1. sunrk

    Resolving rough idling almost like 'missing' with 1hz diesel

    Since replacing engine mounts I've noticed the motor is idling rough as though it seems to randomly 'missfire' an injector. I've replaced the fuel filter (as I had a new genuine one), so I'm fairly sure there's no air leak into the fuel system at the filter area. I'm wondering if it's possible...
  2. Nado FJ

    Rough month for Speedy

    Last month was a rough month for Speedy (the kids' name for the FJ--I guess her exhaust sounds fast :)) Figured out she has multiple cracks in the exhaust manifold and finally tracked down problems with the rear heater and radiator/thermostat hoses leaking and overheating to the head. Finally...
  3. T

    Slightly hard torque converter unlock?

    Hi all, been reading this forum for a while but finally made an account to post. I have a 2000 LC and noticed that when cruising on the highway in o/d (4th gear) with the torque converter locked and I give it a bit of throttle the unlock of the torque converter is a bit harsh, nothing crazy just...
  4. mod5csi

    Typical Head Gasket, now Rough Idle?

    Can I get some thoughts on this? Working through the trouble shooting, but need some ideas. 96 LX450, stock 1FZ, 230,000 miles, 3rd owner Head gasket replaced due to #6 cylinder allowing coolant into the combustion chamber, but no oil in the coolant. Head and injectors were serviced locally...
  5. Mattman

    Poser Stand by Rough Country

    We always joke about our poser pics, but this takes it to another level!!! :rolleyes:
  6. stock

    Rough Country POSER STAND

  7. G

    Rough value of a Subtank "kit"

    Hi all, trying to get an idea of a deal or not. What would it roughly be worth to find a subtank kit with the tank, dual filler neck, interior bits, wiring harness, hoses, pump, etc., basically everything you need to install the subtank. Thanks in advance. (and please don't say "it's worth...
  8. C

    Rough idle almost stalling on cold start

    It happens especially after a rain. The red low battery light will also intermittently come on during the almost stalls. There's no codes being generated and I recently replaced the battery with a diehard gold. The rough idle goes away once warm but the red battery light will intermittently come...
  9. Dan Higgins

    KO2s Feel "Rough" After Rotate/Balance

    A couple weeks ago I had Discount Tire do a 5-tire rotation of my KO2s and rebalance them. It had been about 6500 miles since they were originally installed and balanced and this was the first rotation. Their first shot at balancing was not right and I could feel it in the steering vibration...
  10. Phatty

    '78 40 rough idle, stalling...

    so I drove the 40 to work on Saturday and everything was good. I started it around noon and drive it in the empty field behind work. As I was parking it the 40 stalled out and would not start. I tried starting it multiple times and eventually flooded it and the battery became weak. I let it sit...
  11. Travish325

    Rough idle and stuttering from 800 to 2000rpm

    I am having a very annoying issue with my FZJ80. When the truck first starts up the idle is ok but when I go to take off the truck will stutter and have no power from about 800-2000. The engine feels like it is stumbling with a huge misfire but after I get over about 2000 rpm it runs ok. Once it...
  12. J

    Running Rough / Rough Idle

    Here's the story: A week ago the wife and I are out running errands in the LC. Running real nice no issues. We go to Starbucks to get a coffee and while in line the engine starts missing. Started with a single miss then got progressively worse. Drove it home and it ran terribly all the way. Next...
  13. Isaacjohnstar

    Misfire on Cylinder #1

    I am coming up empty on solving a rough running issue on my 1999 Toyota Lancruiser. I'll start at the beginning and then ask my questions. My wife was driving the Cruiser while I was out of town and called to say that it was running horrible and the check engine light was flashing. I told her...
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