1. G

    LX470 1998 Gauge Stops Working Periodically

    Hi its been getting pretty out here in California recently and one thing I noticed is that all my gauges except for the Speedometer stops working and drops to zero once it gets above 100F. Has this happened to people? What do you guys recommend? Gauge by ghong14 posted Sep 8, 2017 at 12:42 AM
  2. cwmoser

    Techstream - Transmission fluid temperature ...

    I can't find anywhere in my Techstream that will show the temperature of the Transmission fluid. Is this just not accessible by Techstream????
  3. bumpersignal

    temperature control knob problem

    The main temperature control knob on my lx470 the center console spins loosely when I turn it to adjust the temp. It does work to adjust the temperature but not accurately. Sometimes I have to spin the knob a few times and it'll just adjust by 1 or 2 degrees and other times it'll go to max...
  4. Ramathorn15

    Dometic fridge temperature fluctuations normal?

    Hey all. We recently got the 6xL dual zone dometic fridge/freezer off of Amazon. I ran 8gauge to the back fuse panel then about 5' of 14 gauge to the fridge. I believe it's getting enough amps. I ran it all day the other day (empty) while at work and had it set to 9 degrees. When I came out...
  5. FordPrefect

    Auxillary Temperature guage

    Hi all, I am new here and require advice My 60 series has the usual problem of dash temp and fuel gauges jumping to full at random times I would like to install an aftermarket sender unit and electric guage without compromising the std dash guage Any suggestions where to put sender unit on the...
  6. aviator12

    Temperature Gauge

    hi all Would b my first post here.. In my part of the world the temps really going high and it has started showing some effect on my LJ78 with a swapped 1KZ .. Its running the same RADIATOR that of 2L engine.. Just wana know if I need to change the Radiator as the engine has gone big?
  7. Mattyboy

    Temperature question.

    I just got my land cruiser out of storage today!!! I bought it out of San Diego last fall, it's been in storage until today. I literally have had 100 miles away time in it, so i have yet to understand it's normal modes of operation. I live in Vermont and we have mountains. My question is : I...
  8. Mattyboy

    Temperature question.temp

    I just got my land cruiser out of storage today!!! I bought it out of San Diego last fall, it's been in storage until today. I literally have had 100 miles away time in it, so i have yet to understand it's normal modes of operation. I live in Vermont and we have mountains. My question is : I...
  9. S

    Feeler: Clock Replacement Multi Gauge

    UPDATE: 04/06/2017 I am moving ahead with option 1. I've made considerable progress on the hardware and software design and should have prototype hardware within next few weeks. Feature set looks like this: Clock w/ Date (12 or 24 Hour Time) 3 Temperature Inputs (Compatible with ALL VDO...
  10. Vavrinyuk

    HELP! Where is Intake Air Temperature Sensor on a 1994 FJ 80 Land Cruiser

    I keep getting a check engine light CODE 24 (Intake Air Temperature Sensor) after my car warms up to normal driving temp and driving a few miles. Can someone please help where I can find it to fix the issue. When light turns on the idle only goes up a little bit but other then that engine runs...
  11. jlhollowx13

    Engine Temperature sending unit/gauge

    I need some help. I have searched and found some help, but I think it has made me more confused. I havent driven the 40 in a few months, basically all winter, and I had to start driving it again last week because I loaned my friend my DD for a few days. Before I pulled it out of the carport I...
  12. 1973Guppie

    eBay Subaru Altimeter Compass Temperature Dash Unit

    Please see here: Subaru Forester Altimeter BarometerCompass center console 1998 1999 2000 | eBay I had this mounted in my 80 series but it can be mounted in any vehicle. $65 auction start, free ship conus
  13. REKCUT

    How much does you ARB fridge temperature vary

    Lets try this in a shorter version. How much does your temperature vary in you fridge one you set it and get it to temp. Will it hold at what you set it vary several deg above and below the set temp?
  14. REKCUT

    ARB fridge temperature issues.

    For Xmass I picked up a second ARB 50 qt fridge. I purchased my original one 8 years ago and have never had a issue with it. I set it on 29 and it will hold at that temp consistently without changing unless you add a large amount of warm items at which point it will go up 10 deg or so and slowly...
  15. Output Shaft

    Temperature Gauge Calibration - How To

    TempGauge 101 Attached to this thread (temperature-calibration.pdf) is some information about testing and calibrating the stock FJ60/62 temperature gauge and sender. The method described is fairly well known and can be found elsewhere on the Internet if you search around. I'm not breaking any...
  16. D

    FJ40: temperature sending unit

    I have a two wire plug with a one wire sender from NAPA. Is there a two wire sender ? This is a 77'.
  17. LXColorado

    HVAC Troubleshooting

    Mudders, I've had a few ask, so I think it warrants its own post - I assume more might have had/have this issue. Maybe this could end up in the FAQ, if enough people post solutions to HVAC problems (with pictures!). PROBLEM: Temperature control for HVAC does not work. Cold is cold, 65 and...
  18. NexusD

    Radiator Fan (not fan clutch) question

    Hello everyone, Before I start…. Yes I did a search…. My question, is anyone running an aftermarket Fan? Now I’m not talking fan clutch or electric fan, I’m talking about the fan/cooling fins. I’ve come across (please see links below) some heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel flex fans...
  19. Tighe

    Desmogged, now slow to warm and does not get hot. Why?

    Recently desmogged with a Trollhole carb, all vacuum connections hooked up as indicated in the sketches in this thread. AI system removed, and vacuum to the EGR system was removed. BSVS 2 is capped, and BSVS 1 is routed to the VCV. It now takes a long time to warm up, and even when fully warm...
  20. C

    Temperature Control Issue - Too Hot or Too Cold

    Apologies in advance if there is an existing post on this (I haven't been able to find any, so please guide me in the right direction if there is one). I have a 1999 Land Cruiser 100 series. Here are the main symptoms: - When I adjust the temperature control dial (i.e., knob that controls cold...
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