1. RFB

    Slee wiper relocation

    Ok Installed the wiper relocate as you all may or may not not Know, and had purchased a bad spray motor, just installed the new one and viola wiper wash works, BUT It dosent even reach windshield, Now I know there is one more part other than the small12v pump on bottom of resevoir. and know the...
  2. J

    LX470 turn signal relocation

    wanting to relocate front turn signals on 1999 LX470 from lower bumper to upper side marker lights. Could have sworn read something on here about it by my search foo just isn't pulling any info up on it.. Any help be great thanks

    1FZ Fuel Filter Relocation

    Well, I guess I'm at that point where I need to pull all of the information together on this and finally proceed to get this finished. I have a few questions and of course will rely on the Illuminati to keep my info correct. I have many many projects going on all at the same time but there are...
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