1. JackAttack13

    Slee Swingout Info

    Does anyone happen to know any info regarding the spindle size / bearing sizes/ etc. for the Slee swingouts? Having a hard time getting any information regarding the spindle / bearing combo. Thanks!
  2. H

    For Sale  80 Series passenger knuckle housing, birf, spindle [Bay Area]

    parts are used but in good condition. (1) passenger side knuckle housing w/ ABS sensor hole - $90 (1) birfield/CV - $80 (1) spindle - $40 or $190 if you take everything Prefer local sale
  3. MARLIN375

    ABS issues......Spindle Bushing?

    Hi Guys...been a long time. That's the trouble with a reliable rig. I have been having ABS issues, thought at first it was a bad sensor but they checked out OK. System resets and after a bit of driving the pedal would chatter a little coming to a slow stop pull a little to one side and the ABS...
  4. pnolanIH8MUD

    Spindle Bearing Replacement? Do I need a press?

    I replaced my CV axles a month ago but I need to go back in to do a full bearing job (216k miles) and bearing replacement including the spindle bearing, seal & bushing. Do I need to remove the entire knuckle from the upper and lower ball joints and steering rods to remove and replace the...
  5. Tapered bearing spindle

    Tapered bearing spindle

  6. W

    Wanted  93 fj80 front wheel spindle

    Bearing is spinning on mine. Looking for a good condition replacement. Thx 770 298 7668 Greg
  7. bigCatdiesel

    Spindle bushing wear...OK?

    Well, after my recent birfield post I thought I should get some Mud eyes on my spindle bushings. I'm in the middle of a birf rebuild on a 94 LC with 270k miles. This is part of my ongoing baselining after buying it last year. No history records but in generally good shape. Not an off-roader...
  8. Gabriel 71

    Has anyone had issues with trail gear spindle nut?

    In the process if hunting down a wobble I checked my wheel bearings to see if they were loose. Sure enough both sides were loose not terrible like with oem spindle nut set-up but the concerning part is the set screws had made contact with the drive flange for many miles and the Allen head was...
  9. CenTXFJ60

    Need advice on a front spindle

    so I'm doing a hub rebuild and when taking the passenger side apart I found a lot of metal shavings behind the locking hub. Wondered what I would find deeper in there as I've never seen this before. Unfortunately I did not take a pic. The top bearing was fried. Then while cleaning the grease out...
  10. F

    Reuse of knicked up front axle spindle .

    Can I reuse my front axle spindle that I knicked up with a dremel tool trying to get the brass bushing off for replacement ? (stock '83 FJ60) The bushing looked kind of thin, so I tried taking it off 1st with a Harbor Freight 3-jaw pilot bearing tool to no success and then took a combination of...
  11. 80FZJ

    Wanted  FJ60 Spindle Hubs

    Looking for a Pair Front spindle hub in good condition.
  12. txlonghorn

    For Sale  80 series spindle SOLD

    SOLD Pulled off a locked 1993 Land Cruiser. Passenger side (not sure if it matters). Good condition. Located in Houston, TX. You pay shipping.
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