1. M

    Trailer identification

    Hello to all. Couple years browsing, first time I picked up a trailer last week. I'm trying to figure out what I have. It may have military heritage. On the driver side tongue I have a stamped number - dr1010588t. I'm trying to figure out how to post pics here. Someone said...
  2. 4WD Swagman

    Aussie Military Trailer

    This is an Australian military No. 5 1/2 ton trailer. Over here in Australia you see people making all types of modifications to these - adding RTTs, installing slide-out kitchens and such. Sadly mine is pretty standard. I was after a 4WD trailer which I could simply use to extend the cargo...
  3. scrapdaddy

    FJ62 on Bring a Trailer

    You 60 guys following this....27K-Mile 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 Unreal! $45,000 right now.
  4. stevezero

    Who recently bought a teardrop trailer on here?

    I recall seeing that someone found a deal they couldnt refuse on a teardrop trailer, but i cant for the life of me remember who and where... Who stumbled upon one earlier this year on here? Interested in talking to them. Thanks
  5. bwell

    Thoughts on towing car trailer with wheel spacers.

    Any opinions or thoughts against towing with wheel spacers installed. If you have, them please share experiences
  6. Rich uk

    Homemade utility/camping trailer refurb

    i all, a couple o weeks ago I decided to refurb my trailer so thought id put a little thread up of my progress so far. I made this trailer nearly 8 years ago now, the plan was to have a built in tent, bed a proper camping unit, but instead its been abused as a general tip run, removal van...
  7. Brentbba

    Trailer For Sale Feeler

    I'm in the beginning process of looking to sell my M101CDN. It's got a spring over axle running 33's on FZJ80 rims with almost new KM2's, electric brakes w/7 pin connector, extended tongue, propane tank mount on tongue, quickfist mounts for shovel and axe on the extended fenders, steel lid...
  8. Stevesnj

    Trailer build blueprints?

    Any blueprints out there for any of the Military trailers so I can weld one up at home? Frame, tub, etc.
  9. M

    Help identifying my trailer

    First time posting. I just purchased what appears to be some kind of military trailer with the intention to build an overlander type of thing. Still working on plans, anyhow, can anyone identify this trailer so I can get more information about it? Thanks
  10. SoCal_80

    2006 trailer wiring diagram Or plug extension?

    Searched but no luck. I just installed a Slee rear bumper and now have nowhere to install the factory trailer wiring plug. So I guess my questions are: - has anyone found a mount to relocate the factory plug into an aftermarket mount to then attach it to the Slee? - does anyone have the color...

    Curt Trailer Hitch

    I just installed a Curt 13089. Seems pretty nice. I took some pictures of the clearance. It sticks out about 5" from the bumper. It has about 2.25" clearance from the spare tire. Tire is a 265/75 R16. I did have some issues with fitment. The spacers they give you are a little too long and...
  12. rkycacher

    For Sale  Willy's Trailer - Spen Model H (CO)

    After a ton of online research, I have what I believe is a Spen Model H trailer. This trailer was licensed and sold as the official Willy's trailer. This one lost all of the original markings after numerous paint jobs (blue, red, green, silver), but my guess was that it was built back in...
  13. L

    Travel trailer, mild off road?

    We are planning to tour mountains in the west with an 80 pulling a small light travel trailer. There will be a princess on board so the trailer needs to be hard shelled with a bath with shower. It needs to be used, as in cheaper than a new one and nothing fancy or SOTA. The main plan is to...
  14. BigRogers79

    100 Series Trailer Hubs

    Curious to see what other 100 series owners have done with the lug pattern on their off road trailers. As we all know the 100 series utilize the 5x150 bolt pattern which can cause some issue in finding a matching hub pattern to run a similar or matching wheel to the tow rig. Outside of using...
  15. I

    7-way round trailer harness plug for ham power

    G'day, long time lurker, new member and ham. Looked through through forums, and didn't find any mention on whether 'tis a good idea to get power for a mobile rig from the 7-way round trailer harness (100 series) for temporary installations. That way I can move the radio from my truck to my...

    For Sale  Adventure Trailer Heater Box (old style)

    Like the title says.. Just the box, no Propex Heater or anything else.. $100.00 plus Only reason I'm selling is cause i finally built the new style box after sending it to the PC guy.
  17. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. Bantam off road trailer

    up for sale is my bantam military trailer. had it for several years and just don't bring that much stuff with me anymore. was previously sandblasted and painted black, though it could use a freshening up. tailgate is not stock, but made of diamond plate with toggle latches. wheel bearings could...
  18. BajaCruiser94

    BajaCruiser Club - Baja Mexico

    Hey guys, forgive me if this is not so tech, but just wanted to share anyway... We have had a Land Cruiser Club on Baja Mexico for almost a year now; I wanted to share some small clip from our latest trip last January. I'll upload the second part soon. p.s. - Working on the subtitles also...
  19. scrapdaddy

    55 on Bring a Trailer

    Check it out....No Reserve: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 One of our own is starting a collection. :) Good luck with it!
  20. JHigh

    Basecramp Trailer Build

    I picked up a Fruehauf 4x6 enclosed trailer. With the expedition trailers becoming a new thing, I thought I'd see what I could make happen with it. Her name shall be "Basecramp". The purpose is: For our little family to have a place to hideout when it rains while we are camping (small...
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