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  1. Paraglider

    ideas to get the e-brake drum off

    Hi all, an ih8mudder that 's been really helpful to me has suggested I post this to see if someone has another idea. The problem is I am trying to get inside the e-brake drum on my HJ47 trophy to hopefully solve the problem of why the e-brake is always slightly on and why it's not really...
  2. J

    Parking brake parts - need a source

    Hi All, My parking brakes are rusted and busted.. I have the spring/pin/clip etc rebuild kit, but I am still in need of the following: Parking brake shoe lever Parking brake cable No. 2 Bellcrank Bellcrank bracket I can't find part numbers, and my usual sources only seem to offer shoes. I do...
  3. U

    Is this what is meant by a grooved Park Brake?

    I can only assume that everyone will come back with a resounding 'Yes'! That said, does anyone have a decent used park brake hub that will fit my '64 fj40 that we can work a deal on? BTW - the second picture shows the SST I made in order to get the hub off. It was stuck on there pretty good.
  4. C

    FJ80 Parking Brake Repair

    I am in the process of repairing the parking brake on my 91 LC and in the process of servicing the brakes. Upon inspection the cable end u brackets on both sides have rusted clean through. I was able to find a raybestos cable to replace and a decent price from parts geek but now i am onto the...
  5. J

    Wanted FOUND*** FJ40 Parking Brake Back Plate **FOUND

    Thanks!! Backing Plate has been found. Jeff
  6. F

    Experience with aftermarket parking brake bell crank.

    I was reading some other Mud threads about the always-corroded parking brake bell crank and I thought it would be good to share this information that I came about when I did mine a few months ago. 1 ) The Dorman Parking brake bell crank kit from Advanced Auto, which supposedly only fits some...
  7. Paraglider

    emergency brake not releasing wheels

    I've read other threads about emergency brake adjustments but none of them address my issue specifically. First, a quick history leading up to the problem. I was removing and replacing the cover over the transmission on my HJ47 to cut new holes because I had a 5-speed H55f tranny put in and it...
  8. brhydock

    Parking/E-brake issues

    Hi, new FJ-60 owner and ultra newbie diy mechanic. Having some issues with my e-brake, basically when I pull the lever, nothing happens. Tried to do some research online for this issue but have so far been unsuccessful and I need this thing to pass inspection. Has anyone had this issue before...

    Rear parking brake

    My 97 had the parking brakes gutted. Does anyone know where I can get instructions for a rebuild? I hear most people rip them out and just go without because of the poor design and when the corrode they basically implode. What are your suggestions?
  10. YSG2017

    Wanted Dash Parking Brake Lever - Complete Assembly - Late 70s FJ/BJ

    Anybody have the under dash mounted parking brake (not floor mounted) assembly (complete) with lever for a late 70s FJ or BJ in good original condition and working order, that they would sell? Thank-you kindly.
  11. waLIEN

    How do I remove the parking brake handle's leather boot? (FZJ80)

    How do I remove the parking brake handle's leather boot? I was guessing it was just held on by clips and I just pull on it really hard, but before I gorilla it, I wanted to be sure. Thanks guys!
  12. Nolan Sylvester

    Parking brake

    I had my rear brakes done yesterday and smashed them to check the parking brake as it has never worked. They said the canter lever that basically pivots to tighten the pads when you pull the handle is froze up. I can't seem to find this part anyone able to help? Thanks again!
  13. bertsulli

    Parking Brake Cable Attachment

    I'm fixing up my parking brake assembly as it had been leaking oil all over the place. Finally putting it back together and I can't wrestle the compression cable back into it's seat. Is there a trick to this? Are newer cables easier to compress? Should I remove the cable completely and do on...
  14. G

    Parking brake help

    I am reinstalling the parking brake after the motor and axle swap but cannot find my "before" pictures. Would someone please snap a few picture of the OEM mounting points for these two brackets? Thank in advance. David
  15. roma042987

    For Sale 9/77 fj40 parking brake lever pull handle

    great shape 35 plus shipping
  16. excessive

    Wanted FZJ80 Parking Brake Bellcrank

    Looking for rust-free left and right bellcranks for the rear parking brake.
  17. HardyDanger

    Parking brake shoe hold down spring ????

    Quick question before I button up my rear axle. Browsed prior threads and FSM, but didn't see this specifically. Upon pulling my PS rear brake disk, I found that my front parking brake shoe hold down spring was all FUBAR'd. In fact the pin, this is the pin that is bent with a hump in it...
  18. J

    Emergency / Parking Brake Light Switch

    All: I have a much-loved 1975 FJ40. A couple of years ago, I replaced the parking/emergency brake light switch. It seems to be acting up, so I'd like to get a new one. However, the only things I can find are used ones on either or an e-bay site. Anyone know of any workarounds or...
  19. tlaporte

    Help with FJ40 (08/80-) Parking Brake Lever Fix

    Before my Cruiser sat for a long time while it was stored, I had an issue with the parking brake lever and cable. The cable has become detached from the lever. I don't see that anything is broken or missing, although the cap appears a little bit different than the one in the parts diagram...
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