1. S

    Questions for those towing travel trailers with 2016+ LX570

    Hi folks, a few weeks ago got the 2021 LX570 and sold my 2000 LC. A few newbie (to towing) questions for those that tow travel trailers (TTs) with the 2016+ LX570: When renting a trailer is it better to have your WD hitch? We'd like to rent a few times before we consider a trailer purchase...
  2. M

    Runaway Campers

    Hey everyone! We are pretty excited about becoming a new dealer for Runaway Campers here in southern Arizona. We currently only have the trailer pictured on our lot but are expecting a shipment of several models around the end of February. Please feel free to check out the direct link to our...

    Overland Trailer Build - Documentation

    Been wanting a small overland trailer for a while. I want something that I can leave in the garage loaded and ready to go (moving to CO in June and will have the opportunity to spend a whole lot more ducking the office and running to the mountains). I want to mount my RTT on it, have a decent...
  4. BlackMammoth

    TPMS on trailer wheels... will car recognize them?

    I bought a little trailer for camping. It has 6 lug wheels to match a 4-runner. I would like to swap the trailer brake/hubs to match the bolt pattern for LC200 wheels so I don't need to carry a separate spare. Seems easy enough to do. I thought I could just move the trailer wheels into the...

    Trailer Questions - Planning & Forethought

    Curious if anyone has any experience building their own trailer? Ground up, not a M416 build or something. I’ve been wanting to go the trailer route since long before I had the LX, but had previously driven an F150. I know that the available options in the trailer market are great, but I’ve...
  6. offroadvegan

    For Sale  One-of-a-kind Offroad Adventure Trailer

    This is an old electrician's trailer we found in NE Tennessee. A local fabricator did the build work - new fenders, extended tongue, and custom rack for RTT and awning. Welded trailer leg. New rear bumper with LEDs and receiver for bike racks, etc. TONS of storage! Deep wells, lots of little...
  7. mookamatook

    M416 Camper Build Advice

    Hey fellow mudders. I have a new project that I would love some help with. I found a local M416 trailer that I'm going to pick up tomorrow. It's in near mint shape, has tailgate intact, shorter pintle/lunette hitch, 12pin connector, lights work, side indicator is included, original wheels/tires...
  8. TomasAllan

    For Sale  2020 Black Series HQ17 - Like New (SOLD!!!)

    Hey guys, I have a like new 2020 Black Series HQ17 Camper, owned it for just a couple months and our family situation has changed. Still has the new smell :) Only used it a couple times and its all as new as when we picked it up, build solid/stout and absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. Made the...
  9. Boomslang86

    Trailer Suspension Rebuild — Teardrop — Heavy Duty / Off-Road

    Mudders — I am rebuilding a trailer suspension for a client. Their tear-drop's original suspension cratered, big-time [see Photos, including an photo of the whole trailer]. It's a relatively simple set-up: an axle, attached to parabolic springs by u-bolts, with shackles to the rear, and...
  10. Alexh85

    4WD Transporter Build

    I need to build a car trailer to tow my bush truck around on. I want to keep it narrow, to make it a bit easier to tow. And i want to keep it pretty close to the ground so it isn't too tippy with a landcruiser on it To keep it low and narrow, ill have the wheels under the deck but have the deck...
  11. DanMedeiros

    start with surplus trailer or home build?

    Hi Mud world, I am interested in either buying or building a small m100/416 utility trailer. Now that I have a kiddo the amount of gear we bring camping in mellow terrain is just crazy! It would be great to have a trailer that can haul more water, toys, and amenities. Also would like to put a...
  12. Dustin Messina

    Bantam 416 Build

    So, I got infatuated with the idea of the 416 awhile back. I looked and looked for one with no luck. Well, while cruising Facebook one day I say some one bragging about there recent acquisition. I messaged them and asked if it was for sale...well for the right price it was and I bought a...
  13. Danibal

    For Sale  Long Beach CA - M101 Canadian (like US M416)

    M101 Canadian military trailer (like a US M416) converted for overland or camping trips. Super solid trailer, but easy to tow. Custom steel roof with stainless steel hinge and dual shock struts is easily strong enough to hold a roof top tent or rack. I used to have an ARB tent mounted and it...
  14. G

    For Sale  (SOLD) 2016 Morris Mule Off-road Trailer (Atlanta, GA)

    * SOLD * Thanks for looking. 2016 Morris Mule Trailer To
  15. D

    Chassis no on TM9-833 (G-518, Ben Hur)

    First post! I just bought an unregistered trailer. The trailers only visible marking is a plate riveted to the sheet metal stating TM9-833. From this, I have understood it is a G-518 specified trailer, and I have found the manual for it on the net. However, I can't find any information about...
  16. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  M416 Trailer For Sale

    Saved an m416 and planned on keeping it, but after I got the parts bill for my pig its hitting the market, ha! Pretty solid trailer. Few small rust spots in bed that have rusted through- rest surface rust. I’d hit it with rust convert, fluid film, coat bed and roll. I have a ton of pics I can...
  17. A

    For Sale  Heavy duty trailer for FJ40

    Selling a heavy duty trailer that was used to haul FJ40. Located in Dallas. Asking $1,000 OBO. Check out the link. HEAVY DUTY TRAILER
  18. izzymonkey

    M101a1 axle conversion?

    Hello mudders! I’ve got a few questions regarding the m101a1 trailers. I’m wanting to convert the old axle to a more user friendly axle. -What length hub to hub should i use? -What weight rating? -Brakes or no brakes? which i know is a preference thing but curious on y’all opinion? If anyone...
  19. O

    For Sale  FS - 2014 Tentrax Offroad Trailer - Houston TX

    For Sale is my 2014 Tentrax Offroad Trailer. It is lightly used, and in excellent condition. My wife and I have taken it to the Smokey Mountains once, Colorado twice, ad used it for various camping trips around Texas. I will be updating this thread with pictures and information. Tires have less...
  20. Ali M

    Hard Shell Roof Top Tent vs Camping Trailer question

    This question may have been asked before but thought after 2018 Overland Expo, it is probably worth revisiting the pros/cons. Been looking at these hard shell roof top tents made by SkyCamp and James Baroud and they are very similar in size, weight and ergonomic design. I am looking for Mudders...
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