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  1. OffRoadScott

    Builds Never ending build thread...

    Well if you have been following my other thread "Need some advice". I pulled the trigger and bought the 2nd LC that I looked at on Wednesday. I am really happy with the choice I made. It does have some issues that do need attention, leaking PS, leaking valve cover gasket, loose belts, rear...
  2. HDJdreams

    Recipe for rockcrawling on 37s with Elockers?

    My 97 is sitting in the garage, rear hub torn apart as I replace the rear hub bearings and seals. I plan on replacing the hub studs. I am trying to figure our whether to stick with OEM or try one of the Trail Gear kits? Right now my drivetrain is stock and on 34x10.5 BFGs. I live 3 hours...
  3. pandasfj

    For Sale Trail Gear Drive Flanges,So. Cal.

    Have a Trail Gear chromoly flange kit, $70 Paypal friends n family, plus shipping or local pick up.
  4. pjohnson

    SOLD TG trunnion eliminator kit

    SOLD Tail Gear trunnion eliminator kit. New, never installed. $200 shipped (continental US) PM or reply here. Trunnion Bearing Eliminator Kit - Trail Gear
  5. UZJ40

    For Sale Trail Gear Front Axle Items (Longfields) - All Brand New

    Everything you see in the pictures- Longfields (30 spline set) 6 Shooter knuckles Steering arms Bearings Trunion eliminators Studs wheel bearings It's pretty much everything you need to beef up your front axle. The Longfields alone are over $600. $900 for everything. Pick up in Las Vegas...
  6. scrowley

    Trail Gear reduction gears feedback

    So who is running the trail gear reduction kit for the tcase? I am in the market. They have been out for awhile now so just curious what some guys think of them after some use.
  7. ajax1

    Trail gear spindle nut damage heads up on 80

    So I saw post but couldn't find it. Checked my trail gear spindle nut and sure enough bothe sides had ground off the Allen heads. The nuts stayed torqued to wear I had them though. Gonna replace the Allen head with some flat Phillips and see how those do. If your running this product on flanges...
  8. Trdmr2fj80

    For Sale Trail Gear front tube bumper with stinger 80 series land cruiser 350$

    Bought this bumper new in December 2016. Is in great condition 350$ Located in Milwaukee, WI text for more pictures 2622023157
  9. Gabriel 71

    Has anyone had issues with trail gear spindle nut?

    In the process if hunting down a wobble I checked my wheel bearings to see if they were loose. Sure enough both sides were loose not terrible like with oem spindle nut set-up but the concerning part is the set screws had made contact with the drive flange for many miles and the Allen head was...
  10. I

    For Sale 96 LX450 axles e-lockers (fzj80) And more

    I have been hit by some unexpected life expenses and need to sell some parts (part out what's left of my buggy project) For sale A nice pair of 96 lx450 e-locker axles. Disc brake front and rear 4.10 some surface rust but tubes are in good shape and still retain some stock paint Location...
  11. tacosupreme

    TG Longfield gun drilled axle review

    To start, I heard a bunch of bad stuff about TG's take over of longfield. Namely Longfield sourced their axles from RCV then heat/cryo treated them in house. Now, it is my understanding TG gets the longfields made in China. They don't have 300M internals, rather 4340 "double" heat treated...
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