1974 FJ55 Build

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Finally was able to get the radiator in! Actually finished it up this morning just in time to drive an hour away for work.

First run wasn't too well and had to change the bracket to move it away.
Just some updates on the temps... With it being close to 90° a few times while sitting in traffic I hit around 192° and while moving I'm still hovering around 165°.

This is my NV4500 I picked up. Obtained it as a 2wd but have it at the transmission getting rebuilt into a 4wd and thr top set up to the newer style.

For the guys that's made their Fuel Tanks... what dimensions did you use? I'm trying to convince my Brother-in-law (who's a beast of a welder) to build me one. Problem is he lives a solid 12 hours away.

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