1. Borrego

    SOLD 1995 4Runner SR5

    Can't afford the cruiser you want? Or want to teach the kids how to drive a stick shift? Or just want the cleanest true 4runnner on the planet? For sale is an immaculate 1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5. Runs, drives, and looks like new both inside and out. 212,000 miles. Always garaged. One owner...
  2. DieselMechanicN

    Hilux 91 Hilux Surf SSR Maintenance/Build VLOG NZ

    Hi guys, been on the forum on and off over the last couple of years, previously I had an LJ78 landcruiser that i did a few engine mods on, most notably the Holset HE200 turbo Conversion. I have a post in the forum about that. Since completing my apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic, i decided...
  3. D

    KZN130 MAP Sensor Issue

    Hello, I have a 4Runner / Surf 1KZTE which is showing fault code 35 for MAP sensor. I have replaced the sensor off another running vehicle to test, and the same issue still persists. I've checked the small filter and the hole in the intake manifold and neither are blocked. When under heavy...
  4. R

    Unidentified Clanging Sound

    Hi folks! Was hoping someone could help me identify a clanging sound when driving. Truck is a 1991 Hilux Surf with about 33k miles, and has a 2L-TE with a 5sp manual transmission. The sound starts around 2000rpm and is loudest around 2500rpm, but once the truck has gotten a good amount of time...
  5. wyattf

    1991 toyota surf alternator not charging help!

    so i just bought a 1991 Toyota surf with an alternator issue. so far i have got the alternator rebuilt(because we don't have them in Canada and would have to order a new one from japan or Australia) and i got 2 new battery because the old ones were hooped, got them tested. i got the alternator...
  6. Spencer Lerman

    ISO 2LTE EGR Delete Plates

    In search of dimensions or someone willing to sell plates to block off 2LTE EGR. Thanks let me know whats out there. Post pics of your rigs deleted egr if you have some. Thank you.
  7. Bonznfc

    Hilux Hilux Surf 2LTE AC Idler arm mounting bolt size??

    I am trying to mount this thing and don't have time to order the bolts. Anyone know the size of this bolt part number>90119-10367. Thanks for the help!
  8. C

    2L-T glow plug operation

    i've got a 1990 hilux surf with a 2L-T in it, and i'm trying to diagnose why the glow plugs aren't heating very effectively. when i turn the key i hear the relay click, i get 10 volts to glow plug rail for about 8 seconds, then i hear the relay click off and there's no power at all. is this...
  9. J

    Wanted need help 2lte surf bad smoke

    hi all im new to the site and needing help with my 2lte surf when its cold and i start it it chugges and chuggs and will stall unless you rev it until it stops chuging (a quick rev to 3000rm will do it) snd then it idles but with a massive miss fire and if you stand about 20 metres from the...
  10. elripster

    Turf & Surf Thread has started

    Here... Official 2017 Turf-n-Surf November 10-12 Personally I preferred the weekend prior to Veteran's day. The dunes were much quieter. However, the organizers seem set on this weekend. For those of us who wish to attend, we should consider getting reservations well in advance. They...
  11. Kamel

    Wanted Wanted (1985-1989) 4Runner

    Looking for a (Clean / mostly original) manual 1985-89 4runner. Located in the western states. Willing to travel if superb. Shoot me what you got!
  12. Travelin2gether

    T100 Central America Surf Hunter

    My wife and I were living on Maui when we decided we were going to drive from California to Panama, so we were starting from scratch when our plane touched down in California. Luckily we had generous family that allowed us to occupy their spare rooms and garages. Step 1: Get way too excited...
  13. garrettpsu

    1990 Surf 2.4 LTE clutch

    I have a 1990 Surf and I think it's going to need a clutch soon and wanted to confirm which clutch kit this truck will need. Thanks in advance - Garrett
  14. Webster77

    For Sale 1991 Hilux Surf

    For sale, 10k... 91 Hilux Surf with a little over 50,000 miles. Very clean runs and drives great. Located in SC. I know the price is different from the ad just looking to make it go away! Thanks 1991 Toyota Hilux Surf SSR Limited
  15. EspressoKiller

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 (lightly modified) in Ithaca, NY USA

    SOLD I'm listing my 1990 Hilux for sale. I've owned this truck for exactly a year and it's been a reliable daily driver and light off road vehicle. Upgrades have been aimed at increasing power, gas milage and reliability. $7500 This is a right hand drive car that I bought from Japanese Classics...
  16. TheBoomba0

    hilux surf ln130 2lte black smoke rough startup

    hey all, new to this forum but see lots of helpful threads. hoping somebody could point me in the right direction before I pawn this problem off to some other poor soul. long story short. like most 2-lte owners I'm tearing out my hair trying to figure out what is going on. not sure if the issues...
  17. G

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 2.4 (2L-T) 5spd [Squamish, BC]

    Howdy folks! Selling my trusty Surf. It's had all the work done that needs to be done on these engines to make them decently reliable. All major work was performed by ATEB (RHD diesel specialists). The list includes: 50000kms ago: New head 2.5" exhaust K&N intake Timing Belt 25000kms ago...
  18. 1

    For Sale 1988 Toyota Hilux Surf Import $15,500

    I have decided to sell my 1988 Toyota Hilux surf 2.4L Diesel which was imported from Japan. (Right hand drive & Manual). 87,000 miles on her (140,000 KM) and all work has been performed by ACC Toyota in Atlanta. Manual transmission. Title in hand and vehicle is registered here in Atlanta...
  19. C

    12v or 24

    Hi everyone, Noob question here but is there a way I could tell from a picture or vin if my hilux surf is 12v or 24v? its got 2 batteries but I don't know what it is yet, I'm going to pick it up on the 24th and haven't seen it but want to know which voltage it is before getting there if...
  20. EspressoKiller

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 in Ithaca, NY

    This is my 1990 Hilux Surf for sale $9000 I bought the truck last December from Japanese Classics LLC in Richmond, VA. They imported it from Japan earlier that year. ~125,000mi I have added: GReddy intercooler Replaced turbo with an OEM CT20 EGT/boost gauge Boost controller (set to 14psi...
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