1985 BJ70 CND refubishing and modifications (1 Viewer)

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Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
1985 BJ70
This vehicle was purchased from Quebec back in 98/99 and the new owner bought a veneer truck. the paint was shiny, the interior was nice and the cancer was hidden under the thin layer of "pretty". the A pillars were shot, well the whole truck was an issue on wheels.
the owner loved it and the seller pocketed a crap load of money for selling a rusty hulk.

then the truck went to an individual in Alberta where the roof was cut off and the truck sat like that outside summer and winter for 5 years. now the interior was shot as well as the outside.

next it traveled to ontario where another individual scabbed a tub onto it and shoved it outside for anther couple years. when i saw it again the truck was sitting crooked, the engine was missing parts and there were scrap parts sitting on the hood and tub.

then it traveled to Belleville ontario where a pair of "good old boys" were to tackle bringing it back to life but it sat outside for another couple years and the new winch and new 8274 were stollen from it. the tires were flat
that is where i come back into the picture. the owner asked me to come take a look at his poor neglected abused baby to see if i can resurrect her back into useful condition again.

i drove down and took a look, yah, it looked sad sitting there but there was hope yet.
after hearing the story again from the owner i could see the desire and the need to have the truck refurbished. It won't be easy since it has been through numerous hands. Parts are missing. Half assed work has been done.
the rear cross member is missing.
the frame has been galvanized which might or might not have twisted it.
the body has patches all over and the seems are already splitting apart from rust.
the engine has excellent compression but is missing parts and the edic controller is acting up
the interior is shot
the paint needs redoing.

it truely is a diamond in the rough.

this is what i am starting with:
laying down 001.jpg
spider 002.jpg
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we have removed the windows to check the steel but this is basically her ...
once again the veneer isn't looking too bad but on closer inspection the tub is ... well ... as the bodyman put it, "a turd".

the decision has been made that the tub will be a cheap hippo liner inside, underneath, bottom of the doors etc with tinted product.
the front will be repainted and any rust issues to be dealt with.
the drivetrain will be upgraded as we go along.
the frame has already been galvanized but i suspect it might have twisted during the process.
the interior panels will be replaced with PC aluminum.
custom winter front bumper with new 8274, quick disconnect reciever for a self-contained snow blower, winter lighting.
custom summer bumper with 8274 and off road / highway lighting.
upper light bar
rear wide spread back up lighting
turbo with SS exhaust
35" ice radials for winter and unknown summer tires
kick'n stereo mounted into the aluminum panels and upper console for the deck.
custom center console with elevated arm rest.
spider 013.jpg
spider 014.jpg
spider 015.jpg
some of the issues from past hands:
brake lines over the pinch points for the axles
missing rear cross member (no biggie since a custom rear bumper with swingouts and air tank is being planned)
spider 012.jpg
spider 011.jpg
spider 003.jpg
drain holes plugged for the windshield
broken bolts for the thermostate housing
missing parts for the engine
spider 009.jpg
spider 008.jpg
spider 001.jpg
some of the rust issues, sadly if the individual would have taken a bit more time the tub would be salvagable ...
rust in the joints and the poorly welded on quarters in the rear just doesn't make this "turd" would spending more money on.
i do have access to a decent tub but it is in California and that drive just isn't in the cards.
laying down 021.jpg
laying down 005.jpg
laying down 012.jpg
Question: Based on the "marginal " starting condition of this project I have to wonder if the parts plus labor will not far exceed to finished value of the Cruiser?
to be honest,
once a person has an attachment it is no longer a $$$$ issue, it is an emotional one.
the value of this truck was far exceeded at time of purchase.

any vehicle that gets refurbished to an individual's desire usually far exceeds the vehicles resell value.

i did mention a couple times that a very nice 70 could be bought for much less than what he will be spending.

all that matters to me is that he is happy with the results.
it is his decision as to what he spends his money on.


What about a tub swap? Or does that still take away?
Regardless the finished product will be beautiful due to the attention of detail Wayne does on these builds
"once a person has an attachment it is no longer a $$$$ issue, it is an emotional one.".........I think I used that same line when I owned my 2L-TE powered LJ-78 and you called me an "idiot.":D
Good luck with the project......
I think the old girl is looking a heck of a lot better already!

the tub swap is in the future but for now we are using this one till it rots off.

i don't think i called you an "idiot" ... maybe nieve?
Looks like a nice little project while awaiting the return of the troopie.

Yep agreed with the rest. A 'tub' swap should be on da cards.
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If your UPS driver looks like that Wayne I can see why you order so many parts. I agree, money is less of an issue when a truck build becomes a passion over anything practicle. He picked the right person to bring the truck back to life. Looking forward to following this build much like we have enjoyed following the troopie build.
with the quick attachment built into the new "winter bumper" hooking up and disconnecting will be pretty easy and quick for those impromtu trips to town or having to winch your neighbour out of the ditch.

i am already liking the idea :hmm:
spider 021.jpg
spider 022.jpg
spider 024.jpg
the new quick attachment ...

now to design the bumper to work with this attachment :confused:
spider 016.jpg
spider 017.jpg

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