1993 FZJ80 purchase...

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Sep 20, 2003
Suffolk, VA
So I am looking at 1993 FZJ80 with 130K miles on the odo and think I can get it for under 6K. She is a one owner, spent all her life in Michigan, and is loaded to the hilt:) Is there anything I should look out for? I know it needs brakes but that appears to be the only issue...

>> spent all her life in Michigan <<

You answered your own question. Rust.

There are a number of very complete threads on "how to buy an 80." You will probably get more responses to this post but if you are serious about the purchase and really want to be prepared then search through the ih8mud and SOR archives (link above) and do some reading. Take your time, there are a lot of good suggestions and great posts.

Very nice Christo. Not much to add to that checklist. :cheers:

Maybe torque on the nut behind the steering wheel :D
So all things considered, if I can get this truck with 133K for 5500 it would be a decent deal :D
If everything checks out, it sounds like a pretty decent deal to me. I've been shopping for an FJZ80 for a couple of months now... so I think I'm up on my prices.
Just got back from my local Landcruiser shop. I asked him about the rust on the lift gate. He explained that it is the only place he has seen rust on an 80 so far. Look closely along the bottom lip just under the window. Small little rust spots are probably there. His explanation was something along the lines that the gates weren't effectively treated during the manufacturing which caused some premature rusting. His solution is to completely strip the gate down to the frame. Sand blast both inside and outside of the gate. Prep and repaint and then reinstall. $1400.00 was his estimate. C-Dan, what's the cost of that lift gate? Letting it rust to hell then replacing it with new is also a possibility :'(.
Where in MI. I travel the 94 196 31 every week. If you are in that area I will look it over with you.
Its at Grand Blanc, somewhere's near Flint I think...I'm gonna hop a flight in the am to Detroit and drive up to take a look. If I like it she'll be heading to Columbus Ohio, if not well then its a long drive in the rental car :doh:
K, not much for me to say, but here are some rusts spots on my '94(BTW-It was repainted I think in 2002 and it took about a month or longer to paint only the roof and hood)......

I have rust from chips on the hood, on cowl or whatever you call it(under windshield. Lifted rubber on windshield. Didn't look on whole thing cause i'm too afraid), and under rear(last) side windows and on the inner fender(drivers side only). There's probably more rust, but I don't go rust huntin, I only find em by coincidence when waxing or cleaning it......

Oh yeah, 6Gs is cheap......There were two 91s for sale in early August. $12K and one had 80k miles, other had 110K. Just a little comparison.......
If no rust, it's a hell of a deal!
It was a rust bucket, had more rust that my old 1971 40 and 1983 60 combined:'( It was a long drive home in the rental car...
Bummer :-[ , good luck in your search! If you're willing to fly somewhere, then drive back, I would consider looking out west, where we have virtually no rust :)
I'm a curious about what the seller told you about the rust (or lack of) that encouraged you to travel all the way to Michigan to look at a truck only to find that it was indeed "a rust bucket"?

I would have been totalled tee'd off.
The sales man said no rust, none anywhere! Two mins with the truck and I could see rust on the bottoms of all four doors, tail gate, and along the windshield. The dealership paid for the rental car to get me home after I said no go...
Nice that they covered the rental car. See if you can involve a board member if you find another long distance prospect. We have fairly good coverage. My store gets them every so often. I recently hooked up one of our club members with a nice '96.

Paying for your trip back was the least they could do.

I guess it's a matter of perspective. "No rust" in the rust belt states means what's left of the body will keep most of the snow, slush, and rain off the seats.

I took my first trip to Michigan about 2 weeks ago. Most vehicles were US models; very, very few Toyotas from what I saw. A lot of the vehicles that were over 10 years old had visible holes rusted through the doors and the boot. These looked to be relatively decent vehicles otherwise... just holes from the rust. Amost all the older white vehicles that I saw had some rust stains dripping down from somewhere.

It was a sad sight.

Feel free to contact me if you find a cruiser in the Phoenix area. I looked at a cruiser for a guy who lived in Seattle last year, saved him time and money. I think most of us would do this for you. Most cruisers around here are rust free!! maybe faded paint.

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