1. kevinfoutch

    Denver Meet-up Apr 8th - stop by!

    (mods - please move if appropriate) Hey all, a few of us in Denver are getting together for an informal meet & greet - Cruisers & Coffee - Denver BassPro Apr 8th Started off by wanting to review wiring projects on a 200, but quickly expanded to other areas of interest - would be awesome to...
  2. BBQ BOY

    Stop speed????

    What is the top speed of the 2F in our Pig? WHY CAN'T WE EVER EDIT THE TITLE!!!!!????
  3. tims landcruiser69

    HORN will not stop untill you pull the fuse?

    I Have a 2000 Toyota LandCruiser 100 series and I am having problems with the Horn just going off and blaring for no aperent reason . I have reset the alarm and it does not do any good and I only have the factor Alarm. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem so I don't piss off the...
  4. UZJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Hoot Latches

    Two sets of OEM hood latches Both are in good shape. One set was spray painted black. $25 shipped for EACH set, or $40 shipped for both Thanks!
  5. UZJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Rear View Mirror - OEM

    Great Condition FJ40 Rear View Mirror Painted black Includes mounting plate and hardware Sorry, glass is a bit dirty in the pic, but it is in perfect shape! I can't find the 'clamp' screw, so you'll have to either use yours, or get a new one $30 shipped or pick up in Las Vegas
  6. UZJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Interior Window Felts - NEW OEM

    FJ40 OEM Window Felts (Interior) Never installed, ended up not needing them. Bought from Beno. $40 shipped for BOTH, or pick up in Las Vegas
  7. UZJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Hood Latch (release)

    FJ40 OEM Hood Latch Great condition Taken apart, sand blasted, and powder coated semi gloss black. Hasn't been used since. $30 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  8. UZJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Inspection Light

    FJ40 Inspection Light $20 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  9. UZJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Cowl Vents

    FJ40 Cowl Vents One is aftermarket, thicker metal, powdercoated semi gloss black The other is OEM (no rust on it, just some tan spray paint over olive green paint) $25 shipped EACH, or pick up in Las Vegas
  10. UZJ40

    For Sale MAF Bump Stop Extensions

    FJ40 rear bump stop extensions FS Bolted up but not needed for my setup. 0 miles. $40 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  11. N

    Horn start blowing and won't stop

    Any ideas what may cause this?
  12. bubfuji

    For Sale 1990 Forerunner Brake Calipers (FJ60/FJ62 brake upgrade)

    I recently changed my FJ62 to the tundra caliper and rotor setup. So I have a set of front 1990 Toyota Forerunner calipers that I took off of my FJ62. These calipers have the 4 large pistons verses the FJ/60/FJ62 calipers with the 2 small/2 large piston set up. These have only been used for...
  13. W

    help with enabling 94 fzj80 Abs please

    I have a built fzj with added center diff lock button. I have searched the forums for a easy how to disable ABS, so I can do the reverse. Ideally I'd like to potentially have a switch so I can enable disable ABS while in Awd, but for now I just want to test it out. Why? I have read many...
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