1. mrjordann

    For Sale  Blue FJ40 hood

    Should fit most 40 series land cruisers. I had it on my 1973. Nice patina. $800 OBO
  2. cbolt06

    For Sale  Texas 1971 FJ40 Body Parts

    1971 FJ40 body parts for sale. Complete windshield/frame with wiper system, front fenders with lights, bib, bezel, and tire carrier with hinges and latch. Also have a pair of lights with rings, and license plate mount that I forgot to post. Surface rust. Not sure if wiper motor is working. I...
  3. FloTheFJ60

    Help a noob? :) Hood won't latch - missing hood support bracket?

    Hi, slightly nervous to post but thrilled to finally have an FJ60 after wanting one for 25 years... :) We bought the wagon last weekend and although she runs, I have a few things stopping me from getting it inspected so I can get it on the road. Doubtful I should barrage you with them all now...
  4. Bluetribal

    For Sale  94 Land Cruiser - Green Body Parts - Murrieta, CA

    Shell is gone it has met it's demise at a SoCal junk yard. Hood $200 Rear lift gate with glass $400 - SOLD Frame is also available, Cali rig minimal rust if any! $500 obo Rear Cargo sliding glass. Passenger side has the rubber and the Drivers side the rubber was no good. I will have...
  5. mmajsw

    Wanted  Rust free hood for 97 FZJ80

    I need a replacement hood for my 97 Cruiser. Must be willing to ship or deliver to Miami, Fl. Drop me a line with hood and shipping cost. Would prefer a light color but can repaint. Will pay with Paypal. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
  6. socaloffroad

    For Sale  FJ55 Hoods

    anybody need a piggie hood? Have 2 hoods in good condition, surface rust but no rot willing to ship at your expense, local pickup available, asking 200 each
  7. Baja73

    Wanted  Hood or Apron Hook Tabs

    Looking for two of the tabs that the hooks attach to. If anybody has an old hood or aprons that we could get the donor tabs that would be great. Any color will work. Drill out the three spot welds or cut the metal around the pieces will work. Thanks.
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Quarter Panels, Rocker Panels, body cuts to your needs

    SoCal Please let me know what you need. I am also advising you that shipping arrangements are to be made by buyer. Cuts will be to your specs, and you will need to be very specific Full length rocker panel cuts are $120 Rear Quarter Panels are $120 Roof is $150 without sunroof. I also have...
  9. srfdntchk

    So I Plastidipped My Wheels...

    Haven't done much to my 95 LC in a while, aside from some recent maintenance and repairs courtesy of Land Cruiser Specialists here in Austin (absolutely great shop and staff, but man I gotta learn to wrench, because LC work ain't cheap!), however last weekend I decided to Plastidip the wheels...
  10. yonah

    For Sale  OEM 200-series bug deflector

    I have an OEM bug deflector removed from a 2011. Nothing is wrong with it, I simply decided to revert my truck back to its original appearance. All hardware is included. $40 Located in Fayetteville, NC. I'll get a photo up in the next day or two.
  11. V

    Hood and windshield hinges

    Working on a 67' fj40 and I am wondering how one takes the hood off and windshield off successfully without causing any damage. I took the hood off by banging the pins out but it seemed a little difficult. Would it be easier to just unscrew the hinges from the vehicle itself? Just trying to get...
  12. offroadvegan

    Small issue but HUGE favor

    After my rebuild, the only problem I have is the return spring for the hood latch somehow got lost. Now I need to depress the cable with a flat head screwdriver or else the hood will not latch. The handle in the cabin does not return. I am afraid over time that cable will break. Does...
  13. J

    New FJ60 Owner - with some minor problems to fix

    Hey everyone, Last year I bought a 1985 FJ60. I grew up with an old FJ60 as our main camping vehicle and always wanted one. So when the opportunity came up to purchase one of my own I jumped at the chance! It's been an awesome vehicle so far, despite a few minor issues that are more related to...
  14. djzimms

    For Sale  Hood Assemblies - 80 Series (Toyota Land Cruiser) (1996 LX450 Silver & 1996 Land Cruiser Black)

    We currently have 2 hoods. The first is a Silver Hood from a 1996 LX450 with no or extremely small unnoticeable dents. Has some sun oxidation. Images: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3WDhiFzyfB3x6lSJ2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/c4vdMH9MnqYqzIjK2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/s7xpVdFnvAgJkBa82 Asking...
  15. TXBruiser

    Full Hood Black Vinyl

    I see in the vendor section black hood vinyl that covers the center hump, but does anyone supply square sheets that can span the whole hood? Massive glare from my lightbar is getting annoying and looking for a DIY kit. Also, looks like 3M-1080-M12 in Matte Black is the preferred 3M vinyl for...
  16. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out  91 Landcruiser with good 3FE and bad trans in SoCal

    Shipping available for most parts, but not for fenders, hood, doors etc. Grille and bumper apron (panel below grille sold). All other body panels ( hood, fenders, doors, tailhatch,tailgate, flares, bumpers in VERY Good condition with clearcoat peel, but NO RUST Seats are manual and cloth and...
  17. GCRad1

    OPERATION HOOD VENT LOUVERS for 80-Series with RodLouvers.com

    OPERATION HOOD VENT LOUVERS For all of you who drive the 3FE UNDERpowered 80-Series, you know these rigs make a lot of heat under the hood! My first thought was to give the rear of the hood, the hotrod look, but actually attempting to release the heat as well! The function is the fashion...
  18. hood


    testing out brackets and hold down after painting the hood.
  19. Baja73

    Wanted  FJ40 70's One piece Hood

    I have a 1973 FJ40 that I am looking for a one piece hood for. I would prefer one that does not require a lot of reapairs. I have a 60's two piece hood that's in great shape. I just would prefer to have a hood that's more correct. Thank You
  20. JRGanschow

    For Sale  FJ40 drivetrains, panels, glass, roofs, hoods and lots more!

    Glass all around by JRGanschow posted Jul 16, 2017 at 6:32 PMThe Warehouse by JRGanschow posted Jul 16, 2017 at 6:32 PMI just acquired 20 years of FJ40 parts along with three rigs. For sale are an entire FJ55 drivetrain, two 2F engines, transmissions and transfer cases (4), disc and drum brake...
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