1. BuckEm

    GX470 Stalled while driving, Now cranks no start.

    Greetings all! Had a little trouble with the GX today. Engine stalled on the freeway on the way home, got it pulled over and now... Crank no start. Pulled up Torque Pro, had a code for Crankshaft position sensor circuit A. I think... Haha. Stupid me, I thought I snapped a screen...
  2. jamesurq

    Brand New Product - April 1st release. Rust Hole Magnets!

    Introducing rust Magnets, the best way to protect your ride from the casual thief. These easily removable Magnets will make that that opportunistic car thief reconsider your rust bucket behind the fence. Take them off for cars and coffee; slap them on when you head downtown to avoid carjackers...
  3. charlieblues

    Just Inherited a Land Cruiser - Repairs and Body Work Needed

    Let's just say I am a noob times a million. I've just inherited a Land Cruiser that was sadly very neglected in a driveway outside for years, but still running okay despite all odds. I have dreams of making this a daily driver as I am without a car now. I've received a quote for the repairs, and...
  4. MTXPrez

    Looking for a good shop in AZ to build a 97 LX450 into a better off-road only truck.

    We got this LX450 new in 1997. It has 75,000 miles on it and now stays at our cabin in Pine AZ full time. Recently I had to go tow home our CanAm X3 and almost did not make it back out of of the canyon where the X3 broke down due to the 4 wheel drive being disconnected. I’m looking for someone...
  5. W

    Need opinions on rust!!!

    I’ve come across a good deal on a 100 series, but it’s got some frame and slight body rust (pics attached). I’m new to the rust game and would like your opinion if it’s worth tackling the repair or not. Thank you in advance!
  6. BakerFJ

    My First Accident

    Got in my first accident ever the other night... Figured I'd post the story and my progress on repairs here as I'd kinda like to talk about it and seek some advice on repairs. So the other night it was raining pretty hard, no biggie. I've always been a good driver. I was driving down a curvy...
  7. oledirthead

    Wanted  FJ60/62 need left/right rear quarter panels+dog legs & rear lower gate

    I'm located upstate NY area but willing to get beat up on shppg...for decent set of rear quarter panels+dog legs, rockers &need rear lower tailgate for my 85LC. If anyone has solid parts to spare... pls either pm me or can send pics & prices to my email " r100pjc(at)" thanks in advance !
  8. ClayGrizzly

    Camshaft Position Sensor Bolts Broken

    While doing a Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement on my 2002 Land Cruiser over the last week, I snapped both of the long Camshaft Position Sensor bolts while trying to meet the FSM's torque specs. These things were FRAGILE, and now I have a serious bolt extraction problem. The bolts are: P#...
  9. 20190207_215640.jpg


    Front frame below radiator had more rust than I wanted to allow. Knocked it down with a wire brush and painted over it.
  10. NCTroutHunter

    Sunroof sealed with silicone - help

    I’m looking at this LC for sale on eBay. 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay It’s a one owner Florida owned vehicle. Good records. However, the sunroof has been sealed with silicone. And from the looks on the pictures it was done a while back because it’s cracking. It doesn’t leak and the motor...
  11. Scott40

    67 and 73 FJ40s in Novato - Help Needed to Prep for Start After Storage

    Dear IH8Mud, I have two FJ40s that have been in storage, while we lived out of the country. I need help with getting these cruisers ready to start up and drive. I am hoping a local 40 guy has the time and inclination to come over and work with my son and me to drain and replace fluids...
  12. DougAustinTx

    Repair of '79 - '80 carb cooler fan controller circuit board

    My '79 40 didn't have the blower for the carb when I got it about 6 years ago. Until recently I was ignoring my hard-starts after the engine was warm and then sat for a while. I started reading the LONG threads about guys on MUD getting their carb coolers working and having much success with...
  13. ClayGrizzly

    2002 LC Moon Roof Broken - Affordable Part

    Morning group, first time poster, don't be too harsh! I have a '02 LC with a broken sliding roof (moon roof). Pressing the button to open just results in a single clicking sound, then nothing. I have replaced window regulators before, but never moon roof. On Toyota Parts, below, they're saying...
  14. thomasedwa

    1993 FZJ80 rumbles when decelerating and locks up when making a sharp turn

    Hey! I just got an 80 series Land Cruiser last week. Yesterday I wanted to check the air filter. I took out the air filter it seemed clean, I put it back in. Fast forward to today I was driving to work and the car had a slight rumble when braking. I then had to make a sharp turn into the...
  15. W

    FJ 62 Exterior Mirror Repair

    The mirrors on my '88 FJ62 no longer work. (They quit operating at separate times.) I'll check fuses tomorrow or the next day, but if the fuses are good, what are my options? I'd like to repair if it's possible; has anyone here attempted this?
  16. platypusREX

    Oil pan damage and repair suggestions.

    As some know I am changing my oil and the PO had "gooked" up the oil pan plug with Permatex and a Toyota gasket. I removed the plug and Viola! there is a dent at the six o'clock position where the gasket goes. I am planning on using JB weld to level the dent out. Is there a better product or...
  17. L

    2000 LX470 A/C Not Working - DTC 19, 37, 47

    Hello All, 2000 LX470 ~110k miles - no known previous work done on the a/c system. Before I ask what the codes mean, a brief history of the problem: First, noticed issue when cold air stop coming out of the vents with the A/C on. A/C light was not blinking at this time, but remained solid...
  18. Connorham

    Bad Lower Ball Joints???

    I am hoping you all could help me diagnose this. For the record I am a converted Land Rover guy. I heard durability and capability and came running to here. Been great ever since. I have a 2002 LC with 212,XXX miles with brand new 33 in. BFG KO2s. I am hearing a creak/rattle coming from my...
  19. Frkens

    FJ62 vs. a bull in Peru of all countries... (spoiler: bull dies)

    Hi guys, Just uploading this because I thought some of you might like it. I am lucky enough to have the time and money to travel from Los Angeles to Argentina in my FJ62 with my girl. Two nights ago we hit a bull which the owner was dragging through a city area. It went crazy and ran across...
  20. Chachi254

    Anyone purchased an aftermarket Accelerator Cable?

    Hello everyone! I’m in need of replacing my “accelerator cable” or throttle cable on my 96 LX450 as the gas pedal has developed a catch/sticky point. I’m wondering if anyone has: 1) Has anyone replaced theirs? 2) Has anyone replaced theirs with an aftermarket cable? 3) Would you recommend...
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