1. aweeblewobble

    Unusual engine noise

    Afternoon, first post so i apologize if this has been asked before, I've used the search function and read a couple of similar posts but would like to get some more opinions. I have a new to me 2013 lc200 with 156k miles on her and I'm wondering if this is how these motors "normally" sound or if...
  2. Navyator

    2.7L Turbo L3B Swap?

    Anybody consider the 2.7 Turbo in the Silverado 1500 for a swap? Wondering if it would be similar to other Chevy swaps (harness/accessories) or if you’d be paving the way in uncharted territories… Hp: 310 Tq: 348 New High power reportedly has 420 ft lbs...
  3. H

    Engine Replacement for 2004 LC

    On a recent trip back to Missouri from Michigan the engine suffered a catastrophic failure at 341,000 miles. I have to decide whether to have a remanufactured engine installed there, or trailer the LC back to Missouri and find someone to rebuild it here. Any advice as to reputable engine...
  4. Tor88

    For Sale El Dorado Hills. 4.0 3FE Engine with A440F transmission 250k miles

    Having my 3FE engine and transmission swapped out. Engine runs well, clean, transmission is in good condition. Have some documentation of work done on the engine in past years. Will not include the A/C or transfer case. Buyer will need to pick up. The shop doing the work will load it into your...
  5. pickelltree

    For Sale 1971 f engine with 3speed

    Located in Michigan. 500 obo. Don’t want to sell in parts
  6. qrob

    Wanted Fj40 engine hunting

    Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life...
  7. qrob

    Wanted Searching for engine and transmission

    Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life...
  8. 606cruiser

    SOLD UPDATED WITH COMPRESSION FIGURES: 1983 53k mile 2F complete

    For sale: 1983 53k mile 2f complete with all smog equipment, accessories and clutch still affixed including coil and igniter. Pulled out of a running truck for a swap. Ran fine on the choke, wouldn’t idle without, so plan on a carb overhaul and tuneup. Clean oil and recent filter truck was...
  9. AZ80

    For Sale AZ: 3FE / A440F 143K MILES

    Will ship! Buyer pays. Specs are: 1 pallet, 5" over hang front/15" over hang in the back. About 750lbs. Buckeye Arizona 85396 residential $2000 1992 3FE / A440F For Sale 143,700 miles when pulled (LQ4 Swap) New plugs,wires,cap,rotor,water pump,AFM,valve adjustment Has AC,PS,ALT,SMOG,STARTER...
  10. drew1320

    SOLD Denver - 1989 3FE Engine & A440 Transmission

    I have a complete engine with harness. ECU and all accessories for sale. 230K miles. This FJ62 has been in the family since new and it was properly maintained. Compression readings at 6600 ft elevation: Cylinder 1 = 90 Cylinder 2 = 105 Cylinder 3 = 105 Cylinder 4 = 110 Cylinder 5 = 90 Cylinder 6...
  11. Elessey

    Smokey cold start? Help ID the issue.

    Hi there, I’m in the market for a 100 Series and found one I liked. The owner has been very forthright so far about the condition and history of the vehicle. In a video he sent me of a cold start, it appears there is smoke coming from the exhaust. In a service receipt from 2020, I see that a...
  12. Bestrafer

    For Sale Colorado: complete 3B engine and drivetrain

    I bought this to swap into my FJ40, but had to move cross country and couldn't take my truck. It test ran when I bought it; haven't done anything with it in a couple years. I was told the donor was a mid-80's BJ, but it was just a rolling chassis when I bought it. Comes with: engine...
  13. P

    For Sale For Sale - 1996 1FZ Short Block

    Getting my 80 restored and have a brand new short block going in. I am looking to sell the original short block that came out of the truck. Block, pistons, rods, bearings ect. No oil pans or pickups. 260k+ miles. Came out due to head gasket failure. Rings might be worn some, but no other...
  14. U

    For Sale Utah: 1989 FJ62 Complete engine, Trans, and more

    1989 Toyota Land Cruiser Parts at 165k A/C Compressor and Bracket. Alternator Dual belt setup Air intake/Airflow Meter Power steering pump Starter Motor Recently Replaced EGR Valve Secondary Air Injection Pump Factory Fans And Shroud Split Case Transfer case And Transmission. Transfer case...
  15. hussein ahmed

    HELP! lack power hard acceleration

    hi, to all 80 series I have a 1995 land cruiser diesel with a 1hdft odo around 150km did all fluid changes replaced the acsd, cleaned the intake manifold , unplugged the EGR switch cable the truck runs find buy after i press the pedal hard the whole truck struggles for power and as soon as you...
  16. P

    Engine Interchange For A 2008 LandCruiser

    My 08 LC decide to lose all of it's oil on the highway so I am hunting down for a replacement. All the junkyards say 08-10 lc/lx will work. Their computer system says that 10+ are not interchangeable. What is the reasoning for this? Can I make a 10+ work? What is different about them? If you...
  17. S

    SOLD USA - North Carolina

    I have a 1992 BJ73 - VM95A/1 - 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine for sale. This is the Salvador Caetano version. Runs perfect but needs waterpump. I am pulling this engine out because I have a 5L-E engine with 800 kilometers on it that I will be installing in its place. Price is $1500.00 US...
  18. K

    Random lose of engine power at +70mph

    Do too a medical emergency for a family member, I have been driving my 2001 LX a lot on the interstate for the past 3 weeks. I have noticed from at random times at 70mph or more the engine feels like it suddenly loses approximately 25% of its power. When it loses power, I feel no shuttering, no...
  19. enriquelaija

    Engine repaired and now I am having a lot of issues with the cooling system

    Hi, I just repaired my engine FJ80 97 from top to bottom and I am seeing issues with my cooling system, It keeps on leaking for several parts, someone told me that once you repair your engine, if it is not well calibrated, the pressure tries to look for the weak points to release the rpessure...
  20. M

    [Photos] What are these rusted parts / should I be worried?

    Hey folks, sorry for the noob question. New forum and 100 series owner. I was inspecting the engine bay more intently and found these rusty looks sections. I was wondering parts these were and if I should be worried about the amount of rust there. Thanks!
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