1. scotia

    For Sale  Houston Tx

    New Never installed part time spool for 90-07 80/100 transfercases. Was originally purchased from CruiserTeq. $500 shipped to lower 48. Pm if interested.
  2. P

    Another engine swap question (!)

    Has anyone installed a 5.7 gas Toyota V8 engine in an 80-Series?
  3. D

    160k engine vibration felt at idle. What can be done to get it like new?

    The Lexus was so quiet at idle for years that I sometimes didn't know it was running and tried to start it again. My 2006 has 160k miles and while not terrible I can feel it idling. Is this due to motor mounts aging? What causes this, what can be done to remedy, and how much would it cost?
  4. S

    Code misfire cylinder 3

    I have check engine light with loss of power and rough engine. Check engine light with code misfire on cylinder 3. This only happens when driving on interstate 65-70 mph. The truck will recover and run normal below 60 mph. I plan to replace plug and wire. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  5. P

    JDM engine swap

    I have a 97 LC with an engine that may need swapped out. If I were to source a JDM spec motor from landcruiser heaven would it be a simple “one for one” swap or would I run into wiring harness and electrical readout issues since the JDM spec motor does not have an ERG ?
  6. Spring Grover

    Acquired 1f motor disassembled, what to do with it

    Hey all. I bought this crate with a complete 1f engine (F222837)(1967?). It spun a bearing and the owner went with a sbc. Picked crank up at machine shop, was told it needs .040" bearings. Looks to all be here. I have no use for it, but couldn't let it go. Do I part this thing out or sell as a...
  7. shmukster

    For Sale  PA 96 80 series transfer case

    Have a nice clean transfer case came from a 96 80 series with 166K on the odometer. Worked great, is clean as there were no leaks under the truck. Comes with the shifter too. $250 located northeast PA. A perfect candidate in which you can install the lower/higher gear sets while your truck is...
  8. LexusV8 Engines


    · FOR SALE - 3UZ ENGINE 5 SPEED : $2950 1 x 3UZ 5 SPEED ENGINE - ALL WIRED UP AND RUNNING FOR AUTOMATIC APPLICATION 1 x ECU - Immobilizer has been bypassed and flashed. 1 x OEM Wiring harness system which is all wired up for automatic application - Just 3 wires to connect to make it start. 1 x...
  9. wolfbak

    2F running too cool

    I could use some troubleshooting suggestions. I recently got my '76 FJ40 back on the road after a frame off resto. Because the heater and blower still needed to be restored, I initially bypassed the heater valve. My engine has never come up to normal operating temp. The gauge barely comes off...
  10. sbman

    Won't start when engine is hot - SOLVED

    A few weeks ago, while off road in Anza Borrego, my 1997 FZJ 80 failed to start after short stop. It cranked ok, fired and then coughed and died. Subsequently cranking it produced no firing at all, just cranking away from the starter. After 30-40 seconds of additional cranking it did finally...
  11. J

    For Sale  3FE Head/Intake/Fuel Rail/Other 3FE parts

    I got a 3FE head I bought but decided not to use, it looks like it was damaged but was fixed, it was run with the damage for 5000 miles. I also got the 3FE intake Also if you're interested have a cam and crank from the 3FE, timing cover, pistons, rods, etc. Willing to ship as long as buyer pays
  12. ClemsonCruiser

    SOLD  SC: New H55 and Splitcase

    Hey Everyone. I’ve got a brand new OEM H55 F/H input and splitcase that were for a build that never came to fruition. It’s a drop in ready unit fully assembled with shifter and shift knob. I think nowadays this set-up runs about $6k. I’m asking $5k plus shipping. If you have any questions...
  13. suzuguru

    For Sale  1HDT Engine

    1HDT Engine, just under 200,000 miles, runs perfectly. I purchased this from Chapelgate here on MUD. It's still in the original shipping crate. I'm only selling because I sold my 40 that I was going to put it in. Prefer to sell locally, but could probably ship to lower 48 through Fastenal...
  14. Well Sorted

    For Sale  Cumming, GA: 3FE/A440/ECU/Air Meter/Emissions/Etc

    Pulled this powertrain out of my personal FJ80 to do an LS swap. I have the full engine, emissions equipment, air box and meter, ECU, and all accessories. Price includes the A440 trans with ECU and tcase however I will need parts of the harness to facilitate the LS installation. The engine...
  15. Stoshu

    For Sale  2008 GM L92 - LS engine for swap - NE PA

    2008 Cadillac Esclade 6.2L all aluminum L92 engine. Highly sought after complete L92 engine with good ECM included. Engine was pulled from running and driving 2008 Escalade with 114K miles on it in May 2023. Engine ran strong, made no noise and did not burn oil. Bought this with plans of...
  16. Tommy FJ

    SOLD  Complete 1FZ-FE h151f

    For sale complete 1fz-ft coil park and h151f engine harness computer Take off 1998. Toyota Land Cruiser 105 has 200xxxx k km. Condition running great shift smooth Why I’m selling I’m doing swap 1hdt-ft and h151f in to lc105 Ask 10k . Pick up at tj auto 7564 park avenue garden grove 92841...
  17. S

    SOLD  Carburetor - Landcruiser - 0H27 - Fits 8/80 - 8/87 - FJ60

    Carburetor. 0H27 stamp. Believe to fit 08/80 - 8/87. $175 shipped Unsure of running condition.
  18. cruisermatt

    For Sale  FJ62 A440f good runner core

    Unknown miles but good runner. Came from a rusty parts truck. No transfer case or linkages included. $500 + shipping (about $250 anywhere in US)

    LX570 Engine Bay Covers

    I have a full set of the black engine bay cover panels as well as the large “5.7” manifold panel. Will trade a good home for them, for let’s say 6 six packs. I’m in the Fort Collins/Loveland area, going to hang onto them for about a month, and if no takers then I’ll just trash them. Just...
  20. Matty c

    1fz-fe & transmission

    What is a reasonable price for a 1fz-fe and transmission from a 1995 landcruiser with 265xxx miles, engine is leaky but runs fine and tranny shifts good? Only selling them as I'm ls swapping!
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