***COMEUP Winches - New 5year Warranty***

    COMEUP Winch is excited to provide an extended 5 year warranty on electrical components on DV and SEAL series winches! We have always taken pride in the reliability of COMEUP winches and to show our commitment to top shelf reliability we are offering this warranty for any winches purchased in...
  2. RiFF RaFF

    Ground/Sand Anchor - Neat Recovery Trick

    Pretty slick if you don't happen to have a Land Anchor with you.
  3. H

    How To: Rebuild a Hi-Lift Jack

    New the forum but I thought I would share a tech article I put together. I was busy rebuilding another Hi-Lift jack and decided to do a full write up on the process of installing the Hi-Lift Fix-It-Kit. The kits run less than $20 and takes less than an hour to install. Follow along, let's do...
  4. Steve D

    For Sale  80 or 100 series tow points - Marks4WD - Brand new $75

    One pair of Marks 4WD part #MFK20126, powder coated yellow. Toyota LandCruiser 80, 100 &105 Series Heavy Duty Recovery Tow Point Fits front or rear of 80/100/105. New in box, all hardware included. Paid $135 shipped from AUS. Asking $75 + shipping from 30305.
  5. STEP 22 Gear

    Jack Pads, Jack Stand Pads, JakJaw, Jack Covers - DISCOUNT CODE - has some great new products to share with you! Tired of spending so much time and energy working on your suspension and undercarriage only to have your jack and jack stands tear up your frame coating and damage your rig!? now carries a range of jack and jack stand...
  6. tgormtx

    GROUP BUY: ComeUp Winches

    For more than 40 years ComeUp has been producing tough and proven winches for both industrial and off-road use. Their moto "Work tough, play tough" fits in line with Red Dirt's motto of "Get Dirty!" We are teaming with ComeUp to offer this limited time group buy on all of our 9,000 through...
  7. Sambosuda

    For Sale  Duiser 80 series recovery points

    I have some duiser 80 series recover points w/ hardware. Never got to actually use them in a recovery situation but they are in good shape. Hardware has surface rust. $65 shipped via usps priority mail.
  8. A

    What were these? frame horn question

    I was checking out the front end of my cruiser in preparation for adding recovery points or an aftermarket bumper and I noticed what look like cut off brackets on the inner side of each frame horn. Any idea what these were from? I am assuming that they weren't factory.
  9. socallove

    D shackles tech

    Anyone have Green Pin D shackles? I found some on Amazon as a Prime item. I believe these are made by Vanbeest, which is a very reputable company. From what I have read in the past, Vanbeest is made in Holland and should be on the same level as Crosby (made in the USA.) Crosby shackles cost...
  10. STEP 22 Gear Forum Discount

    Hey Everyone! We are a pretty new vendor here, but we have had the chance to talk to many of you at recent events, Overland Expo, FJ Summit, Off-road Expo, etc. We would like to offer a discount to you as the community gets to know us and our marine grade Jack Covers. Please let us know if you...
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