1. S

    VDJ76 - Weird turbo boost?

    G'day fellas, I'm new to the forum. Just a couple questions for the online mechanics or anyone who may know what I'm talking about regarding 2010 VDJ76 that i just got, has 230,000kms on the clock so just making sure all is sweet and have noticed a couple things my old VDJ79 didnt do. (Or didnt...
  2. c2dfj45

    craigslist Weird "rare" FJ 40 posting....

    Ran across this ad in CL....kind of weird. None of it makes sense. Seller can't backup any of the claims. RARE 1970 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. ALL books. All documented
  3. 470SNC

    Weird Charging Issue

    So my 99 LC has been running great for the 4 months I've had it. I was sitting in traffic on my way to work, see that my battery light is on and check the ultraguage and it reads 11.8 volts. I immediately rev it up to see if it still charges up (it does) and when the traffic cleared up, it...
  4. N

    Weird problems. Horn started blowing non-stop. Window control doesn't work from driver door.

    And just today it decided to lock itself, while off, after I closed the door. I feel like there's a wiring issue but where do I start to look?
  5. 100sExp

    Weird front end behavior...since lift

    Hey group, looking for some help here. Ever since I've lifted my truck it's had some strange things happening in the front end. When I accelerate (worse at slow speeds or from a stop) the front end wanders/shimmies significantly. I can feel power alternating from one side to the other in the...
  6. muelbeedle

    2F Seized today while starting...

    A couple weeks ago I bought an FJ60 from a friend of mine who had just changed the head gasket on the 2F (207k miles). It was running just fine, I was working on getting it to pass CA smog (replaced cat this morning). It's had a slow oil leak at the plug, but I checked it before driving, it was...
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