Builds '81 Trekker ReDistruction


Feb 17, 2005
That was underwhelming!
Took Theo out for a ride around the neighborhood. (Satisfying in its own right)

What can I say?
It's an old, rattling, underpowered mini truck on 33s with stock gears and a worn-out transmission.

The good:
Clutch feels strong, all gears and 4wd work.
Power steering and steering overall feels good. The lines are old, but holding for now.
Chinese carb works okay @VA.CRUISER wanted to know. Starts and idles perfect, it's rich and stinky on deceleration. Needs tweeking....
Fuel system/tank resto works.
No leaks.
Cooling system held temp.
It didn't burn to the ground :bounce:

Punch list time:
Set timing (we stopped a few times and adjusted it, but need to get a light on it.
Sort out vacuum lines and rebuild the vac advance on the distributor, one diaphragm leaks.
And because of the lack of advance, the engine falls on it's face as you get up in the RPMs

BRAKES! All around need work. I left it all stock and just cleaned/freed everything up previously.
Now I'm gonna install the double diaphragm booster, longer steel braded lines, V6 calipers/rotors and all the e-brake chits Beno sold me.

More sound deadening!
I have installed some in the doors and headliner, now time for the floors. Then I'll toss in a cheapo carpet kit I got on eBay a while back.

There is plenty more to do, but that's what it needs to get properly road worthy.

Stay tuned.

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