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Nov 6, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Hey all,

I've been a FJ40 Land Cruiser owner for a few years now, I got an 1984 Xtra Cab Pickup in 2016 and I've been working away on it to keep it on the road. It was purchased with a cracked frame and a lack of serious maintenance, so I addressed all the issues and have been driving it since 2018. When I was off roading with tire chains last spring I destroyed one side of my e-brake cable due to a chain slipping loose (I didn't pack the chain bungees :bang:). I finally got to addressing my e-brake and stumbled upon a roadblock....no replacement e-brake cable exists for 1984/1985 pickups.

I wanted to post about my solution to address the lack of a direct replacement e-brake cable for these trucks.

Searching the Toyota EPC, and confirming with Toyota the part number for my rear e-brake cable, it was a discontinued part.
I found on the Terrain Tamer website that a replacement cable was available for a Hilux built from Aug 1983 and onwards part # 46420-35250. I figured it should work for my application, but I didn't want to import a part that may not fit and cost would be over $100 CDN. My other option was to find one from a junkyard, but these trucks are getting rarer and most times the cables are all frayed.
I ended up buying a e-brake cable from RockAuto marketed for an 1986 pickup Raybestos BC94128. Looking at the pictures of the cable it all looked the same, I figured since the rear axle width was 3" wider, all I would do was trim the cable ends to fit my narrower axle. I went to a local hardware store and purchased two 0.125" Aluminum Cable Stops and borrowed a crimper from an electrical buddy.
I compared the cable lengths and shortened the cable ends (the ones that attach to the bellcrank) to fit my narrow rear axle. Everything fit perfectly upon re-assembly and now I have a working parking brake again!

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