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  1. Y

    Defective new OEM steering rack?

    Hi All, First post here, though I have been lurking for a long time. I went through the pain of replacing the steering rack on my ’99 LX, but now I have an issue. I have ZERO play in the wheel, which is awesome. However, now it is like I have manual steering… With the front wheels off the...
  2. CruiseLanderAZ

    Steering rack - what else to fix "while you're in there"?

    Well, at just over 180k my steering rack is starting to leak pretty heavily. I'm going to do the lift-engine method and replace it. Anything else I should consider checking/replacing "while I'm in there"? Plan: New OEM steering rack OEM steering rack bushing 555 Outer tie rods
  3. L

    Power Steering Pump Help

    Hey All, Alright, bear with me as I'm sure there have been some newbie mistakes I need calling out on. I noticed the stock PS Pump on my 60 had sprung a leak at the shaft and was slowly spraying ATF all over the engine bay and ordered a reman replacement from Rock Auto. Finally got the "new"...
  4. incudie

    Service Shop in Los Angeles region?

    So after doing the timing belt/pulleys/front axle rebuild/etc/etc myself, next up is the steering rack (oil drips, steering is questionable and I've got about 223k on the current rack). Turns out, I'm not too interested in doing that job myself (lifting the engine sounds... terrible). Does...
  5. Relativity

    Can a LC power steering rack work on a 99 LX?

    The steering rack on my lx is leaking slowly. Had to top up every now and then. Since I am planning to keep it for a couple of years, I decided to replace it. I did some research and of course the oem ones are the best way to go, but the Lexus dealer asked $1000 for the part. I found someone on...
  6. S

    Steering rack or ?

    03 Land Cruiser Last week my power steering started making noise, so I popped the hood and the reservoir was low. Added ATF and it was fine. Today the same thing happened. I crawled underneath the truck, and there is ATF dripping through the driver side of the skid plate. I haven't pulled the...
  7. Hayes

    RTH request: Steering rack fluke or impending doom?

    Looking for some real time advice from Cruise Moab. Yesterday I discovered that the end of my ds steering boot had popped off and apparently puked out some fluid. The reservoir is full, there is NO active leaking, and the steering is fine with no odd behaviors. I reset the clamp and the end...
  8. Rolocado

    For Sale Used But Completely Functional Power Steering Rack

    I have a used but perfectly working power steering rack off my 2000 LX470. No Leaks. Send me an offer. I would be happy to ship it anywhere if you cover the cost of shipping
  9. pillguy

    steering rack replacement options

    Hey Guys (esp. Dan) I searched mud and did not see much. Was at the dealer for an oil change (80k miles) and they said, torn rack boot and leak. Needs replacement of entire rack and a hose. $$$$$$ Anyone attempt this before?Boots leaking? Steering Rack(Rack and Pinion) Replacement DIY - Club...
  10. Rolocado

    Used but functioning power steering rack

    I just replaced my power steering rack, I still have my old one that works and functions properly. Anyone have any idea where I can take this to at least get money for the core or someone who wants to refurb it? It doesn't leak and has full range
  11. thegreatgazoo

    Steering rack story

    It looks like my steering rack is going. Some oil seemed to seep into the boots on both sides: It's not bad, the boots are just wet/oily - no fluid on my driveway, no drop in fluid level either. It's been like that for a long time. One funny thing is, in April 2014, when the LC had about 107k...
  12. petveedub

    Is this steering rack new or remanufactured?

    I just received an order from Olathe Toyota that included my rack, part number 44250-60050 at $545.54. The box has the correct part number on the sticker (no stickers on the part), but cast into the part in a couple of places is the number 60020. Their does seem to be a 44250-60020 rack, but I...
  13. TTO5

    Steering rack movement

    Just had the rack replaced with a brand new oem toyota rack and new tie rod ends as well as the steering hoses. Things feel great but I have a question. With the old rack you could see the whole rack shifting side to side visibly when turning the steering left and right. Moved maybe 1/4 inch or...
  14. WiscoProud

    Well it happened to me, steering rack went

    Started to notice some little oil drops on my garage floor, but didn't think much of it. Then I found a small puddle and decided to investigate. Lo and behold, the passenger side of the steering rack was covered in gunk and dripping. I guess after 160k its not completely unexpected. I had the...
  15. sailor95

    Is my steering rack going?

    So now ive got 324xxx on my hundy and am starting to notice some steering noise in the morning when it is cold and also ive lost some power steering fluid from the resevoir. I have also noticed that the inside of my front two tires is starting to wear down pretty well, given the tires have...
  16. alexchoksm

    TREs (inner and outer), steering rack and ball joints

    Has anyone replaced their TREs (inner and outer), steering rack (the whole rack or just the bush) or ball joints? Would be interested to know but couldn't find any write-ups after doing a search. My tyres have some 3 to 9 o'clock play ..just a small movement..and my steering has a rattle (clunk...
  17. SurfSwitch

    Best Price on a Steering Rack?

    Since this seems to be a common trend on our 100s, who are people going to for replacement steering racks? $550 seems to be about average delivered looking online for OEM.
  18. SurfSwitch

    Attention Vendors: Suspension Overhaul Kits?

    I've seen dozens of threads pop up over the past year but still have never seen a suspension overhaul "kit" option. I don't mean one giant, expensive kit, but as I'm getting ready to do my steering rack on my '99, I find myself thinking I may as well overhaul the bushings for everything there...
  19. DannyC

    Steering wheel pulls at 40+ mph

    Hey folks, I recently had the steering rack replaced on my 2004 LC. When I got it back, the steering wheel alignment seemed fine at low speeds, but as soon as I took it up above about 40mph, it pulled pretty hard to the left (had to turn the steering wheel almost 90 degrees to keep the wheels...
  20. S

    Steering wheel shaking at highway speeds after new tires

    Hi folks: I just changed up to BFG KO2 285/75 R16 from the stock tire size and got them installed at America's Tire. On the way home I noticed a lot of steering shake at highway speeds! The shaking was a lot - had to drive in the slow lane. This doesn't happen when idle or at speeds below...
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