1. F

    Throttle Probs

    Hey Guys, first time on one of these things so here goes! I am nearly at the end of a build, putting a 1H motor into a 77 FJ45 body one thing I cannot work out is how to hook up the throttle. I have just ordered a diesel accelerator cable as the petty cable won't work, I have maybe some/all of...
  2. Chachi254

    1FZ-FE Cranks but won’t turn over without starter fluid, then drives fine.

    Hey mudders, Having what I believe is a throttle position sensor issue, but I’m not sure... Here’s what’s going on: My car started and was running fine per usual, then I hopped on the interstate and floored it hard until I reached about 85mph. I turned off of the interstate and floored it...
  3. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FJ60/62 pedal channel 80-90

    looking for the circled pedal channel, trying to add a hand throttle to 60. They are the same on 60 and 62 from 1980-1990. Thank you Marc
  4. Skrugg

    1997 Land Cruiser Throttle Position Sensor Question

    I just got a 1997 land cruiser! Previous owner had a shop do all the work. However, there's lots of little things that were left unfixed. So, I have read the threads about adjusting the TPS with feeler gauges. However, since I'm a 97, i just used a scanner to read TP %. At idle, it reads 9%. At...
  5. E

    Does this Throttle Body Thing Matter If left off? Throttle Body Exchange Question

    Hey All, I recently got an entire throttle body from a junkyard that was from a 02' Sequoia. Everything looks the same as my 98 LX470 throttle body, except for this metal screw in pipe (as pictured) that is in addition to the regular body. Can you guys tell me if I can just go ahead and unscrew...
  6. Frkens

    Advice needed on FJ62 88, with throttle issues

    Hey fellas! I'm continuing my way down through Southamerica in my FJ62 and have made it to Ecuador this far. No breakdowns this far but... The engine is acting a little weird. I am driving in 3000 metres currently but it has been going on for a while and I can't find any explanation. My...
  7. houstonfj40

    SBC Throttle cable ideas -FITech

    loiking for ideas in throttle cable on my SBC with FITech. Love the set up but the routing for cable is not optimal and she is getting a bit sticky off idle. Really noticed at 'crawl last weekend. I can pull her and soak it, or put a new cable in. What are you others using? Marc
  8. mrjordann

    Wanted  WTB FJ40 Throttle Cable

    Mine suddenly broke, and they're expensive online. Anybody have an extra throttle cable for any reason? Thanks! (Weber carb)
  9. jzilla

    Throttle cable 70 in a 60

    Has anyone installed the 70 series twist style throttle as opposed to the 60 series pull style? The 70 series one is much better imo and I was hoping someone had tried it. Don't see why it would not fit?
  10. fj62max

    Throttle cable/kickdown how hard is it to replace?

    I have a hdj81 1991. Beside the mess how hard is it? Do i have to take off the vavle body?
  11. R

    Wanted  1979 FJ40 throttle linkage

    Need complete except pedal. Part that mounts on firewall Linkage to pedal Linkage to carburetor Bracket that mounts to carburetor base Throttle shaft from firewall to carburetor Springs (if available) Thanks
  12. digitalbuck

    Plunger on 2LTE throttle body / oil in turbo couplings

    two questions that are probably simple for you more experienced guys. My LJ78 has some oil leaking around the top of the engine. I see this plunger on the throttle body and it seems to be coming out there, at least partly. Can anyone explain the function of this and potential fix? Also, some...

    Wanted  RTH!!! fj62 throttle cable

    ^^^as stated. Looking for decent condition fairly priced fj62 3FE throttle cable. my fix is borrowed time at best and this is my daily driver. Also interested in junk cables for housing thimbles for use in potential reproduction cable prototypes...Please let me know.
  14. zonker

    Throttle Body Port R Vacuum

    On port "R" of the throttle body.. I would love to know how many inches of vacuum I should be reading at 3000 rpm? The FSM does not specify except to state vacuum. I believe I have something blocking the port and it is NOT carbon. Maybe a broken wire or something similar from a previous...
  15. Turbo45

    40 inch throttle cable

    Hi there I have a 1976 FJ 45 that I have installed a 13BT in drove it last summer and it worked nice this winter I plumbed up a air to air and changed the way the throttle cable worked on the original 13BT setup is there a 40 series throttle cable from the pedal to the engine that is about 40...
  16. tat2matt

    Wanted  air cleaner assembly and throttle linkage

    Shipped to 80503. Thanks 2f fj60
  17. offkilter

    For Sale  FJ40 accelerator linkage and pedal. Vancouver, B.C.

    Partial linkage and pedal from an unknown year . $75 US plus shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  18. E

    Throttle kickdown cable ?

    I got a fj62 for $600 ... But the kickdown cable from the throttle to the transmission is broken ... I need a new or used one .. Try several sites and no luck . Please somebody tell me where I can find one ..
  19. cruisertom

    For Sale  New Lokar throttle cable

    Have a new never installed Lokar throttle cable. Comes with packaging and instructions. Removed from packaging to look at and never installed, sold project. 36" long Lokar Part #TC-1000U36 $30 shipped
  20. S

    Wanted  Carbeurator throttle link

    As stated in the topic I'm in need of the throttle linkage used for the cable to the carb... in need of everything Shipping to Florida
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