1. S

    RV-3 concept vehicle 1980

    Came across a photo of the Toyota Hi-Lux RV-3 Special Exhibition Vehicle from November 1980 1980 Toyota Hi Lux RV3 Special Exhibition Concept ORIGINAL Factory Photo oua2853 | eBay I know of the Celica based RV-1, the Cressida based RV-2 and the HiLux (aka Pickup in N.America) based RV-6 but...
  2. Pacer

    Sacrilege? '81 Trekker, to build or not....

    So, I bought a rusty Trekker a few years back. I got it to run, got it to move and stop and then I tore it apart. Floors were completely shot! The sliding rear windows in the cap must'a leaked from the factory, this truck spent its entire life with a soggy carpet. Other than that, the frame...
  3. RolandFJ40

    For Sale 1981 Winnebago Trekker

    Man this is pretty neat, not mine. No Reserve: 1981 Toyota Winnebago Trekker 4x4
  4. shmukster

    Nice Trekker available on "bring a trailer"

    Good looking truck, Aaron! No Reserve: 1981 Toyota Winnebago Trekker 4x4
  5. OverLand Cruisers

    For Sale '81 Trekker on BAT

    Cool rig worth sharing, kind of in the right section Surf/4 Runner.... No Reserve: 1981 Toyota Winnebego Trekker 4x4:)
  6. Pacer

    Builds '81 Trekker ReDistruction

    I picked up an '81 rusty Toyota Trekker a year or so ago. It is a mess! Floors rotted on all four corners of the cab. The sliding windows and tailgate look as though they leeked from the factory and the globbs of silicone applied by previous owners tells a similar tail. I never posted a build...
  7. mderrick

    1981 trekker part search

    Hey guys, I spend most of my time in the 45 section but now am about to pick up a '81 trekker. i need to get my hands on a new floor anyone have a solid one? I am sure there will be other parts that i will need as time goes on.. -Mike
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