37" military OZ tires

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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
I just bought four 37 12.50 16.5 goodyear mts tires for my rig. I had the goodyear RTII on there and needed a new set and found these for $200. I went with these because of the fact that I can't affoard a really good tire right now (at least untill i'm done with school)
Has anyone had these on their 80??
I've seen some reviews on other boards but could'nt find a thread with an 80 owner having them.

There is now also retread discussion starting on page 11
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Did they come with wheels? Buying 16.5" wheels would be a deal killer for me. I got a set for free years ago but they were on 8 lug wheels so I never had a chance to run them They seemed pretty stout though.
Did they come with wheels? Buying 16.5" wheels would be a deal killer for me. I got a set for free years ago but they were on 8 lug wheels so I never had a chance to run them They seemed pretty stout though.

No my 80 came with 16.5 wheels on it from the PO. So i'm stuck with them untill I can affoard some new wheels.
Pictures please!!!!!:bounce::bounce2:
I don't have them on yet they are sitting in my work's where house waiting for the rain to stop so I can drive my 80 with bald tires down to put them on.
I had some on a while back. They are all right on the street but not very good off road. The sidewalls are to stiff. For $200 bucks they will be a great tire though. I didnt have them on long enough to get pictures.

If you take a look at tor slinning bobbing an 80 series thread in the hardcore section there might be a picture of them in there on his 80 series.
Yeah i've heard they aren't the greatest tire off road but for the money it is all I could affoard for now. (When I get out of school and get a job that pays more than peanuts i'll be alright)

It was either these or some nice 31's.... but those would look kind of funny with a 6 inch lift.
I don't have them on yet but i'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.
That's the thing, with military surplus, running a 16.5 (for at least street) is not a bad idea IMHO, if you can find the wheels. Like previous poster said, finding 16.5 wheels is the deal killer. The tires are available everywhere as surplus and are cheap, if you don't need brand new.

Best case scenario, enjoy your inexpensive tires now, get what you can out of em for off road (Should be able to air down a LOT), then get an alternate set of rims for hardcore later - some steelies or something.

Post pics. These threads are nuthin without PICS!:popcorn:
lt1fire, any update/feedback on your experience with these tires? I see them for sale around me a lot and love the price. Thanks!
I've been running them this winter as I am cheap and I wanted 37's. I got 5 for like $400 from the local guy who sells them. They looked/measured like a new tire.

Rims I got from here

Rock Crawler Series 52 Gloss Black Powder Wheel-RH3

$800 bucks for 5 rims and tires, now that might not be cheap, but its better than $250-$300 per tire.

They run down the road fine, and I balanced them out with BB's.

Road noise is minimal as my rig is missing the carpet and doesn't seal the greatest due to flops, rollovers.

In the snow/ice they have been great and I wheel in the yard quite a bit.

I believe right now I am running 25 psi per tire.

People are going to piss and moan about the 16.5 and not being able to air down, but I wheel in WI, not Moab. I'll test them this summer as to how low one can go as far as air pressure and wheeling goes.

Pic for reference
current 80.jpg
Also one should note that the 36" military tires did suck due to the tread pattern and I had a buddy try and run them and he would of been better off with some drag strip mickey thompsons

These seem to dig in the snow like any other Mud Terrain type tire I have had.
Thanks weigellj, I appreciate the feedback. I believe I will also try them out, you just cant beat the price. They look pretty dang cool too!
You can get the military beadlocks with Toyota centers for real cheap.
You can get the military beadlocks with Toyota centers for real cheap.

Cheap is a relative term. Cheap for beadlocks for sure -

Custom Hummer Wheels

I went supercheap

U.S. Wheel 70-6860 - U.S. Wheel 70 Series White 8-Spoke Wheels - Overview - SummitRacing.com

I think I paid 300 for the five tires delievered, then sold my stock rims for $200 - kinda beat up so didn't ask a rediculous price for them. So mounted and balanced I was under $400 for the set-up. Can't beat that. Plus when I ruined one of them because my rear bumper was cutting it at full flex, only $75 to replace! Still need to geta spare mounted though.

So far they are doing just fine in the 21" of snow we got Tuesday. I'd rather have another set of MTZ's, but, since 315's are $300 a piece, and 37's are only available on 17" rims and are $430 a piece, I don't see changing anytime soon. Not when 1 set $$$ = 1 tire $$$.
Snow Truck 3.jpg
I am seriously considering these for my next tires - are you running wheel spacers with those rims from summit racing?

yes, 1.25" I think. 1" would probably work better if you have flares, but then again I've never re-centered my panhard bar. Going with the ones from 4WP might not need spacers at all, though they're rated at 2,000 lbs and the US wheel ones are rated at 2200 - not sure it makes much difference ---
Yep you can get H1 wheels recentered by a number of companies.

Just wait a few years till the military starts to sell off the MTR surplus tires. It will be great.

In response to the question the tires are decent. They drive really well and do ok on the trail in the wet or dry.
Do you guys have any problems blowing the beads with these aired down?
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