1. D

    For Sale  Oklahoma: third row seats $400 obo

    Selling the third row seats out of my 1999 Lexus lx470. Good condition, no rips or tears. Located in central Oklahoma.
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 - Front differential - High Pinion 8" 4.10 non locker

    NO SHIPPING SoCal $200 firm. Complete third members I have the rest of the axle and parts available.
  3. M

    Adding third row seats to GX470 that didn't come with them

    A GX470 that I'm looking at doesn't have third row seats. Were third row seats an option or did they come standard? If they were an option can I buy used ones and install them? If so do I need hardware for the sides and flooring? Anything else I need to know :) Thanks!
  4. Rustic76

    Wanted  Third members for my FJ60, 4.56 ideal Portland, OR

    Hoping to track down a reasonably priced compete pair of 3rds (one would also work in the mean time) for my '87 FJ60. 4:56 gears would be ideal, 4:11 would work in the mean time. Desperately need something lower as I bought the 60 sitting on 35's with 3:73. Bad, bad combo. Even if someone...
  5. RFB


  6. mechanist

    Wanted  Third row tan/sable fabric seats

    Need third row fabric seats from 93/94 with sable/tan/brown interior.
  7. ZeGerman

    HDJ81 Rear Third Member removal

    I just wanted to know that to remove the rear third member do I just need to slide out both rear axles then just lift it out or are there other steps in the process. There are no lockers installed currently.
  8. B

    Third row seat not locking in place and...

    ...the back rest is loosely-goosey. I'm looking at a LC this weekend and one of the third row seats won't lock in place (on the grab hook) when in the down position. Also, the back rest appears to be missing a bolt or a piece that holds it in place when in the upright position. These are t a...
  9. landcruisnman

    Wanted  Front non-locked Third 93-97 80series

    I have a bad third in my 96 FZJ80 and need to swap it out with a good one. Anyone parting out an 80? I'm in SoCal 92054. Can put in bucket for UPS... Let me know Pat
  10. OREGON85

    e-Locker third stuck

    I'm trying to get my e-locker third to come out of the axle housing, but I can't get it out. I slide out out on the studs about 1/2 inch and then 'clunk' it hits something. What do I need to do? Thanks!
  11. H

    For Sale  Fj40 Axles and third members

    I have a couple sets of Fj40 axles and extra third members for sale. I have axles from the late 60s and early 70s, nothing with disc brakes sorry. PM me or text me at 916 955 5361 if interested and let me know what you're needing. Thanks Rob Located in Sacramento CA
  12. bicycleagent003

    Free Third Row Seats - Ventura, CA - You Pick Up, Will Not Ship

    Just PM if you're interested. They are gray leather. No seat brackets included. In very good condition. Cheers.
  13. pmccraney

    For Sale  ***SOLD****[Jackson, MS - USA] Differential (third) with ARB Locker

    Up for Sale is an ARB-locked third. This came to me in a parts pile that I recently acquired. I've never used it, but I've bench tested it and it appears to be in solid working order (see vid below). As you an see in the below pics, the gear ring has an engraving of LC/488 (shown in pics)...
  14. Fairbanks40

    Thoughts on running rear third as a front.

    I have a lot invested into the FJ60 front end on my FJ40 and I dont really want to change it out to the 80 front, even if it would net me a high pinion third. I've just recently centered a 80 elocker rear end and put it in the 40 and it's great! So, I've heard someone say that you can run a rear...
  15. uscmas412

    For Sale  Seat Parts

    I doubt anyone needs these, but I've got the seat belts and plastic trim that goes to the third row seats. Also pictured is one cover for the driver seat power switch. I'd prefer to get rid of all this at once...$35 shipped OBO.
  16. S

    For Sale  *80 series front axle housing and third member Northern CA

    I have the stock 3rd member, and front axle housing removed from my 1993 FZJ80. Non locking diff, stock 4.11 gears. 220k at the time of removal with no known issues. I will be keeping the knuckles, steering arms, and birfs for now. I'm willing to split the set up if I need to. Looking for...
  17. dbbowen

    Wanted  E Locker third members

    Looking for a hi pinion e locker third member, I will pay for shipping to west TN FedEx will come pick it up from your doorstep. Gear ratio does not matter as I am re gearing it regardless. Please help a brotha out!
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