1. C

    For Sale 1984 FJ60, Elizabeth CO

    The time has come to sell my project. I've owned the truck for just under 10 years now and really don't want to sell, but... wife and I have decided to move to Puerto Rico. I used it as a daily driver to and from Denver from 40 minutes into the mountains for years . Never won any races up the...
  2. D

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 For Sale Mississippi

    SOLD-----------It’s time for me to sale this truck only because I picked up another fj60. 1984 FJ60 179k miles on the clock, $13,000. It is a solid truck. I have a ton of pics and videos I can send. Has clear MS original title in hand, three ring binder from previous owner of pages of receipts...
  3. Ian Crawford

    1984 Content - Duran Duran Cassette Needed For Testing

    So I came across one I've never seen before.... Now for all you Cruiser experts which is rare-er? A Toyota cassette Deck or an incolometer? I have yet to test the cassette player (I don't have any old cassettes laying around), the radio still works great!
  4. Edward Zogg

    1984 Seat Interchangability

    I have a 1984 BJ40. Anyone know of other Toyota models that would use the buckets same seats and/or frames. Mine are non OEM and would like to find the right ones in the Junkyard. Thanks!
  5. H

    '84 FJ60 Resto-Rebuild

    Hi all, One of the newer members here, and just getting around to starting a thread on my latest project - a 1984 FJ60. I previously owned a 1990 HJ60 (while living in the Congo) and had to get my hands on another cruiser when we moved back state-side. I found this one for a decent price...
  6. M

    1984 sr5 modified need help w/ high idle and front wheel noise in 4x4

    Hi all, I'm new here and new to mechanics. I recently purchase a 1984 Toyota sr5 in good shape. It has a approx 5" leaf spring suspension lift, rebuilt 22r engine, double transfer case w/ crawl gear, e lockers front and rear, arb bumper w winch, etc. it runs well but I am having two issues I...
  7. fox1047

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 Barn Find in SLC UTAH

    I have a 1984 blue FJ60 barn find that I'm going to get running and build up for sale. It only has 170K miles on it and will be a sweet rig in the long run. I thought I would post this one up for sale before I get started on bringing it back to life to see if anyone is interested in it and if...
  8. FJ60GatewayDrug

    The Beast -- (Mis)Adventures of my 1984 FJ60

    I'm about a year overdue for starting this build/documentary thread. Here goes. I'm going to try and include a bunch of photos with this to help other 60 owners who may run into the same issues I have. The first little bit won't have a ton of photos, but the pace will pick up towards the more...
  9. SgtChase

    H55DF on a 1984 FJ60

    title should not say hd55f but h55f I just bought a used H55f Transmission with the split t-case attached to it still, it came off of a BJ42 or a BJ60 if im correct. I read that i need to get longer bolts to mount it to the t-case, but its already mounted... As far as i know, all i need todo is...
  10. cruisergear

    Builds BIG RED - Our 1984 FJ60

    Hello everyone! I'd like you to meet Big Red. Our Land Cruiser has a lot of history so I'll try to water it down to keep this brief and interesting. My mom and dad have 6 kids [insert typical mormon family joke here] and in the early 80's they were very eager to find a vehicle that could fit...
  11. L

    1984 FJ40 Restoration In New Zealand

    Hi everybody So I have spent the past 5 years looking for an old Fj to restore, Finally managed to get my hand on one last year!! Woo Hoo!! I have spent alot of time on this site looking at all of the FJ restoration threads and I can assure you all that I will not be spending as much money and...
  12. J

    Can a bj60 w/ a 4 speed manual take a H55 3B-T 1984

    The title says a lot looking for what sort of work scope it would be to put h55 in bj60 w 4 speed. Diesel 3b t. 1) Is this possible 2)What are the special "yea but you gotta..." type comments 3) what could be the max speed 4) where to find h55 tranny 5) special parts needed 6) skill level...
  13. A ROGUE

    For Sale 1984 FJ60

    This has been a great truck but the time has come to let it go. Asking $10,000 it has 178k on the clock, and runs great. This is a west coast truck from Oregon and a true survivor. The chassis is very clean and the body is in good shape, other than a few dings here and there. Items Arb bull bar...
  14. J

    For Sale 1984 BJ60 3BT

    She starts and runs well, No A/C, Frame is in solid condition rust wise, new exhaust, new clutch, rusty tail gate, body is in decent shape rust wise, body has 2 dents, feels/ looks like some bondo on the bottom of the rear panels maybe on doors too, no soft spots or blisters found, needs new...
  15. M

    16 inch rims for 1984 FJ 60

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but the information I have been able to research sometimes contradicts what the next piece of information is. I simply want to upgrade my rims and tires to 16 inch and am getting different backspace sizes for what will work. Has anyone put some relatively...
  16. I

    For Sale 1984 FJ60

    1984 FJ60 Well-maintained Manual transmission ~273K miles 4-wheel drive Spare parts included: Hood (good condition) Rear Tailgate Lower (good condition) Right Fender (good condition) Right Fender (slightly damaged) $14,000 OBO
  17. I

    For Sale 1984 FJ60 115k miles $29,500

    Just listed my cruiser on EBay 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 | eBay See more photos here: (you will probably need to copy/paste to your browser) 1984 FJ60 by theshadylane
  18. D

    Edic random cut out on 1984 bj60

    Hi I have a 1984 bj60 with 3B which I've turboed I'm lately experiencing two specific problem and don't know if they could be related Or just random failures. First is the cutting of the engine, about 4or 5 times, usually just off a start And going up hill. Cuts for only a half second and...
  19. FJ60GTi89

    Hi, this is my FJ60 ‍

    Hello, I am new, and this is my project. FJ60 1984 from Peru . Was very rusty and been a while in the paint shop, now I still working on it. I'm making some modifications and the idea is low weight and simple wiring. Left some pics, see you. https://goo.gl/photos/yASJPmJAZzPkdguf9 Mods...
  20. rustybucket

    For Sale 1984 bj60 300,000 Tacoma wa

    Selling my bj60. It needs frame work and some body work. Still drives but if you are looking for a good project truck or a parts vehicle this may be for you. 1984 bj60 land cruiser $2,995.00
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