1. K

    Random lose of engine power at +70mph

    Do too a medical emergency for a family member, I have been driving my 2001 LX a lot on the interstate for the past 3 weeks. I have noticed from at random times at 70mph or more the engine feels like it suddenly loses approximately 25% of its power. When it loses power, I feel no shuttering, no...
  2. enriquelaija

    Engine repaired and now I am having a lot of issues with the cooling system

    Hi, I just repaired my engine FJ80 97 from top to bottom and I am seeing issues with my cooling system, It keeps on leaking for several parts, someone told me that once you repair your engine, if it is not well calibrated, the pressure tries to look for the weak points to release the rpessure...
  3. M

    [Photos] What are these rusted parts / should I be worried?

    Hey folks, sorry for the noob question. New forum and 100 series owner. I was inspecting the engine bay more intently and found these rusty looks sections. I was wondering parts these were and if I should be worried about the amount of rust there. Thanks!
  4. CookieBird

    New owner of BJ41V (B2 engine) - fuel/engine oil additives

    Hey Guys :) I am the proud owner of a BJ41 which I drove all the way from San Diego 500miles. Engine runs like a champ and it has a little under 200k miles on it. I have several NewBee questions, they are really short so here goes: Do you use any fuel additives? Previous owner had a couple of...
  5. D

    Single fuel injector not recieving pulse...

    Hoping for a bit of direction - 93 LC with the 4.5L 1FZ engine. Recently I replaced the head gasket and in doing so the No.5 injector is not firing. I checked compression adn it's over 170PSI with plenty of spark and the other injectors fire well. I used a stethoscope and no click from No.5...
  6. A

    SOLD  Intake manifold for sale $100

    Intake manifold - 17111-6021 good shape for sale.
  7. 88red

    For Sale  3FE complete and parts

    i have several 3FE engines in various condition. Located in MD. Willing to ship 325k running when pulled. Compression numbers around 110, still complete trans, transfer case, and all accessories still attached 230k running when pulled. Compression numbers around 125. Mostly complete...
  8. limabill98

    Wanted  Windsor Ontario Canada FJ40 2F engine parts

    I’m looking for the accelerator linkage, as complete a setup as possible. Also looking for a factory air cleaner assembly. The truck is a 1977, the engine is from the 80’s if that matters.

    For Sale  Grand Prairie Texas 1FZ-FE for sale

    I am selling a 1fzfe engine whit out accessories the deal is with transmission and transfer case 170k Milles the engine run with out problems or noise. I have the the frame too with out rust or bend Prices don't include shipping, buyer pays shipping.
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  So Cal 1991 FJ80 - 3FE engine that runs sweet

    No noises, no knocks, no leaks. Engine Last Driven January 2, 2021 Compression: #1 160 #2 150 #3 160 #4 150 #5 155 #6 160 This is just the engine without accessories or intake manifold, but does include oil pan, valve cover, front cover, pulleys, exhaust manifolds, flywheel, lifter cover and...
  11. offroadvegan

    SOLD  Professionally Rebuilt 1FZ-FE and A442F Transmission

    Hello I am selling my 1993 1FZ-FE that was rebuilt by Pacific Japanese Engines in Oregon about 20k miles ago. It was bored out .2-.3 over, and all OEM components were used in the rebuild. Head was machined, larger pistons, new timing, etc. Also was all rebaselined with new plugs/belts/water...
  12. amodal1

    For Sale  San Jose, CA: used 1fzfe engine + A343F transmission

    I totaled my 1997 80 series last winter. I bought a '96 to replace it and have been swapping parts since. I had recently installed a newly rebuilt motor before the crash, so I pulled that motor and transmission to install on the new truck. Basically, I knew the engine/trans well from my wrecked...
  13. bubfuji

    For Sale  Front motor mounts FJ60 1981-1987 NEW Toyota OEM PN: 12361-61020

    Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser Front Motor/Engine Mounts or Insulators PN: 12361-61020 (NEW) Brand New/Never Installed Toyota OEM Front Motor mounts for the FJ60 1981-1987 $180.00 Plus Shipping Now $150.00 and free shipping. No tax and free shipping. New Toyota OEM Mounts for $75.00 each................
  14. bwertz

    Looking for trusted mechanic in St. Louis

    Does anyone have a local mechanic they'd recommend for engine work? My check engine light came on in my LX470 and Toyota is saying the cylinder is not repairable, recommending a new engine. I'd like to get a second opinion.
  15. partytime

    Wanted  WTB 3FE head - SoCal

    My head is cracked, machinist says it's too big to repair. Anyone got a good head? Willing to drive pretty far, or arrange shipping. If the head condition is unknown (not-magnafluxed for cracks) I'd need a very low price, or assurance that you'd be willing to refund -b
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - Sweet Running 1FZE engine from a 1996 FJ80 also Trans and T Case

    In the car. You can start it run it, test it and enjoy it. Good oil pressure, no smoke, runs normal temperatures, no mixed fluids, no noises, and runs strong. Price is if you pull it. If I pull it, add $150. Idles smooth. A sweet engine! The car has 200,500 miles on it. $1500 complete with...
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Used shortblock from 1993 1FZE (FJ80).

    So Cal No known issues with oil consumption, knocking or low oil pressure. It had a bad head gasket but owner had a spare engine. Engine has 260,000 miles on it. Cylinder head was removed from engine and machined and is for sale on Mud, ready to install on this engine or another engine...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  1FZE Complete Cylinder Head fresh out of the machine shop, ready to install

    From a 1994 Machine shop cleaned head and pressure checked for cracks and leaks, checked surface for level, did complete valve job and seals, checked cam shaft bearings and surfaces. Complete head with camshafts and valve clearances set. It came out real nice. $700 firm price with local...
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  1FZE camshaft top bearings - full set with bolts needed.

    Someone lost the whole set which means after I get the bearing caps I will need to have them line bored, but the head is in great shape - pressure tested and no warpage at all. Please send personal message with price. They can ship in a flat rate USPS mailer.
  20. S

    For Sale  Central Coast California 1971 FJ40 $5125 OBO

    So, these are my pouting words from a defeated man. I just now decided after breaking my new windshield during the install, that working on this FJ40 isn’t bringing me the pleasure it once did. Despite all the work and money, it still looks like a beater and I am just to tired to see beyond that...
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