RARE FOR SALE, Original mechanical winch for LandCruiser from 1960 to 1984 Complete with winch, leveler, PTO, shaft and yoke. It works and was removed from my 83 BJ 45. It's heavy so freight shipping might be the only option. Those are hard to find. Asking $3000 + shipping
  2. 65swb45

    Undersized Input shaft

    I will add this to the list of 'just when you think you've seen it all...' Just pulled a standard H42 off of an F engine that I am servicing at the shop. Customer complained of growling noise when the trans was in neutral. I told him that most likely was the input bearing of the trans, followed...
  3. M

    H41 input shaft seal

    I need to find this seal locally if possible, it's the seal inside the input shaft housing on an H41/42 (right behind the throw out bearing). Anyone have a part number that Napa would be able to reference?
  4. Infinity00

    Steering shaft parts came in (pics)...rocking bearing?

    Parts guy Shawn down where Cdan used to work, did a great job getting me hooked up with parts. One thing I always liked about Dan (and was willing to spend shipping on) was that I always got the right parts and I didn't have to know everything, unlike at my local dealer. The techie part: I had...
  5. C

    H55f input shaft play/ bearing removal

    Hi Guys I've just pulled my 2h out of the the 45 and almost ready to drop the 12ht in. I noticed I have a bit of play on the input shaft, both front to back and side to side. Just wondering how much is too much? does it rely on the spigot bearing? Also is the front bearing on the input shaft...
  6. EasternYeti

    Input Shaft Bearing - Shop recommendations

    I have a H55 with 30k miles that decided to eat an Input Shaft Bearing this week...incredibly irritating Given that situation, does anyone recommend a place to change the bearing in the Boston area? I'm in Franklin (close to Gillette stadium) but I commute for work Looking for a place that...
  7. 4wheelfever

    Factory weld under the rubber on steering shaft 1987?

    I took the steering shaft off my 87 to grease the telescoping splines in an effort to get rid of the steering clunk like so many threads mention and since later FJ60's do not have the grease zerk. I removed it at the steering gearbox end and there is a rubber boot that covers where the shaft...
  8. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    Real time help- spit case output shaft nut

    Hey guys working on a split case, what size is he output shaft nut? Gotta pick up a socket asap
  9. NMC_EXP

    Gear Ratio Wheel Revs vs Shaft Revs?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.... With an open differential to determine the gear ratio: Raise both wheels off the ground, mark a tire, mark the driveshaft, rotate the tire one full revolution and count how many rotations the shaft makes. The number of shaft rotations = the ratio. Thanks Jim
  10. 2001LC

    Front Drive Shaft (AKA CV’s) reboot, Help!

    Hey guys I’ve got a problem. I used a water based cleaning solvent someone gave me along with parts clean I purchase, to use after solvents' heavy cleaning. Well some of my matchmarks (axle and cage) washed off while cleaning parts. The parts just cleaned in petroleum based solvent still have...
  11. itsonlymethecat

    Wanted  Pto winch

    Looking for an Oem pto winch to fit an 84 bj42lv, will piece together if partial units are out there but will require the correct size driveshaft . Will require shipping to southern Ontario. Thanks
  12. K

    Wanted  Saginaw steering parts- frame plates, steering shaft etc.

    I am looking for a frame plate set, preferably the 4x4labs one. Also looking for the steering shaft, u-joints and pass through/bulkhead joint. I'd also take a pitman arm that can be or is already reamed for 1-ton TRE. Please PM me if you have anything.
  13. 4Cruisers

    SOLD  Steering Shaft Spacer (for Body Lift?) NM Price Reduction

    Steering shaft spacer for Land Cruisers (and pickups/4-Runners?) $20 $15 shipped. I don't recall exactly where this came from. The spacer is 1" thick and the diameter of the stud/hole pattern is 2-1/2". SOLD
  14. onpoint01

    Front Prop Shaft Slip Joint Hydraulic Lock Does Happen

    I was out greasing the front prop shaft last month and noticed that when I pumped grease into the slip joint zerk that I saw the shaft extended outward and no grease coming of the seal. Dropped the shaft this weekend and upon disassembly confirmed that old dried grease will block the passage...
  15. C

    H42 input shaft

    I have an h42 out of a bj 40 with the 21 spine input shaft, I'm wondering if I can change it to work with my ls clutch kit with 10 spine clutch disk, my cruiser originally came with a 3 speed and I was wondering if I could use the input shaft out of that in place of the the one in my h42
  16. RedmondCruiser

    Front crank shaft seal failure?

    Anyone have a Mr. T front crankshaft seal fail in less than two years? I've been running full synthetic the entire time...not sure if that matters...and it just started to leak in the last month. We did hit a cold spell around the same time. Last weekend I cleaned everything up an let it idle...
  17. Surftruck

    Help finding Transmission output shaft seal!

    Hey all, I have a blown transmission output shaft seal. I am pushing ATF into my transfer case and need to replace the seal. Should be a $20-$30 part but I can only find complete rebuild kits. Any leads or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Buraddo75

    HZJ75 Rear output shaft seal

    Hi all, I am going to replace the seal in the extension housing of my transfer case. I am led to believe that it is just a case of removing tail shaft, flange and unstake the nut to access the seal. Is this correct? ive had conflicting advice, some say you must split the case in order to reach...
  19. renago

    PTO drive shaft

    Hi guys , I need some help ! I am trying to install a PTO winch on my HZJ 78 , but have some difficulties with the drive shaft . in detail on the center leg I have 2 blocks that fix the shaft to the chassis that must be replaced ,Part 37212, because worn out badly . But I am unable to tear apart...
  20. mdman

    Wanted  69-9/72 FJ40 Steering Shaft (P/N 45201-60022)

    All, I'm looking for a 69-9/72 FJ40 Steering Shaft (P/N 45201-60022). Thanks
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