1. NookShneer

    For Sale Everett, WA: 200 Series Bud Built Sliders

    Torfab Shop clean out: 200 Series Bud Built Sliders $1500 These fit 2008-2021 Landcruisers. They were ordered bare metal and dimple down configuration. We then had them powder coated locally. Part Number: LC200...
  2. swaz24

    SOLD Detroit, MI - Tundra - White Knuckle Sliders and RCI Skid Plate

    Sliders: White Knuckle rock sliders for '07 - '21 eCrewmax Tundra, 0.120 DOM tubing - $800 Mostly surface rust, they just need new paint or powder coat. They come with all of the hardware. Gas Tank Skid Plate...
  3. delaros2

    Wanted Land Cruiser 200 Dissent Step Sliders

    Hi guys, I'm looking for LC 200 Dissent step sliders. I like these sliders a lot. I talked to Dissent today and they stopped making them for the time being. They say it's one of their least profitable products and will consider making them later this year if they figure out how to improve...
  4. S

    Will 4th gen runner sliders fit on my KDSS GX470?

    I might pick up a pair of second hand White Knuckle 4th gen 4Runner sliders for my Gx470. The problem is that my GX has KDSS. 1. Can anyone confirm if I can chop off the 2nd mounting arm on driver side slider to make it work? (attached photo #1) It appears MetalTech sells sliders for kiss...
  5. H

    Wanted Mebane, NC. 97 LC triple locked , oak interior

    Master driver's window switch/lock bezel, Sliders, dual battery conversion parts, OEM Snorkel.
  6. gasolinesunsets

    Sliders: Anyone here fabricate their own?

    Been dragging my feet on ordering sliders bc of course - cost. Haven't even gotten around to actual mods bc I am currently up to my ass with parts and labor costs baselining my truck. Was heavily leaning towards WKOR, but their 6-9 week fab time I expect is actually more like 9-12 weeks from...
  7. Prado GX460

    Dobinson's Lift on VTX Wheels

    Guys, I just got lifted and put on some new kicks. I waited 3 months for Dobinson's which was on backorder across North America. I also got the Dobinson's UCA's which are built with Sankei 555 ball joints. This gives you 3 degrees of forward caster giving you the clearance to avoid dreaded body...
  8. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD North County San Diego: 93/94 OPOR Outpost Offroad sliders by Metal Tech

    These are for side by side cats only. Link here for info. Six years on them with a lot more to go. Rattle canned - never got them powder coated. These are the full deck step slider. Includes hardware. Local pickup only in Encinitas. $500
  9. C

    For Sale 1996 FJ80 Factory Lockers 250k Miles - almost built

    12,500.00 The Good: Excellent Running FJ80. 2 Owner I have had it since 110,000 miles. It is my daily driver. Here is the status of the essentials: Old Man EMU 2.5" lift 33" Firestone Mudders - Probably 1/2 or less treed left. Complete brake rebuild - New rotors, calipers, pads, Master, and...
  10. mojo1848

    Top Sliders for 200 - No Drilling

    I’m sure there are some dated threads that go through, but wondering if there are any points of view on the best “no drilling” sliders out there? Also any thoughts on Bud Built Rock Rails vs Sliders?
  11. BigMF

    White Knuckle sliders on LX?

    Has anyone installed the White Knuckle sliders on an LX? If so, what kind of protection do they offer for the AHC components? Do they require that the stock AHC protection be removed? Just a caveat: I don't plan on doing any serious, hard-core rock crawling but I do want my suspension system to...
  12. TXBruiser

    SOLD SOLD: DFW Texas: 80 series Slee Sliders

    SOLD!!!! Set of 80 series Slee Sliders. Lots of pics, there is some rust. No hardware, it's best to get new anyways Local pickup only. I may be able to meet if your in. the north texas area
  13. DJCloz

    SOLD 100 series Trail tailor Rock sliders Socal

    With the recent acquisition of my 80, the reality is I wont be wheeling me LX470 anymore. I just bought these trail tailor sliders about 4 months ago. I paid about $1100 for them, plus the cost to paint. I wouldn't mind selling these so I can build my 80 up a bit and lighten up my 100. These...
  14. 11gx

    For Sale 2011 gx460 with lots of extras

    Asking $20k, located in NW Chicago suburbs Text or call (prefer text) to 8476483745 if interested Was planning on continuing to build this truck out with bumpers and lift kit but life has other plans for me. Has roof rack, blitz rock sliders w/ built in led puddle lights, full skid plates...
  15. Cliffordbf

    LX running boards...anyone?

    I have a 2008 LX and just pulled the running boards in preparation of LCDC but I’m contemplating cutting them for sliders. Does anyone need a set of running boards? I’m in Denver/Ouray for the weekend and live in Tulsa. I’m going to get on the list for a set of Slee sliders. First round of...
  16. SBTC

    For Sale Tahoe City Ca - For sale - Slee Sliders fit 1998-2007 UJZ 100

    I am retiring my 1998 LC- Selling the sliders- In good condition. $250 -- not shipping - local pickup only Txt Steve @ 415 990 6925 SOLD
  17. B

    For Sale delete.

  18. Recon Aircrew

    Metal Tech Slider Install

    Finally got around to installing the Metal Tech sliders on my Wife's '16 LC. It was a long weekend! I spent most of Saturday installing the rivet nuts and doing some test fitments. I spent an additional 5 hours or so today mounting the sliders. I did this alone, with some help from my wife in...
  19. mexellent

    Tandem Offroad 2nd Gen Sequoia Sliders

    Hello All! My name is Alex Moreno and I am one of the owners of Tandem Offroad. We are a small shop located in Haltom City, Texas. I had a customer with a Sequoia who SWORE you guys wanted sliders. I drew up some weld on ones for him and I figured since the design is already done I might as...
  20. Btron

    Wanted 100 Series,Slee 2.5''lift kit medium or comparable considerd.

    Hey Mudders, I am looking for a Used Slee Lift Kit for a 100 series. Just the Old Man Emu. I don't need the full kit but that would be great. The less I have to buy new the better. I am trying to building mine up on a budget. I need to replace my original shocks now at 220,xxx miles and I...
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