1. C

    FJ80 No start!! Have read a ton of articles and need help!

    Hey there, I am a long time reader of this forum and appreciate all of the resources that come from this place. I have a 1991 FJ80 with 300,XXX miles on it. I have recently purchased this 80 as a parts rig for my original 80. My original 80 is currently getting the front end rebuilt and 4.88's...
  2. D

    Air flow meter air by-pass passage screw - FJ62/3fe

    Does anyone know the function of this screw? It is similar in appearance to the Golden Screw on the throttle body, but the FSM does not mention its function, just identifies the chamber that it is sunk into as the "air by-pass passage." I also find only one thread on Mud that mentions it. When I...
  3. vankho

    FJ62 3FE Cylinder 1 Not-Firing? Running Rich?

    This pass weekend, I was doing some compression tests trying to diagnose a possible head gasket leak and did a double-take on the state of my relatively new spark plugs. FJ62 is pretty rough from a cold start, especially under 1500 RPM. There's an occasional popping sound but disappears as it...
  4. 88red

    For Sale  3FE complete and parts

    i have several 3FE engines in various condition. Located in MD. Willing to ship 325k running when pulled. Compression numbers around 110, still complete trans, transfer case, and all accessories still attached 230k running when pulled. Compression numbers around 125. Mostly complete...
  5. DesertCruiser80

    Help locating coolant leak after system overhaul

    Hey all, '92 FJ80 (3FE) I recently replaced most of my coolant hoses as well as the thermostat and the radiator. Only hoses I didn't touch were a couple on the firewall for the rear heater, ones on the intake manifold, the fat water pump/radiator hose, and the oil cooler/water pump hose. I...
  6. MakoMike

    SOLD  SE WA 3FE complete motor

    I have a rebuilt 3FE out of a '89 FJ80. $3250. It is complete top to bottom and front to back. New gaskets all around, rebuilt injectors, smog delete, PS pump, alternator, fan clutch and fan, starter, fuel rail and most electrical. bought this with 100K miles to freshen up and swap out my 300K...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Air intake from Filter to AFM in top condition.

    SoCal, can ship. All 3 pieces are in very good condition, no cracks, or issues at all. The whole set is $116.84 including shipping, or local pickup $100. OEM clamps pictured will be included. AFM is spoken for. MANY OTHER ENGINE PARTS/SENSORS AVAILABLE
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  So Cal 1991 FJ80 - 3FE engine that runs sweet

    No noises, no knocks, no leaks. Engine Last Driven January 2, 2021 Compression: #1 160 #2 150 #3 160 #4 150 #5 155 #6 160 This is just the engine without accessories or intake manifold, but does include oil pan, valve cover, front cover, pulleys, exhaust manifolds, flywheel, lifter cover and...
  9. MadMeak

    3FE Fuel pump?

    I've searched a few other threads related to 60-62 fuel pumps and I'm fairly sure I've lost my fuel pump. I've been consistently running 89 FJ62 2-3 times/week and she's been running great. No issues. Yesterday, out of the blue, she dies as I'm driving around town. Stalls just as I'm exiting...
  10. Talon Patt

    Muffler for 1985 FJ73 3F

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding a muffler for my 1985 FJ73 with a 3F engine in it. Recently a hole appeared in the factory muffler. I have been wanting to upgrade to a new muffler to give it a nastier sound. I have been looking at a Flowmaster series 44 muffler, similar to one...
  11. Expedition4x

    91 FJ80 3FE A440F gearbox slips when shifting 2nd to 3rd

    Hey guys, my father has a 91 FJ80 US spec 80 series. I has the 3FE and A440F gearbox. When driving, the vehicle will revv up when shifting from. 2nd to 3rd. It seems like it “slips” for a second, and the revs come up, and then it “catches” 3rd gear and holds. Haven’t experienced any slipping any...
  12. AlaskaOverland

    SOLD  2F & 3FE parts dump! Exhaust Manifold, Intake manifold

    EDIT: With magic I've found a way to include photos Hey folks, I have accumulated a massive amount of parts from my 2FE build; I've tried my best to tabulate everything and put it in a folder - I will edit this list as things get picked up. FYI I live in Alaska, but I will work with you on...
  13. O

    engine to trans stiffeners

    Hello all, I have looked and was not able to find any info, but I recently received a rebuilt 3fe engine for my 91 fj80. I have noticed that the block that I have does not have the mounting holes for the trans to engine stiffeners. Is this something that needs to installed so that i can try and...
  14. Detonator

    Final stages of 3fe swap. Best way to connect motor to cherry picker???

    91 fj80 3FE motor comming out. Ive got access to the motor mounts, when i remove the bolts from the trans bracket everything ( motor, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts) moves. So its time to hoooker up and need to know if is easier to remove intake or if i can do it like this( pics)
  15. DesertCruiser80

    Spark Plug Analysis Help

    Hello Mud, I took off my spark plugs from my 92 3FE to see what condition they were in and see if everything is normal. What prompted me to do this was coolant loss so I want to triple check its not HG failure, before replacing everything in the cooling system. These plugs were put in about...
  16. OG62

    Alternator Bolt

    Just wondering if anybody knows the size of the bottom alternator mount bolt nut on an FJ62? Mine is missing and I also have a rattle noise that goes away when I push on the alternator tensioning bolt. Could that noise be caused by missing that nut? TIA
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Misc 3FE parts from 91 and 92 Land Cruiser in SoCal

    All items can be shipped at buyers expense. Cold Start Injector $50 Power Steering Pump $60 - spins freely and feels like it works, but not tested Air Switching Valve $40 Lower Thermostat Housing including hot water sensor $75 Master Cylinder $45 Oil Cooler System $75 Disregard picture of...
  18. partytime

    Wanted  WTB 3FE head - SoCal

    My head is cracked, machinist says it's too big to repair. Anyone got a good head? Willing to drive pretty far, or arrange shipping. If the head condition is unknown (not-magnafluxed for cracks) I'd need a very low price, or assurance that you'd be willing to refund -b
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal. Nice looking Steering Wheel for 1991-1994. No big cracks, good surface, no wear marks

    PRICE REDUCTION $100. This has some small fine cracks on the wheel surface but otherwise really nice! It came from a well kept 1994, but is same as used 1991 to 1994. If interested, please send a Personal Message
  20. js0k

    SOLD  2F/3FE Valve/Rocker Adjustment Screws

    Hey, was wondering if anyone has any 2F/3FE (for 3FE but they look the same) valve adjustment screws and nuts kicking around that they’d sell. Can’t seem to find any and I ruined a couple while freeing up stuck lifters.
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