1. vizslagold

    For Sale [PA] 4th gen 4runner 03-05 morimoto mini 8.0 hid fog lights

    i'm selling a nearly complete hid retrofit project, i was working on, prior to striking a deer with my 04 v8 limited on the way back from an archery hunt. this project must be buttoned up, on the vehicle it's being installed on, before fully sealing the lights. $180 shipped. paypal or usps...
  2. C

    Replacement Headlight Assembly, non OEM

    Hi, has anyone had any luck with replacing their headlights with something like this?
  3. Dinshaw

    100 series external diesel tank retrofit

    I have a 2005, 100 series LC (Japanese model- right hand drive) which has a single, internal tank (diesel). I would like to add an external tank underneath. Is there a forum post explaining the retrofit with diagrams, instructions etc? Could someone pay guide me to a source to find out this...
  4. 96TrailSurfer

    HID - Apollo 2.0 Shroud and Rear Halo fit issue

    So on Black Friday I got a D2s Mini 4.0 kit with Apollo 2.0 shroud. According to TRS, a 110 mm halos fits behind the shroud. That’s what I got, but for the life of me can’t fit them all the way inside the shroud, even after filing off the 3 little tabs. I tried to leave it this way, but much...
  5. spaber05

    Possible fog light retrofit, looking for input

    Hey gang, looking to get some input here... I was considering grabbing a set of these new Morimoto XB projector lights and retrofitting them to the existing OEM fog housings. The Morimotos look great, are relatively cheap, are practically plug and play, and the fitment looks like it might...
  6. T

    lx 470 to LC front end retrofit swap?

    Searched and didn't find anything. I like the LX470 but prefer the front end of the LC. How hard would it be to swap the front ends on these trucks? Obviously would need: hood head lamps grill trim pieces below the head lights what else am I missing? I think a LC front clip with a lexus...
  7. NicB

    Retrofit Steering Wheel Controls??

    Hi guys, I have a 2002 LC and am curious if I can retrofit a newer steering wheel that has built-in controls? Anyone have experience with this or hear of anyone who has done it? May be impossible, but thought I'd ask.
  8. Luke111


    LX470 HID RETROFIT PROJECTOR BRACKETS ARE AVAILABLE HID MINI H1 BRACKET AND PROJECTOR INSTALL GUIDE In my quest to simplify the retrofit process in my LX470 I decided to have a bracket made...
  9. SmokingRocks

    Electronic High Idle Retrofit

    Does anyone know if it is possible to temporarily input a modified signal to the IAC valve to initiate high idle? I'm thinking this might be pretty easy on my OBD1 1fz-fe.
  10. winstonclein

    LC100 2006 axle elocker retrofit?

    I have been tried to look for a post on this behalf, but not success yet on my especific questions. Can I fit an elocker axle from 98-99 100 to a 06-07 100 with little or easy work? Or it'll be a PITA. It will be worthier to fix another lockers instead? I just put 285/75R18 and if I got the...
  11. tractorpole

    Wanted Passenger side Depo headlight

    so I caught a rock in my passenger side headlight that I retrofitted with a projector.:mad: I am hoping someone has one of the crystal ones laying around. just like these Or if someone knows where or who to order a single headlight from instead of buying another kit. Thanks TP
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