1. Phenx60bruiser

    2F sale price

    I’m tearing into my 87’ FJ60 and planning on doing a V8 swap. I looking at selling the 2F but don’t know what to ask for it. I saw some pretty obnoxious prices online for them. What did you guys pay for one/what do you think is a fair price. 205k All original
  2. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE Boost Cut fix

    Fuel Cut Defencer | ELECTRONICS | PRODUCT | HKS This is a voltage clamp for a MAP sensor. You wire it into your map sensor, work out the voltage of the signal just before 14psi and the clamp will prevent the signal from increasing. Therefor you can run as much boost as you like without the...
  3. SoCal FZJ80

    For Sale  SoCal - 3Fe Engine Block For Core Or Rebuild

    I have a 3Fe engine block that came from a FJ62 Engine had 220k and was running. Crank, pistons still installed. The head and bolt on accessories have already been used for other projects. The block is sitting covered on a pallet, it is good for a core for rebuilding your engine or? First $225...
  4. SoCal FZJ80

    For Sale  SoCal - FJ62 A440F Transmission for Core

    I have automatic trans that came from a 1990 FJ62 Cruiser had 220k and was running. Trans only worked in reverse. Valve body and all internals intact. The transfer case has already been used for another project. The trans is sitting covered on a pallet, it is good for a core for rebuilding your...
  5. AlwaysFailing

    Let's Play a Game...What's this sound?

    Hey everyone, After owning countless other Toyotas, I finally found a Land Cruiser some poor guy loaned to his kid and he then proceeded to put it on its side. Now I'm in tear down diagnostic mode. This forum is awesome for solving some of the common problems, but I've got a tough one I can't...
  6. EricG

    For Sale  1993 1FZFE Engine & Transmission, blown head gasket - Colorado Springs, CO

    1993 1FZFE engine and transmission, 260K miles. Engine likely has a blown head gasket - haven't pulled the head to confirm, but that's the most likely issue. Before that, it ran great. Engine has Photoman's alternator bracket and a 120A Sequoia alternator. PS pump replaced about 2 years ago...
  7. E

    Rear Main Seal Job - Any special steps after Tranny removal?

    Hey All, I am getting ready to swap a transmission into my 98' LX 470, I unfortunately was dealt a blow with the strawberry milkshake of death ( radiator failing and pulling coolant into the transmission) when I installed my Amazon.com purchase Denso unit a few months back. I have not written...
  8. F

    For Sale  PA F engine + 4 speed trans + transfer case

    F155 engine last ran 5 years ago sitting in storage shed. I just hooked a battery to it turns over and oil looks clean. New plugs. $500 4 speed trans and transfer case $350 Scranton Pa
  9. PurpleFJ62

    For Sale  SE MICH - 1FZ Engine Core

    Hello Mud, I have the 1FZ engine from my Land Cruiser and it needs to find a new home. Engine is complete but needs a full seal kit. This engine was used in my blue light scanning project, that is why are are those goofy looking white and black dots everywhere. The build thread can be found...
  10. D

    Engine Re-Assembly Help 85FJ

    Hey Friends, First time poster here. Just picked up my 05/85 FJ this weekend- drove about 6 hours away to get her and trailer her home. She could used some TLC, but she’s a 60 series wagon and she’s a beaut. She spent the first 21 years of her life down in Alabama and Georgia, so very little...
  11. U

    P0300 code with no other codes - 1999 100

    After scanning this site, I;ve seen a lot of P0300 codes, but usually a bunch of other codes that follow along. I was driving yesterday, and the motor just started running like it dropped a cylinder. Checked the code and saw P0300 and nothing else. I have 155K on this LC. Most of these seem to...
  12. S

    For Sale  1981 FJ 60 F2 engine and trans

    We removed this engine and trans from a running driving truck. Engine turns over. Do not know mileage. Misc part also. Not sure what it is worth, make offer. Like to see it go to a good home.
  13. J

    For Sale  2F Engine for Sale

    I have a 2F engine for sale from a 1987 FJ60. Last known mileage from CarFax is 208K. Compression tested at 150 to 155 PSI on all six cylinders. Does need work on crankshaft snout which was quoted by Willamette Blvd service station at $500. Asking $400 OBO. Can provide compression video on...
  14. Kschep

    Burning major oil warming up / Choke on to stay on / not staying on at stops

    ok I've moved on to the next issue :) So my engine is gulping oil due to me yanking the choke when I fire it up. I assume because I'm "choking" the engine, it is burning more oil as it should and is meant to do. My issue is the friggin car won't stay lit. It wants to rumble out every time I...
  15. bigboiimigel

    FJ60 Ecoboost swap? Is it possible?

    I have an '85 FJ60 with a 2F and im just wondering if an 2.7 or 3.5 ecoboost swap is even possible. The dimensions say it will fit, but im not sure, with a 6 or 10 speed behind it. If not, any other non-v8 options that are unique?
  16. techster82

    For Sale  KY: FJ40 2F Rebuilt Head - 61031 Casting

    I have a freshly rebuilt 2F Head for sale that is ready to go for someone's domed piston 2F build. All work on the rebuild was done by Kennedy Performance here in Lexington, KY. (I can furnish the receipt verifying the work done to the buyer or prospective buyers). The following list was...
  17. T

    Engine swap For LJ78 in Malawi: Advice needed

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, joined hoping for a bit of help with a project I have. I work as a field biologist with an NGO in Malawi. I was recently assigned the responsibility of sourcing and overseeing the replacement of the engine in our LJ78. First off, can someone just confirm that this...
  18. R

    1FZ-FE block/head sending units???

    1995 80 series I am stuck trying to figure out what all the sensors are on the block and head. I have a guy rebuilding the engine for me and I want to replace all the sensors but I have no idea what they are or what they are called. Any help for this noob would be greatly appreciated!
  19. NookShneer

    SOLD  2F Smog Pump Eliminator Bracket

    ManaFre smog pump eliminator pulley. Run for a short time (500 miles) before getting swapped out for a second alternator. $165 shipped in the lower 48. Same one as here: FJ40 FJ60 Air Pump Eliminator Air Pump Idler Pulley for 2F Engines 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 SKU...
  20. jjdeneen918

    For Sale  FZJ80 complete Engine 108,000 miles

    i acquired a 1996 LX450 as a parts car. Previous owner bought, removed locking axels, wheels, & seats. Then listed rig for sale. Previous owner stated he tried to start engine, but there was no crank. After purchase, I discovered the factory alarm ECU was unplugged & wouldn’t allow it to...
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