 Swap in my 1988 FJ62 and have the the heart of the old girl ready to go to anyone with $300 in their pocket and time to come pick it up (NO SHIPPING). Was running when we carefully pulled it. PM if you want video of it running.
  7. leucadiacruiser

    FJ62 3FE OBD1 diagnostic port corrosion

    Somehow haven’t popped the cap on the diagnostic port in the two years I’ve owned it. Today I discovered what appears to be pretty bad corrosion. The search didn’t reveal any answers. Can this be cleaned? Baking soda? Electronics cleaner? Let me know what you know and thanks!
  8. J

    For Sale NC FJ80 1992 3FE

    Looking to sell my 92 FJ80. I have found a 100 series i am looking to buy so this one has to go. Looking to get $13000 for it. This sounds like alot but once you see all that has been done you will understand why. I have a lot of money tied up in this rig. Much more than $13000. Let me know if...
  9. Firerunner

    Firerunner's 91 FJ80 build

    So... My wife decided that she wanted more seatbelts and room than her 96 4runner had. I found a FJ80 with a whole lot of miles (313k) for not a whole lot of money (1300.00). The rig is sort of a conflict in maintenance history. On one hand, I think I have every single smog certificate...
  10. D

    A/C Idler Pulley Sanity Check

    Hey guys, hope you can help me out. I wanted to be sure I have a proper understanding before I go crazy. (1992 FJ80) I recently had my intermediate coolant hose burst and spray the entire passenger front side of the engine bay. (Hose is under the water pump I believe.) After repairing it, I...
  11. Bjorn Ogderlund

    New Seats for the Thunderbus

    After 230K miles and some 14 years of ownership, the seats in my 25 year old FJ80 were beat. Add losing 50 lbs, to the equation and my "used to 290 lbs" OEM seats just weren't holding my 240 lbs as well as they had. (Put the "B" in bachelor lean) After searching the forum and looking for a...
  12. G

    FREE DELETE- NLA 3FE bottom end with A440F

    Located in Redding, CA. If you want it shipped, you pay shipping. 3FE bottom end & A440F trans Bores look good with crosshatching. I don't know mileage, but it came out of @TRAIL TAILOR 's FJ62 donor rig. Probably should have done a compression or leak-down test before pulling it apart, but...
  13. I

    For Sale 85 FJ60

    Parting out FJ60 1985, or make me an offer. VIN: JT3FJ60G5F1129480 Call or text 7604423352. Located in San Diego
  14. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale 1988 Fj62 3fe North Florida 32609

    Complete minus power steering pump and bracket. (Sold) Includes engine harness. Dash harness and ecu also available. Buyer makes freight arrangements (uship) or local pickup 32609. $1000
  15. M

    3-FE ISC idle speed control valve help please

    Hello, after first discovering that there was only one screw holding my throttle position sensor on, I adjusted it according to factory spec and put in a second screw. It idled at around 700-950 after that. (Used to sit at around 650). But I'm fairly certain I adjusted that correctly. Thought...
  16. leucadiacruiser

    3FE Water Temperature Switch leak

    I replaced the upper thermostat housing in my FJ62 with an aftermarket housing and now am having an issue with the stock water temp switch leaking when engine gets up to temp. I read a few threads saying teflon tape is a no no, as the switch is grounded through the threads. Searching the stock...
  17. M

    3fe TPS adjustment and idle help please

    Hello everyone, after looking around my engine bay I noticed the bottom screw of my tps was missing, And the top one was tightened down causing it to kind of lever outwards. So I tried to adjust it using a digital multimeter set to ohms. I used a 0.93 mm feeler gauge between the throttle stop...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 3FE (1992 FJ80) rebuildable block without head $165 + Engine Parts $$

    SoCal From a running car. There was a lower end slight knock from a wrist pin or connecting rod possibly. We needed the head so it is off. I have an engine hoist here to load it. Engine Block is $165 I ALSO HAVE FOR SALE ALL THE STUFF THAT GOES WITH THE 3FE ENGINE - , alternator...
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting out a 96 and a 92 FJ80 in SoCal Come and pick it!

    I am in the San Gabriel area, north of the 10 freeway just off Rosemead Blvd. The 96 runs very well and body is good. Nice dash top. Steering wheel needs restoration, Front seats need upholstery. It has current tags and drives well, but the airbag system is out and I do not wish to sell the...
  20. Mountainfj

    What did I break?

    I was getting impatient and sloppy and I broke something, can anyone tell me what this is? I broke the little plastic nipple that attaches to the vacuum line.
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