1. yannrg

    Hi everybody , searching for Transfer Case differences between HJ45 ( 1979 vs 1980 ) which is reinforced?..maybe i´m wrong?

    Hello there, if possible if any knows about serious differences between HJ45 1979 transfer versus 1980 HJ45 transfer, somebody told me that 1980 HJ45 comes with reinforced transfer but now, there are anybody who kindly post knowledge about this ? thanks in advance.!
  2. Robbie G

    Wanted  1980 FJ40 Transfer Case Front Output Housing

    Looking to source this part of the transfer case assembly
  3. sunrk

    Same or different gear oil for manual box and transfer case ?

    That perennial question 8-) I currently run Caltex VMX-M in both the 5-spd manual box (with Nulon G-70) and part-time transfer case (with no additive) of my 80. Looking to try something else. I've had recommendations to firstly not use the same oil in both and secondly to go with Redline MT-90...
  4. sunrk

    Rebuild on a HF1A part-time transfer case

    Anyone with a HF1A (part-time) transfer case done a self-rebuild on theirs? Mine is I think original to the vehicle. It's got a wobbly rear output flange so that means it's at the point of needing proper attention. I can get a rebuild kit. I've never pulled a transfer case apart but would there...
  5. bubfuji

    For Sale  FJ62 Transfer Case lever

    Selling this T-Case Lever from an FJ62 Sleeved brass bushings added to the shift points no rubber bushings needed, works really well $60.00 + whatever shipping Please PM
  6. Frkens

    I either have problems or I'm an idiot. Transmission and 4WD. Answer: I'm an idiot.

    Hey everyone, So I was on the beach trying to surf the other day. Got stuck in the sand. I did not have 4WD engaged, but the right rear wheel still kept taking all the power though. The only wheel that moved was that one. I had the differential lock engaged in the front, but no 4WD. Am I...
  7. GMSilk_Fj60

    h42 rebuild bearings questions

    Im attempting a transmission and transfer case rebuild. First attempt at diving into this but Ive rebuilt just about everything else on a LC. I took the trans and transf to a machine shop to pull the bearings. I now have clean parts and new bearings just waiting to be put back together... I...
  8. MyToy72

    Broken Transfer Case

    Been quite a bit since I posted. Life always gets in the way. Looking for a little insight about fixing my broken transfer case. I have a 72 Fj-40 with a 79 4 speed tranny. Long story short what I believe happened is my drive shaft came off of the transfer case yolk and spun up and broke...
  9. T

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 4speed and transfer case

    1977 FJ40 4speed and transfer case Came out of a parts vehicle with 77k on it. $500
  10. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  Transfer Case 93-97 80 series lx450

    I have several of these in good working order $250 Buyer pays shipping/freight from 32605. 125#
  11. C

    A442F Transfer Case Slight Grinding Shifts

    Hi, I just got the clutch changed in my A442F, shifts very smooth, runs well, but after we fitted the tranny back, noticed a grinding shift when playing around with the transfer case, its like gears struggling to sync in. Now this happens when the truck's engine is on but when in dead slow, but...
  12. Benny99

    Transfer Case/Clutch?

    I was wheeling my '89 4 runner this weekend, nothing crazy just on a basic trail, trailing my buddys on their bikes and 4 wheelers. I start going up a switch back in 4 low with my manual hubs locked and me engine bogs down so i let my truck roll back down the hill. Once we get it to a stopping...
  13. T

    For Sale  FJ40 3 speed transmission and transfer case

    For sale 3 speed tranny and transfer case out of a 72. Transmission shifts smoothly. Transfer case shifter is stuck but output shafts spin fine. $400 $250 150 p/s OBO Located in Buffalo, NY
  14. Brewsterfire

    SOLD  3B Diesel 24v, Bellhousing, Clutch, 4Speed, Split case transfer

    Limited history, out of 1982 BJ42, turns over fine. $700 US funds. Will ship at your expense and you make arrangements. I can put on pallet and secure. 900-1000 lbs. Fastway Freight ships from Porthill, ID 83805
  15. Deep South Cruisers

    Wanted  WTB complete 3 speed FJ40 transfer case

    Looking for a complete FJ40 3 speed transfer case to finish a build. What you got???
  16. Deep South Cruisers

    1972 F motor to 4 speed transfer case?

    Trying to help my friend that realized he had missing pieces from his rebuild that stopped him in his tracks. He's got a 1972 FJ40 and the F motor is rebuilt and he bought a 4 speed transmission to switch it over. WHAT transfer case will work with this setup and does anyone have one for sale...
  17. texast6

    need help identifying transfer case

    My tcase output seals need replacing in a bad way, I'm 6 days out from lonestar toyota jamboree, and have bought the wrong seals, my Internet searching has not been fruitful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 85 fj60 with a 5 speed installed by pre vious owner.
  18. aviator12

    Transfer case Repair

    hi everyone I have a LJ78 with swapped 1kz.. The front shaft is not locking and rest all vacuum n electric is f9. mechanic says it has some mechanical problem inside 4x4 (Trfr case I guess). Question is that can it b repaired and will it be reliable after repair regards
  19. wileycoyote

    For Sale  H55 transmission w/ transfer case and clutch

    Sold! H55 transmission for 3b with transfer case and new clutch and support with rebuild kit for when you need it. Found this in garage and don't know any history. Sorry. Wish I could remember but have a severe case of CRS! Free delivery to gsmtr. Let's say $1750 .
  20. D

    For Sale  SOLD! Transmission and split transfer case from '85 FJ60. $350. Located in Poquoson, VA

    Transmission and transfer case pulled from a 1985 FJ60. Located in Poquosn, VA 23663. $350 or O.B.O. Comes with transmission shifter and tunnel cover with transmission and transfer case shifter boots. PaulC
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