76 FJ40 part identification help

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Nov 5, 2013
I would greatly appreciate help identifying these parts. Thanks for any time can spare.

Edit: labeled the parts that were indentified





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Ooh. Fun.

1. Maybe part of the evap cover? Edit: nope.
2. Smog pump bracket, but the perspective makes it look too long. Edit: also nope.
3. Firewall bracket for the accelerator linkage. There are two kinds, one with the extra part that points down in your pic. Anyone know what that's for?
4. Looks like a motor mount bracket that would attach to the engine, based on the round shape. Edit: strike 3, 2f motor mounts are made like those from a tank.
5, 6, 7. If they're FJ40 OEM, I'm feeling dumb. I don't recognize any of them.
I would try looking at sor to see what you have they have a great breakdown of the part, might take awhile. Good luck
2 is driver side alternator mount ,4 is motor mount for frame on passenger side rear of motor
That part of the throttle linkage bracket holds the rear half of the linkage relay rod - the small snap clip on the bottom seems to fit the speedometer cable perfect on my '77 - although I'm not crazy about the angle it works at and have it tied to the steering box for now . Perhaps an emission hose or pipe went there ?

5 & 6 , not sure as 6 almost looks like some sort of aftermarket ac bracket ??

1. Is a heat shield
2. Is a driver's side accessory mounting bracket, model unknown
3. Carb linkage bracket. The extra stay is a guide for the speedo cable, to keep it away from the exhaust
4. FJ40 Passenger rear motor mount saddle
5. FJ60 trim retainer
6. Aftermarket SBC alt bracket(not the whole bracket, just the part that straddles a manifold port)
7. Heater fan door

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Thank you gentlemen. I've got a small pile of parts I won't be needing and you just helped me add a couple more to it. Your willingness to share your knowledge, allowed me to actually turn some wrenches this evening instead of squinting behind my computer screen trying to figure out where these parts need to go. Also, thank you Woody and everyone who make this site go.
my 64 to 72 40s all had that no 2 bracket for the alternator may have been used for something else on later years
Trying to sort through remaining parts, label them and make decisions on what needs saved. Most everthing came in boxes with 76 FJ40 parts. Project is nearing completion:confused:. Greatly appreciate everyone’s help.

Edit: hoping someone can id


7,8,9 came with a 74 FJ55 engine

10 was with 40 parts, hate to toss it if it’s teq

In with the 76 40 parts. Doubt it’s OEM, figured I’d better make sure.

Certain 13 is a splash pan. Driver’s side?

Guessing 15 & 16 are SBC stuff
Is 17 off a Heep?

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I’ll play...but on an iPad, it’s a little challenging

1. Brake switch for emissions
2. EGR bracket
5. Fuel door stopper
7.rear view mirror retainer
8. Aftermarket ignition switch collar
9. Visor bracket
10. Jeep incinerator
13. Driver’s side shield, next to exhaust downpipe
14. Universal steering stabilizer bracket

The unmarked tab in the middle of the radio faceplate is for the toolroll hold down.
Red - in the center of image 11, there is metal angle piece with a round hole and the oblong hole. That goes with the under-the-drivers-seat tool bag hold down assembly. That is where the hook on the band connects too, see photo below.

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:bounce: I was hoping Mark’s Offroad might swoop in. Thank you.

GA Architect, thank’s for the pic! Super pleased I didn’t toss that. I have the rubber band. :cheers:
;);)@GA Architect Very good call Rick, those are hard to find!! Took me a while and the one I scored from Cruiser Parts.net was terribly rusted. I have since told all my friends to get a pic first of the part they are buying.
Bump, wondering if @SuperBuickGuy might recognize 4,12 or 17?

I labeled stuff that Mark’s Off Road identified.

And thank goodness GA Architect spotted the tool roll hold down bracket. I almost tossed that with the radio knobs:slap:
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I labeled stuff that Mark’s Off Road identified.

And thank goodness GA Architect spotted the tool roll hold down bracket. I almost tossed that with the radio knobs:slap:

I did note that in my original post. Everyone seems to have overlooked that.
Ahh yes I knew you spotted that tool rool bracket! That was a big save:cheers: I thought it bolted to the back of a radio:hillbilly:. Twice in a two year span I almost tipped the box of radio knobs and “radio firewall bracket;)” into the trash.

#4 came with 76 FJ40 parts, the 2 welded nuts take 8mm bolts.

Couple more angles


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