1. R

    SOLD  Long Beach, CA: 80 series front axles, birfs, spindles, hubs, rotors

    Replaced all the parts you see in my truck with brand new stuff. I'm not wheeling and I don't have space to store so I figure it should go to a member who can put them to use as trail spares or re-condition them before putting them in their rig. The part that looks the worst is the driver side...
  2. T

    Steering damper stud thread

    Hi there, Have just finished changing tie rod ends on a 1991 PZJ77 and I've lost the nut that goes on the stud that links the steering damper to the relay rod. Can anyone confirm what the thread is on these? All I have to verify the thread is a metric tap&die set and it looks like it could be...
  3. ChiroFJ

    Knuckle Stud - larger size needed

    I previously updated the upper knuckle studs on my '78 FJ40 axle to Magnum ARP HD Knuckle Stud (140171-1-KIT); which are M12. I also added a 5th larger bolt. Sadly I managed to strip the knuckle from most of these and now need another repair. I'm running high steer arms. Does anyone know...
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