1. Cravati

    Anybody know of a build thread with someone fabricating the entire tub of an FJ?

    I'm contemplating making my own custom 3/4 tub for my 77 fj40. I have looked everywhere with no success in finding a like minded individual. I realize I could just buy one, but whats the fun in that?
  2. Jayster034

    Welding Help on Quarter Panels

    The link to the video below outlines the issue that I'm dealing with. Basically I can't get my plug welds to stick. Any Thoughts?
  3. MrMoMo

    Building a 6’ 30Ton press brake - am I crazy?

    Yep, you read that right! (And yes I am crazy) After working through the body restoration of my LandCruiser BJ70 I learned a lot about shaping metal. —> that thread here (Saving the Silver 70) One of the tools that I really couldn’t have done it without was a little 14” die that I made for...
  4. Connorham

    Denver Mechanic Needed(welding)

    Hey Everyone, I just moved to Denver and need to find a mechanic for my 100. I am in the North Denver area and looking for one who can do some frame welding. I have a broken sway bar link mount. Don't need him to be greatly TLC experienced, just trustworthy. I know Slee is best and close...
  5. T

    Metal / Body Work Denver Area

    Hello, Anyone know anyone good at metal work / body work in the Denver area? Have a 77 40 that has some rust issues wanting to get addressed. Thanks!
  6. RFB

    Welding on front Diff.

    I just got these two in from Ruffstuff, and Im curious are there any special precautions to take when welding onto the front differential? And is RTV better for rear or gasket?
  7. Iceaxe

    Welding 101

    Hi folks, I need to learn how to weld- looking to manufacture basic stuff like brackets. Did any of you learn on your own how to weld? If so, how did you learn how to do it? I don't have time or inclination to take a class at my local community college. Thanks for the input...
  8. FWaltersnewbie

    Converting Lincoln 125 to MIG, newer model

    Hi all, While I've been doing oxy-acetylene welding for a while, I'm newer to MIG welding. Bought a relatively cheap Lincoln 125 last year from the Home Despot, expecting that I would be able to convert it to true MIG rather than the (what I now realize is messy crap) flux-core. I looked at the...
  9. rustybucket

    cutting the cab in half welding on back panel. The rust in the wheel well frame dilema

    Has anyone ever done this before? Cut the cab just in front of the wheel wells and welded in some kind of back panel that gives the fj6o a truck look and attached a aluminum box? What would cost more in labor and part? Doing this or repairing both inner/outer wheel wells and quarter panels...
  10. woytovich

    Welding up greasable shackle pins?

    Would it compromise the strength of a greasable shackle pin (new) if I were to (gently) weld closed the holes for the zerk and in the pin? If I cannot find suitable plugs that I can use to replace the zerks when I am wheeling (I keep knocking them off on the rocks) I would like to find another...
  11. D

    Flux core welding

    I'm new to welding and was about to buy a cheap $100 flux core welder on Amazon to weld areas on my fj40 that I cut out due to rust. After alittle research I found out that if painted over flux core the paint would bleed after a couple months. I told that to my friend that is going to teach me...
  12. e9999

    Welding Aluminum to Steel...

    so my wife hits something on the freeway with the Prius and there is rattling when the engine is on. I check under and sure enough the exhaust pipe is bent and split open. Long story but she finally goes to check an exhaust guy to see how much it would cost to fix it without going full OEM. (At...
  13. 80 Sack

    Welding Basics Clinic Thursday, February 23rd @ 6pm

    406 Cruisers is proud to present a clinic that has been requested for quite some time now. A welding basics clinic. Sailor with Heliarc Design will be conducting the clinic and will focus on the basics of MIG welding. He will discuss choosing settings, how to achieve a strong weld with good...
  14. e_parise

    Need a welder in Denver

    Hey guys, Does anybody have a welder I can use to build my 4x4 Labs bumper? The one guy that said he can do it has been pushing it back for a month now and I'm really trying to get this done. Any help is appreciated.
  15. LC Magi

    Heavy Duty Steel fender flairs

    This is a pair of fender flares I made for a customer at my work. He asked for steel fender flares and I never really liked the look of the tube ones with a flat plate across the top. So I made them completely out of 3/16 plate. The first one I made was 1/4 inch and about three quarters of the...
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