1. M

    Hello and Question about my 2008 FJC

    Hi All, My driveway was recently graced by a 2008 AT 4WD FJ Cruiser with over 230k on the odometer. While diagnosing a catalytic converter malfunction, I noticed that the driver's side bank had NGK plugs installed, but the passenger side bank was equipped with Denso plugs. My understanding is...
  2. R

    Spark, No Spark, Spark, No Spark - Ugh! HELP

    Recently, I purchased a 1973 Toyota FJ40 with the intent to rebuild it with my 14 old Son as a project car. We have a spark problem that has gotten both of us scratching our heads. I have replaced the starter solenoid, ballast resistor, rotor button, and rotor cap. Also, we replaced the coil...
  3. CaptKevman

    What do my spark plugs tell you?

    Old plugs pulled, #5 looks suspicious. Tell me what you guys think.
  4. R

    Denso 4701 IK16TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

    hi Can I install this ? my engine is 1fz-fe Denso 4701 IK16TT Iridium Spark Plug this have single side the stock come with two side The engine has a photo Says that does not install spark plug with single side
  5. M

    10 miles per gallon city/country.

    Does that sound about right? I lock out the overdrive and depress the ECT button at all times (unless on the freeway).
  6. Cgbeachbum

    2 Spark Plugs Fouling Quickly

    Aloha Mudders! Im trying to diagnose a spark plug fouling issue that is happening on #1 and #2 cylinders. I first noticed the issue when I was checking the timing on the engine, had some random stumbles and my Induction Light was not giving me consistent light pulses. So I pulled the wire and...
  7. lumbee1

    Diagnose my Cruiser

    I've got several issues with the Cruiser that I need some advice/assistance with. After swapping the U-joints out last week, I've noticed the truck isn't running as smoothly. When I dropped the driveshaft, I marked everything with Whiteout to make sure I put it back in the same way. U-joints...
  8. meatloaf

    Serpentine belt & Spark Plugs for my '11

    Have any of you tried the Bando belt? Rock Auto sells the 7PK2150 belt for a whopping $7.27 vs Toyota oem for ~$85. I can get the belt & DENSO 3421 {#SK20HR11} Iridium Long-Life plugs shipped to me for under $60. The link below is from the blue room... Serpentine belt: Bando 7PK2150 =...
  9. Judger

    Helping reading these spark plugs

    So as I mentioned earlier, I am new to these things. I just pulled the plugs out of the engine. Obviously I have carbon on these, which is a no no, that much I know. There also seems to be some sort of stalagtite-type features growing on it. Not sure what it is, but to explain if the picture...
  10. CenTXFJ60

    Spark question

    so we are trying to get this 40 to fire. Started last week When dumping fuel into the carb. Just put an OEM fuel pump on and now we are not getting spark. Not sure if we broke whatever that is on top of the coil, but both sides are pulling 12v. Getting 12 volts to the top of the distributor but...
  11. K

    For Sale  FJ40 Pedals, harness, new spark plugs and wires

    From my 76 FJ40 Selling throttle and clutch pedal assemblies. They're in good shape and $50/ea. Rear body harness, $50 Spark plugs and wires for 2f $25
  12. H

    Do check and replace spark plugs frequently...

    My old V8 just blew a plug. Yes, that is right. Blew a plug. The core of the plug ejected upwards. The thread was still in place. The inner core of the plug blew through the ignition coil, kind of exploded now. If that happens, stand still, stop engine, do not try to drive home. Because you...
  13. A

    Really need help. Spark=check. Fuel=check. Start=Nope

    Just finished replacing the head gasket. It just won't start. Here is what I have tried so far, and the results: -Re-did the procedure for installing the distributor. -Took off distributor cap, set crank to top dead center, and verified distributor rotor is pointing in correct orientation...
  14. L

    91 FJ70 3F no spark

    I have been trying to trouble shoot a no spark issue for days on my 91 LC. I have tested 3 coils, replaced the points with a pertronix system that works in another LC I own and still I have no spark. I have read and re-read the manual I have and studied the wiring diagram as best I can; I am at...
  15. ariff

    Spark plug wires

    Hey by any chance would any local folks out there have a used set of plug wires you'd be willing to let go on the cheap.. Trying to fix up a non running 93 FZJ80 and I don't want to drop a bunch of money on a truck that I have no idea if it even runs in the first place.. Once\If I get it running...
  16. thex1231

    FJ80 91 Won´t START Help!

    Hey guys I stopped using my FJ80 for a month or so and after that it loss power and it had a very rough idle so I thought it was the fuel pump and indeed it was failing so I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and she cranks but it will not start. I checked for spark and there is good...
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